New heroes are emerging to
bring hope to a world in ruins...
Whether you're a fighter, a politician,
 a merchant or a crafter: the future
of the World of Twelve depends on you!

Inspired by the world of the eponymous animated series, WAKFU is a turn-based MMORPG
that offers a unique and epic adventure.
Are you up for the challenge?

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The Misses Ugly
The odd princesses are back in the game, all together this time, and with a new introductory quest. To get to know your enemies better, you should rewatch the episode of the same name! Il seems they even strut around in the game WAKFU Stories... 
Watch the series
June 27, 2023
UPDATE 1.80 
Update 1.80 - June 27, 2023
Miss Ugly Tower
In the past, it only hosted the boss Lela...
This time, the four Misses will be there. 
Find out more from Farle Ingalsse 
and start a new quest!
New class customizations
The time has come for the Xelors, Fecas, 
Pandawas and Eliotropes de try some
variety and fresh outfits with new
added to the existing ones!
Account Entity
Work is progressing on artifacts,
quest items and transportation.
And the devblog will refresh your memory... 

Check out the full list of changes in the notes for update 1.80

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