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It's Time: Give Rogue the Bazooka.

By Loka-#2166 - MEMBER - July 16, 2023, 16:59:16
In anticipation of the 1.81 rogue changes I have a request. Give us the Bazooka.

Arguments for the Bazooka:
  • It fits Rogue's aesthetic
  • it's a shoe-in for a big damage ending for a ranged-aoe setup, idk what the plan is but like it'd FIT
  • you could have the rogue eat a bomb for ammo for the bazooka, I dunno, that's always been a cool idea sitting in my head so I'm sharing it here. I have no concept of how rogue will actually work in 1.81 aside from what's been revealed on the livestream.
  • it's a big gun and it's really cool
  • the rogue in the animated ad here is literally using one and it's been 10 years without an in game bazooka and that's false advertising sad
  • I have never met a rogue player who DIDN'T want the bazooka
  • I have in fact met rogue players that would directly cite this animation with the rogue and the bazooka and their overwhelming disappointment that rogue in game did not actually have the bazooka
  • It's really really cool wakfu team please deliver it would be so cool

Arguments against the Bazooka:
  • it'd be a new animation
  • the team would probably have to make a new sprite for the actual bazooka
  • I admittedly have no concept of how much time/money/effort this would take
  • but like, bazooka.

I figured it's never too soon to ask and with rogue changes incoming perhaps this is the best time to ask. So, in conclusion: can we please, finally, get the Rogue Bazooka in 1.81? 

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Also bazookas would be a awesome way to kickstart bomb detonation
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guess im not bomberman anymore i will be megaman
IF this become real of course
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why not both? 
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I've long wanted Rogue to be more "direct" with their bombs, and throwing them seems kinda "short putty" in feeling. 

A Bazooka or RPG style way to project your bombs with the expense of building combos on them could be an interesting new direction to push direct Rogue. 
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Even of it's not a new spell, it would be a cool animation for pulsar, blam or piercing shot
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