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Is non-bomb Rogue viable for PVE?

By jgtf#1675 - MEMBER - March 10, 2023, 17:22:26
Rogue has a lot of cool stuff going for them, but I'm just not a huge fan of the bomb mechanics specifically.
Is a non-bomb Rogue viable for PVE content or will it just feel underpowered?
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I would say that you need a better set as a non-bomb rogue to perform as well as the more meta builds. In any case, rogue has enough passives to support this playstyle well, along with a few really impressive ratios, for example: when Execution's condition triggers, it does as much damage per AP as an Iop's Super Iop Punch combo.
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It could certainly do with some support..
For example if Scope didn't remove the converted Melee mastery. But it's pretty apparent that Ankama wants us to use bombs regardless of what we want to do...
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If you use wakfu connection and just focus on connections, you'll do okay, especially at lower levels where Rogue Master's armor is really silly and makes you nearly impossible to kill if your resistance is good. Honestly, if you stick to lower level ALS, bombless Rogue will feel pretty good if you really tailor it to connections and being bulky. And it can be a lot of fun.

However as soon as you get into higher level play (really 200 and beyond) your damage can't really keep up because numbers have to be so high and the only way to do that with damage classes is to play them using the class's defining gimmick/mechanic.
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