New heroes are emerging to
bring hope to a world in ruins...
Whether you're a fighter, a politician,
 a merchant or a crafter: the future
of the World of Twelve depends on you!

Inspired by the world of the eponymous animated series, WAKFU is a turn-based MMORPG
that offers a unique and epic adventure.
Are you up for the challenge?

Details of Update 1.73
AUGUST 22, 2021
UPDATE 1.73 - SEPTEMBER 21, 2021
Dimensional Rifts
& Legendary Artifacts
The Amakna Rift (level 125) and Osamosa Rift (level 215) and their exclusive Sublimations are now available. XP gains have been substantially increased. New Legendary Artifacts can be obtained in Rift fights.
Changes to Eliotropes and Sacriers
Eliotropes have new spells and passives. Portals now offer new possibilities. The Calm and Exalted states have been improved. Sacriers have new spells and passives. HP and Fury management are now more essential than ever.
Improvements to Battlefields
The way Battlefields work has been modified. They will now be event-based content (i.e. less frequent), with more characters in each fight, and the consequences of victory or defeat will be greater.
The free online game that combines adventure, friendship and tactical combat
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