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Crit Rogue viable?

By Pizzaguy420#3685 - MEMBER - January 01, 2022, 09:14:24

Hey everyone,

I havent played for a couple of months and upon returning i noticed a few things have changed about Rogue. Ive always loved Rogue, but hated what they became after their rework (excess subli bomber gimmick).

I noticed a couple of changes in their passives that encourage building around crit. Has anybody tried it? Can it keep up with other DD's in 215/230 content?

Thanks in advance!

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No you can't keep up in dmg , plus you need to build up your %DI when other classes have instant access to it.

At least the excess rogue is totally broken and ppl abusing it are doing the 230 content dungeons in 3-4 turns s21.

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Thanks, thats too bad. I was afraid thatd be the case

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There are definitely other ways to play bomber (I personally also dislike excess) but Crit Rogue definitely cant keep up in terms of damage. Crit is more of an early game build.

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I use a Rogue without bombs as dmg and i have 100% Crit chance. The Mastery thou is 2,9 K total with a Lv 215 gear. The Playstyle is top but the dmg is like the others say, really low. Rogue would new a rework of their Passives to obtain more options to play as Crit gunner but the Playstyle is still aviable and very enjoyable

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