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Why do most people donesn't play rogue?

By nineret#5467 - MEMBER - August 18, 2022, 07:08:45
I've play rogue for a while. he kinda op to be honest. his bomb destroy almost everything.
just wondering why do most people doesn't play this class?

edit: I guess because it's wasn't good for short fight.
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It's situational, and he mostly useful at boss fights (long fights), in normal fights (those going fast) he often seem useless only 30% dmg buff.

I personally don't like rogue theme, and I pick characters those more appealing to me. Rogue is good, but not only one pick.

Also if you play with rogue, you must play around him.
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I don't play it because it's not fun to play.
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It's because the rogue only works well against bosses without phases (and sometimes in 1v1 PVP).
Now try to play him in Rifts, normal fights, Supreme Bosses... 
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Rogue is amazing against Supreme Bosses bruh
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folk around here trying to pin point an objective reason to not play rogue. its usually subjective at first but then there is the fact that people are adviced against playing rogue in anyway despite it being one of the stronger dmg dealers rn, the strongest in Rifts and very busted in many dungeons and good all around 
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you need to use your brain to play a rogue
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i am always late to the party lmao

I've been trying to pinpoint this for a while, and after asking people about this, I really think it's because Rogue takes a lot of time/effort investment to play well beyond boss killing (and if you watch people use rogue as a boss killer, you can really tell because a lot of these people just put bombs out where its safe and wait, which is the bare minimum of what Rogue is capable of.)

Its explicit mechanics (Combo and Connections) are deceptively easy to understand, and it is extremely powerful. But figuring out where to put your bombs or how to stack your buffs or manage all the logistics can be daunting to a lot of players. It is a lot of trial and error to learn good bomb positioning and a lot of people do not want to, or more likely just don't have the time and effort capacity to do it, and that's just one of several logistical plates to balance. This isn't a dig on these people: it's a lot of effort and a lot of time to learn. I've been maining Rogue for over five years and I am still learning better ways to play.

I'm trying to write a number of new guide to address this so more people can more easily enjoy the class, because it is a lot of fun and very good in content beyond just boss killing. But it's definitely a big time and effort investment to try to learn how to play Rogue compared to the other classes.

Beyond that, some people just don't enjoy how Rogue plays, and that's okay too. It is definitely not for everyone. I hope I can get my new rogue guide out soon and that it's more useful for a player (new or old) who is just beginning to play rogue to get into the class and understand it to a point where it's fun to play.
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You cant play all characters at once, so you pick some you like, it would be strange if all play same character.
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This is something I truly hate. You can only unlock 5 heroes and after that you got to either make a new account or purchase slots. If the slots were a lot cheaper, it might make a sense to buy them but as far as I see it; not worth it.
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everyone play rogue, even more on qualy dungeons, but that ppl use rogues only there. Is like Rogue is just for high scores  and most ppl who do qualy dungeons use heroes cause they want all the boxes at the end of the month, thats why u dont see them often and think no one use them.

Usually if u want the high score rogue is a must
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Maybe this is a necro, Sorry If It is but, i would think that most people dont play rogue because, before, they had 3 builds: bombs, Guns or knifes. Nowdays the most viable build is the bomb one, and most people dont like playing with rogue's bombs.
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Thats pretty much every class there is. Only one viable strong build and the rest if just... mostly garbage underpowered farts. Everybody is just copy-paste of each others, there is no variety in builds. If you see one class, you most likely wont see same class with any other build.
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I like Rogue thematically (bombs, blades, guns, grabbling hooks, etc.) but I am not a fan of how the bombs function in Wakfu and how heavily the class relies on them to be played most effectively.
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I just dislike the time required to set up and move bombs. 
It's not as bad as doll Sadida by any means, but it's still a slight bother when you could play or play with another class.

Time is exp. Gotta farm fast. 
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