In 2013, you enjoyed adventures throughout the world of WAKFU! Creepy, endearing, and even gelatinous creatures; a big, bad Moowolf; Captain Calamari; the Wa Wabbit; and even Count Harebourg. Your favourite MMORPG benefitted from all manner of new functionalities and improvements: first, restats with smithmagic, not to mention the Masqueraider class and Haven Worlds, and all these different additions culminated in December with the simultaneous addition of the companion system and the Multimen.

And 2014 ... ?
Well, get ready to be surprised, because our team has once again raised the bar!

Even more freedom, even more control over the World of Twelve! We won't tell you everything right now (a little suspense never hurt anyone), but below you'll find a few revelations and a few pieces of the puzzle...

Discover all the new things waiting for you in Wakfu during the coming months!

Class Revamps

You're surely wondering which classes are going to get their 15,000 check-up this year (we're talking about 15,000 fights, not miles)... Here's what's in the works: Pandawa and Sram have been crossing their fingers in hopes that their classes will get back in shape, and they're about to be rewarded! In 2014, these two classes will see the last of the revamps and improvements that were started last year.
The others won't necessarily be left by the wayside either, because passing level 100 will change things up. Imagine... new specialties will be possible for your character starting at level 100! It will completely change the way you go about things! Pretty cool, eh?
It just goes to show that a fresh start never hurts!

The Enemy Within

By yourself or in a gang, become a Bandit and fight the Nations from within! Hug the walls, keep a low profile, and once you get close enough, launch into a heroic struggle against your sworn enemies: the Nation Guards. But be careful! Having a secret life is no easy task. Shadows and discretion will be your greatest allies if you want your rebellion to succeed.
But never fear, there will be all new ways for you to get around without being seen! If you're good enough, and if you manage to avoid all the dangers, you might even be able to turn some members of an enemy nation and have them fight with you - always assuming you don't go and get yourself caught, of course!

Artisanal Revolution

Tired of getting your own hands dirty? Make your workers do the work for you! Become a real entrepreneur and manage your own little business, from supply acquisition all the way to fulfilling contracts. Who knows? Maybe some day you'll become a real mogul of finance...
We know how long some recipes can be, so the long-awaited crafting revamp will allow you to manage several recipes at a time and continue fighting thanks to some significant advantages.

Reconstruct the World

Build up your Nation's capital with the help of all its citizens! Manage resource provision, economic limitations, and turn your Nation into a powerful presence - even ... the heart of the World of Twelve! To succeed, you'll need to have the heart of a leader.
Take the reins and bring the construction to completion by making decisive choices and establishing strategies regarding the management of resources, flora, and fauna.
Think you're up to the task?

Even More Content

New companions, new dungeons, new islands... Your favourite content will continue to be fleshed out all year long, giving you more enjoyment, more choices, and more strategies!
Enjoy! Features which favour gaming between friends, challenges, items to collect in order to make your character as frightening or funny as you like
WAKFU will be listening to you all year long and we still have many, many surprises up our sleeves...
On that subject, do you have any ideas, suggestions, or predictions about this year's central theme?