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Loka's New 1.73+ General Rogue Guide

By Loka-#2166 - MEMBER - July 13, 2021, 19:59:02
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thanks for the guide, I like rogues but I hate playing with bombs so I use your guide as a hand to hold while I figure out what I want.

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Best of luck! 

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Which build do you think is more efficient when it comes to oneshot the bosses using the bombs, melee/mono or melee/zone? 

I understand that the mono domain scales more, but the construction of the zone has passive skills that compensate for the damage, which one would you recommend me?

pd: good guide, it was necessary c:

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TL;DR - Mono/ST Rogue.

Full Reasoning: If you're attacking a single target (such as one-shotting a boss), Single Target Rogue will always be better and far more efficient. 

Efficiency, for clarification for readers, means the most damage with the least effort.

I am known to favor Area/Zone Rogue over Mono/ST. But there's no skewing the definition of efficient in this case. Single Target/Mono Rogue will always be more efficient than Area/Zone Rogue. 

This is because Single Target Detonations are easier to position and require minimal assistance to get a Single Enemy in range of your bombs. This is also something the Rogue can do by themselves as long as they keep track of their Ruse and/or Boombot cooldowns and range. Single Target also leaves little opportunity for bombs to be killed because they can be set up further away, particularly if you have the assistance of an allied positioner. 


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