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Where are the bombs?

By Kyouwa#2022 - MEMBER - February 27, 2022, 19:04:36

Maybe I'm just dumb and/or it could be because I'm a low level rogue, but I don't see any of the bomb spells in my spell list...none in fire, earth, air I have "Sticky Bomb" but I'm not even sure how to utilize it (probably me being a noob).

Have these bomb spells been removed as of this Wakfu patch? 

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You don't need to manually equip the bomb spells. They are automatically available on an additional hotbar at the start of a battle.

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Ohh...really? I guess I didn't notice anything there. I'll log on and check it out, but thank you for the info!

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By default new chars comes with only 1 line of spell deck shown, thats why you haven't found it yet.
To expand your spell deck, choose second spell bar by click on arrow under number 1 at your deck, then click on number 2 (repeat same for number 3).

Hope it's understable.

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Yep, I understand. Thanks for the tip! o7

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