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Loka's New 1.73+ General Rogue Guide

By Loka-#2166 - MEMBER - July 13, 2021, 19:59:02

I really did say I wasn’t gonna make a new guide. I sure did say that. 

Hi y’all, I’m Loka, also known as Loka Picara, and I wrote a guide for Rogue a while back and now I’m doing it again. Here’s my general rogue guide, now updated for 1.73+ and with even better knowledge of the class. 

If you don’t want to read my wonderful commentary, know the basics, and just want a spell deck and how to use it, skip to BUILDS. 


If you’re looking to play Rogue without bombs, for once, you are actually in luck, sort of. You’re still better off playing a different class if you don’t want to use bombs, but there are three distinct ways you can build a rogue. There’s the Crit Rogue, the Bomber Rogue, and the Hybrid Rogue. I’ll be discussing all three of these ways to build Rogue. 

This is Rogue though, so here’s the lowdown on Bombs: 

How Bombs Work

  • Rogue has three spells that allow you to place a bomb on the field. These are Paralyzing Bomb (Fire), Blinding Bomb (Earth), and Suffocating Bomb (Air). For simplicity’s sake and for translation, I’ll just call them Fire, Earth, and Air Bombs.
  • As of 1.73, you are automatically given the three bomb spells on your third bar. This may perhaps suggest that Rogue works best when it uses bombs.
  • Bombs have a multiplier to their damage called Combo. By default, Bombs will gain 5 combo per turn they are on the field starting the turn after they are placed.
  • Bombs by default have a maximum Combo of 15. This can go up or down depending on your Passives.
  • Each level of Combo is another 10% damage, and this stacks among multiple bombs of the same element in one explosion. This damage is not the same as Final Damage: it is a separate multiplier.
  • You can only place one bomb of each element per turn, per team. That means if you’re playing with two Rogues and the faster Rogue places a Fire Bomb, the slower Rogue on the team cannot place a Fire Bomb of their own.
  • You can place up to three bombs of an elemental type on the field at a time. I’ll get to the exception to this rule later.
  • Bombs do not block Line of Sight, and no, no one outside our class seems to realize this, even if they’ve been told before.
  • Bombs have HP equal to 20% of their Rogue’s HP. If a bomb is killed, it will simply die and disappear unless a certain passive is equipped.
  • Casting Detonation/Badabang on a bomb will result in an explosion dealing damage that scales on Area Mastery.
  • Casting Detonation/Badabang on an enemy target with bombs located within 2 or less cells of said target will result in an explosion that will only hit that target and scale on Single Target Mastery.
  • Bombs, by default, deal damage that scales with Melee Mastery.
  • When a bomb explodes, its Rogue gains 1 WP.
  • AoE Bomb detonations will always hurt allies and yourself if you are in range just as much as anyone else, and will apply the same debuffs.
  • If a Rogue reaches 0 HP, all of its remaining bombs will die without going off.
  • You don't need Control to summon bombs. You can place up to 7 bombs on a field at a time, without any exceptions.
  • Here are the Bomb Spells:

 Paralyzing Bomb - 4 AP | 1 - 5 Range | Not Range Modifiable | Variable
  • Places a Paralyzing Bomb
    • 84 Fire Damage (AoE)
    • 92 Fire Damage (ST)
    • -2 MP
    • Does not block Line of Sight
  • 1 Use per Turn, per Team.
  • The fire bomb now removes MP instead of Range. The MP debuff is, for the most part, insignificant, and I did formerly say this was the weakest bomb based on damage per AP. This is true, however damage per AP doesn’t matter when you have the combo multiplier. Rogue is built different and we can’t judge bomb damage by damage per AP alone, like you can with other classes.
  • Taking Combo in account, this is still the strongest bomb and what you’re going to use if you play a Bomber Build with enough AP. To be honest, maybe even if you don’t have a lot of AP.
  • I use this bomb on my Bomber builds alongside Blinding Bomb, but on Hybrid and Crit, you’d generally want to stick to using the other two due to AP cost and elemental masteries.
  • You could probably still use this bomb on a Hybrid build that uses Fire mastery.

 Blinding Bomb - 3 AP | 1 - 5 Range | Range Modifiable | Variable
  • Places a Blinding Bomb
    • 69 Earth Damage (AoE)
    • 75 Earth Damage (ST)
    • -2 Range
    • Does not Block Line of Sight
    • 1 Use per Turn, per Team.
  • Blinding Bomb is unique because it can only be cast in line (Linear), its range is modifiable, and you do not need line of sight to cast it. This works really well with both Ruse, Boot, and the Escapist Passive. Its debuff also cannot be reduced, and -Range can be very useful.
  • This is easily the best bomb for mobility, its range, and for its ease of placement. If you’re playing a Hybrid Rogue, you’ll prefer this bomb over the Fire Bomb.
  • If you’re playing a Gunner Crit Rogue, you’ll also likely prefer this bomb for its great synergy with kiting utility.

 Suffocating Bomb - 2 AP | 1 - 3 Range | Not Range Modifiable | Variable
  • 58 Air Damage (AoE)
  • 66 Air Damage (ST)
  • -2 WP (1 turn)
  • Does not block line of sight.
  • Suffocating Bomb debuffs WP, so if you’re playing Rogue in PvP, you’ll be using this. It’s also a bomb, so it does good damage in any situation.
  • Its one weakness is its abysmal range, which makes this bomb very inflexible.
  • This bomb works well with setting up for Carbine.
  • It also works well with the Jackpot passive because you basically get a free bomb that's tankier.
  • If you’re playing a Bomber Rogue, particularly in PvE, you won’t be using Suffocating Bomb too much, as its range makes it very inflexible. As a Hybrid or Crit Rogue, it’s cheap and gets the job done.

  Because these matter now, here’s the lowdown on Connections: 

How Connections Work
  • Rogue has several passives and mechanics that revolve around Connections, and if you choose to play an Air Crit Rogue, these will be very important.
  • Connections are bonuses or rewards you get for executing a specific action immediately after the casting of a spell.
  • Read Connections carefully to understand how to fulfill them, especially if you are planning on building a Crit Rogue.


This time, I don't think I'll be ranking spells with stars, because they all now have their time and place and can fit in a build. Base damage shown is at level 200. Don’t worry too much about the base damage, though, as that’s not what’s important in this guide. 

Additionally, any mechanics that I believe are bugs or things that were overlooked when the revamp was done will be talked about. Bugs or overlooked mechanics are not yet updated for 1.73. 


Barbed Fire - 3 AP | 1 - 5 Range | Range Modifiable | Single Target
  • 69 Fire Damage and Steals 100% of Damage 
    • Critical: 86 Fire Damage and Steals 100% of Damage
  • 2 Uses per Target
  • Will only do damage to enemies. Does nothing when cast on allies or bombs.
  • Solid Sustain spell for any Scope Rogue or any other build that doesn't attack in melee but needs a method of regaining HP on their own. Also the only sustain a non-melee Rogue has, so it’s worth using as any variant of a Fire/Earth Rogue.

 Sticky Bomb - 2 AP 1 WP | 1 - 4 Range | Range Modifiable | Area-of-Effect
  • Applies “Sticky Bomb” to the target (+92 Lvl.)
    • Critical: Applies “Sticky Bomb” to the target (+115 Lvl)
  • 1 use per turn.
  • When the target with “Sticky Bomb” dies or three turns have passed (including the turn it is cast), causes Fire Damage in a 2 cell (wrath AoE) circle around the target. The damage is 1 Fire damage per level of Sticky Bomb.
  • You can apply up to 215 levels of Sticky Bomb.
  • Recasting Sticky Bomb on a target who already has Sticky Bomb will reset the timer.
  • If cast on a bomb, and the bomb is detonated in any way, Sticky Bomb will trigger.
  • Keep in mind it has a 1 WP cost, as this spell can eat your WP very quickly.
  • Excellent synergy with Dynamite and is a must for any Dynamite Bomber. Could also do well on a Hybrid Rogue that uses Fire Mastery.

Execution - 2 AP | 1 - 4 Range | Range Modifiable | Single Target
  • If a bomb was destroyed by an enemy on the previous turn:
    • 87 Fire Damage
      • Critical: 108 Fire Damage
    • Incurable (Lvl. 6)
  • Otherwise:
    • 58 Fire Damage
      • Critical: 72 Fire Damage
    • Incurable (Lvl. 3)
  • 3 Uses per Turn.
  • The Incurable does not stack if you cast this spell on a single enemy multiple times.
  • It's a decent spell and inflicts a very decent amount of incurable, giving rogue a niche level of sabotage capability. Useful in those pesky boss fights like Blightopard, Elite Riktus, and Pandora where they regain a % of their HP every turn.
  • Pretty solid damage for a 2 AP spell, especially if an enemy just killed a bomb. Works well in crit builds and hybrid builds.

 Cross Fire - 3 AP | 4 - 10 Range | Range Modifiable | Single Target
  • 81 Fire Damage
    • Critical: 101 Fire Damage
  • Attracts Bombs in Line with targeted cell by 5.
  • 3 Uses per Turn.
  • I wish this was AoE sad
  • It does do pretty good damage, and with the wild range and angles this spell can achieve, as well as the potential for helpful bomb positioning, it's not a bad option for Scope Builds.

 Piercing Shot - 6 AP 1 WP | 1 - 5 Range | Range Modifiable | Single Target
  • -3000 Armor
  • 200 Fire Damage
    • Critical: -3750 Armor, 250 Fire Damage
  • 2 Turn Cooldown.
  • Can only be cast in line with the Rogue (Linear).
  • They did it lads. They fixed Piercing Shot. This beefy spell is now usable, and is (still) particularly useful in Soft Oak.
  • I would use this after getting a solid Explobomb Buff in a Hybrid/Crit Scope Rogue build as your direct damage burst spell, especially if you're preferring Single Target damage.


Machine Gun - 3 AP | 2 - 4 Range | Range Modifiable | Single Target
  • 81 Earth Damage
    • Critical: 101 Earth Damage
  • If cast in a straight line: The Rogue moves away 2 cells
  • Connection: 3 Range
  • 3 Uses Per Turn.
  • The connection can be very useful with the variety of Range Modifiable damage spells and with Blinding Bomb and a specific passive called Escapist. It can also be used for mobility and boosted damage in conjunction with Surprise Shot.
  • The base damage itself is also not bad.
  • This spell can work well with most Scope Rogue builds, as well as melee Escapist builds in conjunction with Blinding Bomb.

 Blunderbuss (BLAM!) - 4 AP | 1 - 2 Range | Range Modifiable | Area-of-Effect
  • 100 Earth Damage
    • Critical: 125 Earth Damage
  • Connection: Adds the Area Mastery to the Single Target Mastery.
  • AoE is in the shape of a tetris T block with the bottom of the T extending from the targeted tile. This spell can only be cast in line (Linear).
  • It’s a decent AoE spell, but like much of the Earth Branch, it has extremely low base range.
  • Because of this connection, Blunderbuss can open up gear options for any Rogue Build that has a Burst Playstyle. This can end up being far more valuable than it may seem at first glance.

 Encumbering Shot - 5 AP | 1 - 3 Range | Range Modifiable | Single Target
  • 135 Earth Damage
    • Critical: 168 Earth Damage
  • Connection: Adds the Single Target Mastery to the Area Mastery.
  • 1 use per target
  • 2 uses per turn
  • Cast Linear, like Piercing shot.
  • While Encumbering Shot is more expensive than Blunderbuss, its connection opens up far more gear options for builds that are easier to visualize. It’s a lot easier for a Burst Playstyle Rogue to use AoE Mastery, and this connection allows a Rogue to use gear that has Single Target mastery.
  • This also can allow Single Target builds to use an AoE burst, which is a huge level of versatility that ST Rogues probably needed.
  • Its AP cost makes it difficult for a Crit Rogue to use whatsoever, and the same goes for Hybrid Rogue, so keep that in mind.
  • Like all spells in the earth branch, its range is very low.

 Boomerang Dagger - 4 AP | 2 - 3 Range | Range Modifiable | Area-of-Effect
  • 92 Earth Damage
    • Critical: 161 Earth Damage
  • Connection: Reverses the odds of a critical hit and a normal hit.
  • 2 Uses per Turn.
  • Boomerang Dagger is often argued to be the black sheep of the Earth Branch, and there's merit to it. This used to be an air spell, but it honestly would fit in the Air Branch even less, given it's an Area-of-Effect spell more easily used at Distance.
  • Forget about the connection as it is far more niche than it looks, and you'll just want to move to get rid of it after casting.
  • Boomerang Dagger's critical damage is hilariously high, and you should want to crit every time you use it (hence why you avoid the connection). The crit damage is similar to Sram's Forceful Blow, but Boomerang Dagger can hit up to 5 targets, all scaling off the same mastery.
  • This spell works in any Crit or Hybrid Rogue's deck.
  • If you're melee and want to use this, use Ambush 2 + Brutality and show me. I really want to see that boosted boomerang.

 Pulsar - 2 AP 1 WP | 1 - 3 Range | Range Modifiable | Area-of-Effect
  • 108 Earth Damage
    • Critical: 135 Earth Damage
  • The Rogue loses all their MP
  • 1 Use per Turn
  • Cast linear, has a 1 cell cross AoE.
  • Pulsar is funny because, it may sound bad because you lose all your MP after casting it, you don't actually lose anything from just... casting it after you've used all your MP.
  • The Rogue should probably get a bonus to Pulsar's damage for every MP they sacrifice when casting Pulsar. There'd actually be a point to it then.
  • This spell does decent damage and can actually damage bombs, which can be very useful on any build using Dynamite.


Slap Shot - 2 AP | 1 Range | Not Range Modifiable | Single Target
  • 54 Air Damage
    • Critical: 67 Air Damage
  • 3 Uses per Target
  • Connection: Lowers the cost of Barbecued Ribs by 1 AP
  • Simple. Clean. Effective. Use in a melee rogue build for sustain (more on that soon) and for decreasing BBQ's cost.

 Barbecued Ribs (BBQ) - 3 AP | 1 Range | Not Range Modifiable | Single Target
  • 54 Air Damage
    • Critical: 67 Air Damage
  • Connection: Triples Damage from Barbecued Ribs
  • Connection: 200% Health Steal from Slap Shot
  • 2 Uses per Turn.
  • Two very useful connections. BBQ's damage is lackluster as a 3AP spell until you triple it using the connection, but at the same time, using Slap Shot, then a 2 AP BBQ, and then another Slap Shot can net you some rather large Health Steal.
  • Alternatively, using Slap Shot, then 2 BBQs is equivalent to 2 Slap Shots and one BBQ with triple damage, so if you want to do damage you're gonna want to use that combo.
  • Keep in mind, BBQ has only 2 uses per turn, so choose the connection you want to use wisely.
  • Basically, Slap Shot and BBQ are a melee rogue's lifeline 90% of the time. That's how it was before the most recent Rogue rework, and it remains the same now.
  • This and Slap Shot also have great synergy with Rogue Master.

 Carbine - 5 AP | 1 - 5 Range | Not Range Modifiable | Area-of-Effect
  • 105 Air Damage
    • Critical: 131 Air Damage
  • 2 Rebounds in an AoE of 1 - 3
    • 1st Rebound: 126 Air Damage
      • Critical: 157 Air Damage
    • 2nd Rebound: 147 Air Damage
      • Critical: 183 Air Damage
  • If a bomb was used for a rebound:
    • 10% Extra Damage
  • 1 Use per Target
  • 2 Uses per Turn
  • Hi welcome to Rogue's Die Alright.
  • This is a very powerful spell that I'd recommend in the kit of any rogue who is not Single Target and especially any Crit or Hybrid Rogues. Even as Bomber Rogue, honestly, this would be your direct damage spell.
  • Whether this spell does Melee or Distance damage depends on the position of the Rogue relative to what is being hit, so Carbine works especially well on Scope Rogue builds.

 Obliteration - 6 AP | 1 Range | Not Range Modifiable | Area-of-Effect
  • 162 Air Damage to Enemies
    • Critical: 202 Air Damage to Enemies
  • 3 Cell Linear AoE.
  • The targets in the AoE are teleported 2 cells away.
  • 1 use per turn.
  • We got Longsword but better as a standard spell! Heck yea!
  • Obliteration is expensive, but an AoE teleport is also extremely powerful, especially for a class like Rogue. Its damage is nothing to scoff at, either.
  • The movement is a teleport rather than a push, however, so it’s important to remember that if a space a target is moving to is occupied, whatever you’re moving isn’t going to move.
  • This spell does not do damage to allies, meaning it will not damage bombs, either.

 Evanescence - 2 AP 1 WP | 1 - 4 Range | Not Range Modifiable | Single Target*
  • Can only be cast on a bomb.
  • Teleports to the opposite side of the bomb at same distance.
  • Connection: Adds 81 Air Damage to the next elemental spell cast in close combat.
    • Critical Connection: Adds 101 Air Damage to the next elemental spell cast in close combat.
  • 2 turn cooldown
  • (Wake me up) Wake me up inside
    • (Can't wake up) Wake me up inside
  • This is a staple for any Rogue's deck because of the mobility it gives you. A diagonal teleport is really great.
  • This does require line of sight to the bomb, and for the opposite tile to be empty.


Ruse - 2 AP 1 WP | 1 - 7 Range | Not Range Modifiable
  • Switches places with the target.
  • 3 Turn Cooldown
  • Target is targetable.
  • Target is not being carried.
  • Huge buff on Ruse. Now you can swap with almost anything. Pretty much a must have on any rogue deck.
  • Pay attention to your cooldowns.

 Boot - 2 AP | 1 - 6 Range | Not Range Modifiable 
  • Moves a Bomb onto the Targeted Cell
    • Moves the Closest Bomb
    • Bomb must be on the same line as the Rogue and the targeted cell.
  • Connection: Gain 1 MP after moving.
  • The 1 MP is gained after moving now, so it’s not a 2MP use it or lose it like it was before.
  • Bomber rogues would need this, but it's not as mandatory as it used to be. Useful for positioning bombs, but if you find you aren't using this spell too much, you could potentially go without it.

 Powder Wall - 2 AP 1 WP | 1 - 5 Range | Range Modifiable | Variable, Area-of-Effect
  • Places a Powder Wall that lasts for 2 Turns between all bombs in the same row or diagonal, within 5 cells of each other.
  • The Powder Wall's damage is inflicted when a target starts its turn on a Powder glyph.
  • The Powder Wall's damage, debuff, and element depend on the bomb targeted and its combo level.
    • Fire Wall: 69 Fire Damage (0 Combo) to 345 Fire Damage (20 Combo) and -2 MP.
    • Earth Wall: 69 Earth Damage (0 Combo) to 345 Earth Damage (20 Combo) and -2 Range.
    • Air Wall: 69 Air Damage (0 Combo) to 345 Air Damage (20 Combo) and -1 WP.
  • 3 Turn Cooldown.
  • The Target Bomb must have at least 1 level of Combo.
  • This spell does not require line of sight.
  • Powder Wall does Indirect Damage and is a consistent way to deal decent damage as a Bomber Rogue. If you are playing Bomber Rogue, I would recommend bringing Powder Wall.
  • Unfortunately, the Powder glyphs aren't terribly noticeable and really should be made easier to see. I've consistently had allies kill enemies that were going to die on the Powder Wall anyways, therefore wasting their AP and Damage. I've also had allies stand on the Powder Wall and be upset when they take a lot of damage for it, and I've even had allies throw me onto the Powder Wall because they didn't know how it worked and wanted to see what happened. I died from that. Thanks panda love u.
  • If you’re playing Rogue in a Rift, Powder Wall is one of your most powerful tools because the spawn points are always the same.

 Boombot - 2 AP 1 WP | 1 Range | Not Range Modifiable
  • Summons a Boombot
    • The Boombot has 2 AP, 8 MP, and 1 HP.
    • Boombot cannot lock or be locked, and does not block line of sight, not that it matters because
    • The Boombot is Destroyed at the end of its Turn.
    • Spells:
      • Detonation -  1 AP | 1 - 6 Range | Does not require Line of Sight
        • Detonates a bomb.
      • Bomb Squad - 1 AP 2 MP | 1 Range |
        • Carries the target.
          • If it's a bomb, +2 Range on Bombs Away.
      • Bombs Away - Does Not Require Line of Sight
        • Throws the carried creature
        • Tilts the carried creature to a variable degree that differs by client. This is the ultimate debuff and is truly what cements Rogue as the best class in game ever.
      • Overload - 1 AP | 1 - 6 Range
        • +2 Combo to Targeted Bomb
        • Must target a bomb.
        • 1 use per target.
      • Reconversion - 1 AP | 1 - 6 Range | Does Not Require Line of Sight
        • Turns the Boombot into a copy of the targeted Bomb.
        • Must Target a Bomb.
  • 4 Turn Cooldown
  • TFW Boombot has a cooldown almost as long as Sacrifice and isn’t nearly as useful.
  • People see Boombot as really powerful because “it’s a pocket panda!” except that’s basically comparing a beef wellington to a sad hot pocket. Because the pickup costs 2MP, you can’t actually move too much around, and because by default boombot has 2 AP and the passive that increases this is honestly awful for reasons I will explain, it’s just sad.
  • You still kinda need this lad as a Bomber Rogue, but even then, I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t bring him. His cooldown is abysmal and the only reason it’s worth it is Reconversion. Don’t expect Boombot to help much at all with positioning.
  • In the spirit of Sumorse’s mechanic’s name: -... ..- ..-. ..-. / -... --- --- -- -... --- -
  • Don’t bring Boombot to 3 Stele Dor Mor I learned this the hard way.
  • When using reconversion on a bomb, the new bomb will replicate the combo (and I believe the Jackpot bonus), but not states like Sticky Bomb.

 Magnet - 2 WP | 1 - 4 Range | Range Modifiable
  • Attracts by 3 cells aligned Fighters
  • The Spell must target a bomb.
  • 1 use per turn.
  • Rogue got it’s supercharged mass charm and it’s fantastic. If you have a bomb on deck, you want to bring magnet. Mandatory on Bomber and Hybrid builds.
 Smoke Bombs - 1 WP | 1 - 3 Range | Range Modifiable
  • Applies Smoke Bombs to an Allied Fighter (1 Turn)
    • Reduces Distance Damage taken by 10%.
    • Does not block Line of Sight.
  • Applies Smoke Bombs to an Enemy (1 Turn)
    • Reduces Distance Damage inflicted by 10%
    • Does not block Line of Sight.
  • 2 turn cooldown.
  • This is a niche spell, but can be used to protect an ally a bit better from distance damage, or (more usefully) reduce the damage an enemy does at a distance.


  • Boombot: The spell costs 1AP and 1WP (Down from 2AP, 1WP)
  • The Boombot gains an additional 1AP and 2 MP.
  • Unlocks at level 10.
  • I have a number of issues with this. The first being that we unlock this passive at level 10 and don’t unlock Boombot until level 45.
  • Beyond that, Rogue has absolutely NOTHING that costs 1AP beyond Boombot itself with this passive on, so the reduced cost isn’t really worth it.
  • Beyond even that, Boombot has a 4 turn cooldown, so this passive takes up a whole passive slot and only comes into play once every 4 turns. I take issue with passives that don’t cause [consistent] passive effects because they don’t feel worth a passive slot.
  • Not worth bringing whatsoever.

 Evolved Gadgets
  • An additional 30% damage inflicted on Critical Hits.
  • -2 Combo on Bombs per turn.
  • Unlocks at level 10.
  • Are you a Crit or Hybrid Rogue? You bring this.
  • That is all I have to say on the matter

 Bomber Fan
  • Max Combo of Bombs is increased by 5.
  • Bombs have -100 Elemental Resistance.
  • Unlocks at level 15.
  • Are you a Hybrid Rogue? You bring this along with Dynamite, as they have excellent synergy.
  • Are you a Bomber Rogue? You still want to probably bring this, even over Elemental Bombs. Your bombs are already squishy. It makes hardly any difference if they’re even more squishy.
  • Are you a Dynamite Bomber? Bring this.

  • Increases Powder Wall’s Damage by 25%.
  • Increases max size of Powder Wall by 2 (Up to 7 cells from 5.)
  • Unlocks at level 20.
  • If you are a Bomber Rogue or use Brutality, this is a solid choice. Powder Wall is still an extremely powerful damage dealing tool, so long as your allies both remember it’s there and actually let enemies get killed by it.
  • If you play a Rogue in Rifts, Pyrotechnist is a good passive to bring.

 Reinforced Tunic
  • HP bonus for the Rogue: 300% of level.
  • The Bombs now have 35% of the Rogue’s HP.
  • Unlocks at level 25.
  • If you want your bombs to be tankier, fair play, but if you’re a Crit, Hybrid, or Dynamite Bomber Rogue, this isn’t worth it.

  • Unlocks the spell Badabang in place of Detonation
    • Badabang - 3 AP | 1 - 7 Range | Range Modifiable | Does Not Require Line of Sight
      • Same as Detonation, but boosts the bomb damage by another 25%, which is its own multiplier.
      • If cast on an ally, the ally gains 30% damage inflicted for 1 turn.
      • 1 use per turn.
  • Unlocks at level 30.
  • Minesweeper takes up a passive slot for a decent but not phenomenal payoff. There are a few things going on here. The ally buff is nice, but Badabang costs 3 AP and Hybrid/Crit Rogues have to conserve their AP and manage it very well, so it’s not a great thing to bring.
  • As Bomber Rogue, however, there are a few things to consider. Minesweeper’s 25% bonus damage is yet another separate multiplier from everything else (It is not Final Damage), which is really powerful. However, Dynamite Rogues may not reliably use Minesweeper, and Bomber Passives are packed as it is so it’s really up to personal choice.

  • Converts Melee Mastery to Distance Mastery at a 1:1 ratio.
  • The converted Melee Mastery is lost.
  • Bomb Damage and Powder Wall Damage now scale off of Distance Mastery.
  • Unlocks at level 35.
  • It is Sacrier’s Transcendence but fair and balanced.
  • Such a good passive. Allows you to build Melee and freely choose if you want to instead play a distance character.
  • Scope’s power lies in the gear options it opens up. Having this passive on deck allows you to choose from a much wider range of gear, which allows you to have a higher mastery total overall.

 Rogue Master
  • Dodge boost of 100% of level.
  • Performing 1 Connection grants 200% of level in Armor.
  • Performing 5 Connections grants access to Longsword (1 use).
    • Longsword | 4 AP | 1 Range | Range Not Modifiable | Single Target
      • 108 Air Damage
      • Critical: 135 Air Damage
      • Recreates the last Connection created
  • Unlocks at level 40.
  • This passive is hilarious at lower levels (Level 80 PvP) because the armor is actually very significant and can make for a very tanky Melee Rogue. Even distance rogues using earth spells with connections could have some benefit, but this is firmly a Melee Air Rogue passive. It’s in the icon.

  • +3 Combo per turn gained by Bombs.
  • -1 Range
  • Unlocks at level 45.
  • This is a tricky passive, but if the -1 Range doesn’t hurt you, and you’re a Bomber rogue, it’s worth it.
  • If you’re anything that’s not a Bomber Rogue, though, don’t bring this.

  • 1 MP
  • -20% Damage Inflicted
  • +4 Combo to Bombs Placed
  • Unlocks at level 50.
  • This passive is actually useable now! The +4 combo makes it very worth it for Bomber Rogues, especially if you want to use Powder Wall on the first turn. Also allows you to use boots like Sumorse Boots.
  • Definitely a passive for Bomber Rogues and literally no one else. But it is a really good passive for Bomber.

 Surprise Shot
  • At the start of the Rogue’s turn:
    • Connection: 50% damage inflicted on aligned targets
    • Connection: -100% damage dealt by bombs.
  • Unlocks at level 55.
  • What is this Cra bull-
  • I mean if you’re a Scope Crit Rogue, or just a Distance Rogue, I mean. I GUESS.
  • I really don’t like this passive’s effect because it’s not really a passive effect. You get a connection at the start of your turn. Cool, I guess?
  • I would only see this being used by Crit Rogues, or even Hybrid Rogues that are banking on a boosted Piercing shot at the start of their turn after getting their buff from the next passive.
  • Also highly depends on you actually being aligned with something and able to hit it at the start of your turn, because it’s a Connection.

  • -5 to Max Combo of Bombs.
  • When a bomb explodes:
    • Rogue gains 10% Critical Hits
    • Rogue gains 5% Damage Dealt on Critical Hits
    • Lasts 2 turns, max 50 levels (5 triggers).
  • Unlocks at level 60.
  • This is THE primo Hybrid Rogue passive. Crit Rogues wouldn’t use it because they don’t use bombs: as soon as you use Bombs, you are a Hybrid Rogue. I don’t make the rules this is just how I’ve defined things. Bomber Rogues wouldn’t use it because it’s obviously aimed at doing damage with other direct damage spells, meanwhile just using bombs to get yourself buffed up.
  • Works well with Dynamite, but doesn't need to be paired with it.

  • At the end of the Rogue’s turn:
    • Swaps places with the last placed bomb (max 10 range)
  • Unlocks at level 65.
  • Hello, meet the stupidest mobility passive in the entire game. I thought this was a gimmick passive. I really thought this would just be a gimmick. I was a fool.
  • This passive works perfectly with the Earth Bomb (Blinding Bomb) because that bomb doesn’t require line of sight and has both a good base range and a range that is modifiable.
  • It’s an almost free up to 10 cell teleport at the end of your turn that’s amazing.
  • Bombs explode (in an area of effect) if they are destroyed.
  • If a Bomb explodes this way, it gains 10 combo before it dies.
  • Unlocks at level 70.
  • Beautiful Hybrid Rogue passive, and can be used on Bomber builds as well. I love Dynamite.
  • Eliminates the feelsbadman of a bomb dying and you getting absolutely nothing out of it. Very funny when enemies kill themselves by melee attacking your bombs.
  • If you’re single target, though, this would probably be a bad passive to bring.
  • In all seriousness, Dynamite is a Build Defining Passive that does more damage than its Classic Bomber counterpart because it is a quicker playstyle. It’s also extremely risky as enemy AI can destroy bombs and kill allies easily if you position poorly.
  • I’ll talk more about Dynamite Bomber in BUILDS.

 Elemental Bombs
  • Can place up to 4 bombs of the same element.
  • -20% Critical Hits
  • Unlocks at level 75.
  • Very important to note: you can only place 4 bombs of one type of bomb. You cannot place more than 7 bombs at a time.
  • Also important to note: 3 20 combo bombs do more damage than 4 15 combo bombs if I did my math correctly a while back, but they probably take just as much time to build.
  • You’d use this as a Bomber Rogue, and nothing else, and probably not use it as a Dynamite Bomber, because bombs detonating prematurely is a real danger with Dynamite.

 Wakfu Connection
  • Performing 5 Connections grants 1 WP.
  • Each Connection performed grants 5% damage inflicted for the next turn
  • -40% Armor recieved
  • Unlocks at level 80.
  • To tell the truth, this passive has potential on any Rogue Build because it is our one way to gain Final Damage on our own. Final Damage also applies to bombs, so it’s usable on all types of Rogue builds.
  • Works best on a Melee Hybrid that isn’t using Rogue Master, an Air Crit Rogue, or a Melee Bomber that has Air mastery.

  • Using Detonation or Badabang on a Bomb:
    • Connection: A summoned bomb costs 2 AP less and has +150 Elemental Resistance.
  • Unlocks at level 85.
  • As much as I hate connection passives, I don’t hate this connection. It’s honestly super good, allows you to make a tankier bomb and a less expensive one at that. Boombot using reconversion to make a copy of a bomb affected by Jackpot will carry the res bonus over to the new bomb.
  • Bomber Passive, for sure, but Bomber is cramped for Passive Space.
  • Debatable for Hybrid, but I could see myself using it.
  • As of 1.73.0, the Jackpot Connection does not apply the resistance buff. It does still reduce the AP cost by 2.


There are three basic Characteristic Builds for Rogue. 

Important Note: These are just suggested builds. Feel free to change them as you feel is right. 


Bomber Rogue is generally not viable until level 70-ish because at low levels, your character's HP is very low, and so Bombs are very squishy. Classic, non-dynamite Bomber can be made to work in PvP at most levels from what I've seen, but also I don't PvP so don't quote me on that. Classic Bomber works best in mid to late-game, around level 110 and above. 

  • 10 in Elemental Resistance
  • Rest in % Health Points

  • 20 in Melee Mastery
  • 20 in either Single Target or Area Mastery
  • Rest in Elemental Mastery
  • Putting points into Health Points is also not a bad idea.

  • 20 in Initiative
    • This is because going earlier means you set up your bombs sooner.
  • Rest in Dodge
  • 20 in Force of Will
  • Rest in Dodge

  • 20 in Block
  • Rest in Berserk Mastery
  • All in Berserk Mastery

  • Some in Rear Res / Crit Res, if you want it. This will not affect bombs, however.

  • 1 in AP
  • 1 in Elemental Resistance
  • 1 in either: MP and Damage or Range and Damage
  • 1 in % Damage Inflicted


I'll list out the Deck Code, and then spell out the spells within the deck and the passives from most important to least important. 

Basic Classic Bomber:

  • An Air/Fire Build focusing Elemental and Melee Mastery
  • SPELLS: Slap Shot, Barbequed Ribs, Magnet, Execution, Sticky Bomb, Obliteration, Ruse, Boot, Evanescence, Carbine, Powder Wall, Boombot
  • PASSIVES: Fugitive, Carnage, Bomber Fan, Ka-Boom, Jackpot, Minesweeper
    • This is a very basic Bomber Build. All Classic Bombers are the slowest way to play rogue, but do second to the most damage.
    • Some other passives you might consider are Wakfu Connection or Rogue Master.
    • This build with Wakfu Connection (replacing Bomber Fan, likely) would play similarly to a Hybrid Build, but you’re using Slap Shot and Barbequed Ribs to gain Final Damage to use on your detonation.
    • Minesweeper is present because Badabang adds on an additional 1.25 multiplier to damage that is separate from all the other multipliers. Jackpot also makes Badabang a little less expensive.
  • Sublimations Suggested:
    • Healing
      • This makes bombs bulkier and is necessary on any Classic Bomber
    • Courage
      • You’re never going to crit as a bomber.

Basic Scope Bomber:



  • A Fire/Earth, Fire/Air, or Mono Fire Build focusing Elemental, Melee, and Distance Mastery.
  • SPELLS: Barbed Fire, Cross Fire, Magnet, Execution, Sticky Bomb, Obliteration, Ruse, Boot, Evanescence, Blunderbuss/Encumbering Shot, Powder Wall, Boombot
  • PASSIVES: Scope, Fugitive, Carnage, Jackpot, Bomber Fan, Minesweeper
    • This is close to a copy of the previous build, but it uses the build defining passive Scope.
    • Scope is the reason this build can use gear with either Melee or Distance Mastery, meaning this build has a broader scope (ha) of gear it can use.
    • This build cannot work well with Connection based passives like Wakfu Connection because the fire branch makes up most of what it uses, and therefore has very few connections it can make.
    • Blunderbuss/Encumbering Shot is a choice dependent on your secondary mastery choice. Having this allows you to play as a Single Target and AoE rogue simultaneously and continues to broaden what gear you can choose from.
  • Sublimations Suggested:
    • Healing
      • As said before, this makes bombs bulkier and is necessary on any Classic Bomber
    • Visibility
      • Range.
    • Courage
      • You’re never going to crit as a Bomber.

Basic Dynamite Bomber: 

  • This is a Fire/Earth build focusing on Melee and Area Mastery.
  • SPELLS: Sticky Bomb, Boomerang Dagger, Magnet, Execution, Barbed Fire, Obliteration, Ruse, Boot, Evanescence, Pulsar, Powder Wall, Boombot
  • PASSIVES: Dynamite, Bomber Fan, Fugitive, Carnage, Ka-Boom, Pyrotechnist
    • Dynamite Bomber is the quicker of the two types of Bomber Builds, and is also the most powerful build a Rogue can have in terms of damage.
    • It is also the most dangerous, as if used by a player unfamiliar with Wakfu and with Rogue, or with incompetent teammates, or even with some really bad luck, it can easily cause a teamwipe.
    • Dynamite Bombers have to know how to abuse the mechanics of whatever they are fighting against and how to abuse bomb placement and map formats to get their bombs killed at the best times. I want to make a guide about this in particular but I’m not sure how to even go about it.
    • This type of Bomber can be played as early as level 70, when Bomber is unlocked, but it is much harder to play than the other types of rogue.
    • Dynamite pairs well with Bomber Fan, since the latter reduces the resistance of bombs and makes them easier to kill as well as raising the Combo limit. If the bomb destroyed has 11 out of the 20 possible levels of combo, it will not gain the full dynamite bonus of 10 combo.
    • This also means you want a newer bomb to be the one that gets killed.
    • Sticky Bomb has excellent synergy with Dynamite, as any type of detonation of a bomb will set Sticky Bomb off.
    • Bomb Explosions that occur outside the Rogue’s turn, as well as Sticky Bomb explosions outside of the Rogue’s turn, count as indirect damage.
    • Execution is a low AP spell that can help you stack a certain sublim bonus I’ll get to later.
    • Boomerang Dagger and Pulsar especially can be used to weaken bombs further or even set them off yourself.
    • Jackpot and Minesweeper are bad passives to use with Dynamite as you’re not aiming to use the Detonation or Badabang spells whatsoever.
    • Powder Wall is more powerful in this build as it is also an indirect damage source.
  • Sublimations Suggested:
    • Ruin
      • Indirect Damage boost to Bombs, Sticky Bomb, and Powder Wall.
    • Frenzy II
      • Because of how many targets you can hit on a turn, Frenzy can provide a significant damage boost.
    • Courage
      • We don’t do crits here.

Loka’s Dynamite Bomber: 

  • This is a Fire/Earth build focusing on Melee, Distance, Area, and Berserk Mastery.
  • SPELLS: Sticky Bomb, Obliteration, Smoke Bombs, Blunderbuss, Barbed Fire, Ruse, Powder Wall, Boot, Magnet, Evanescence, Execution, Boombot
  • PASSIVES: Dynamite, Bomber Fan, Fugitive, Carnage, Ka-Boom, Scope
    • Do not use this in PvP.
    • The most high stakes Bomber Build there is. Also probably does more damage than anything else out there. To the point where I warn people don’t stand in my bombs, You Will Die.
    • Sticky Bomb in general pairs well with Dynamite, and is an additional damage source I can use.
    • I heavily use Powder Wall as it can easily do a huge amount of damage to any enemy that triggers it, even if their resistance is high.
    • Blunderbuss and Barbed Fire are present to be used as a 7AP combo in a pickle.
    • Obliteration may seem like a strange choice as it is a melee spell, but it can be used as both an escape option as well as positioning if an enemy is near a bomb or a powder wall cell.
    • Carnage is present to offset Fugitive’s -20% damage inflicted.
    • I’ll be real, the only higher stakes bomber out there is probably this build but Melee. Wouldn’t recommend that, though, since Scope provides access to so much gear that would otherwise not be an option, like Enchanting Hat (Souvenir).
    • This build also does not require a lot of AP to function. I’ve been playing it with 10AP and 5MP.
  • Sublimations Suggested:
    • Ruin
      • Boosts damage on Bombs triggered outside of your turn, Sticky Bombs triggered outside of your turn, and on Powder Wall.
    • Frenzy II
      • With Fugitive already present, it may seem ridiculous to use a Sublimation that gives you another -20% damage inflicted in order to gain 10% per enemy hit on the previous turn. However, since Powder Wall counts for a Frenzy stack, and because you have Execution as a cheap way to stack this (or Blunderbuss if you can hit 2 or more enemies with one use), it’s very easy to get more than what you paid for.
      • The Frenzy bonus is also not lost until the turn after it has been applied, so it will count for damage done outside of your turn after the turn you gain the bonus.
      • Frenzy Stacks can also be gained by damage inflicted outside of your turn, so it works well with Powder Wall.
      • In Rifts, this is a little funky. An enemy that spawns on the same tile as a previous enemy that was hit by the Powder Wall that round will not trigger a Frenzy Stack. I’m pretty sure it’s because Rifts are coded in a way that it counts those two enemies as the same enemy, even though they aren’t.
      • Enemy summons count for Frenzy stacks.
    • Fury II
      • This sublim works similarly to Frenzy, where it’s -15% damage inflicted for 5% damage inflicted per enemy hit on the previous turn. This means you would have to hit 3 enemies in a turn to break even.
      • I wouldn’t recommend using them together, as you can only get so much Damage Inflicted as a rogue and using them together with fugitive would make it difficult to keep your flat Damage Inflicted in the positive.
      • If you did though it would get pretty wild for the same reasons that Frenzy alone is wild.
    • Courage
      • We don’t crit here.
    • Last Breath
      • This is a dangerous sublim just because you have to be under 20% to get the damage inflicted, but final damage is very powerful on Rogue and in this build you’d be zerked anyways so it would trigger often enough.
    • Basically any Sublimation that provides Damage Inflicted/Final Damage.


Hybrid Rogue is not an early game build. It's honestly not a build I'd recommend going for until at least level 150, when most passive slots are unlocked. If you want to try it earlier, though, I’m sure you can find a way. 

  • 10 in Elemental Resistance
  • Rest in % Health Points

  • 20 in Melee Mastery
  • Rest in Elemental Mastery

  • 20 in Initiative
    • This is because going earlier means you set up your bombs sooner.
  • Rest in Dodge
  • 20 in Force of Will
  • Rest in Dodge

  • 20 in Critical Hits
  • Rest in Critical Mastery
  • 20 in Block
  • Rest in Critical Mastery

  • 1 in AP
  • 1 in Damage Inflicted
  • 1 in MP and Damage
  • 1 in Range and Damage
  • 1 in Wakfu Points
  • 1 in Elemental Resistance


Basic Melee Hybrid:

  • This is an Air/Earth Build focusing on Elemental, Melee, and Critical Mastery.
  • SPELLS: Slap Shot, Barbequed Ribs, Boomerang Dagger, Obliteration, Pulsar, Smoke Bombs, Ruse, Boot, Evanescence, Magnet, Encumbering Shot, Boombot
  • PASSIVES: Explobomb, Evolved Gadgets, Wakfu Connection, Rogue Master, Jackpot, Dynamite
    • This is a very basic Hybrid Build and can serve as the basis of any other Hybrid.
    • Swapping in Scope can immediately turn this into a Distance Build.
    • Escapist can also be swapped in for huge amounts of mobility, particularly if you get right up next to enemies that have lots of lock.
    • Having both Rogue Master and Wakfu Connection may sound counterintuitive, but Rogue Master will still provide some amount of armor as well as its Dodge boost, and Wakfu Connection will provide another way to gain WP as well as Damage Inflicted.
    • Dynamite and Explobomb work well together because you will be able to do damage with your bombs while also getting your Explobomb Bonus without having to cast detonation in case a bomb just flat out dies.
    • Detonating a bomb will allow you to immediately set up a much cheaper bomb thanks to Jackpot, and because Explobomb’s bonus lasts 2 turns, you still have whatever AP you have remaining and the whole next turn to go full on Crit mode.
    • Boomerang Dagger has very high crit damage, but its connection sucks so you want to move or cast an active spell after using it to make sure you have all your crit chance again.
  • Sublimations Suggested:
    • Wakfu Influence
      • After bombs detonate, a Rogue tends to have all of their WP back, basically ensuring on the next turn you will gain 20% crit chance.
    • Influence III
      • Just to top off Crit Chance if you still need it.
    • Save
      • Crit and Hybrid Rogues suffer from no inherent way to gain AP, but on bomb setup turns it is easy to end up with extra AP. This way you can bring some of that AP to the next turn.
    • Vivacity
      • More AP if you want it.

Basic Scope Hybrid:

  • This is an Air/Earth build focusing on Elemental, Melee, Distance, and Critical Mastery.
  • SPELLS: Boomerang Dagger, Carbine, Blunderbuss, Machine Gun, Pulsar, Smoke Bombs, Ruse, Boot, Evanescence, Magnet, Barbed Fire, Boombot
  • PASSIVES: Explobomb, Evolved Gadgets, Scope, Carnage, Jackpot, Dynamite
    • Most of Rogue’s connections lie within melee combinations, so a Distance Rogue of any kind will have less use for Connection based passives.
    • Distance Rogues also tend to use spells that cost a lot more AP.
    • You could definitely do an Earth/Fire variant of this.
    • Boomerang Dagger will be your main source of damage, supplemented by Carbine, Blunderbuss, and Pulsar.
    • Machine Gun is an escape tool that also boosts your range for one action, which can be very useful if you swap in Escapist or just need the extra 3 whole range. 3 is a lot.
    • Barbed Fire is there just for Sustain.
    • Because you have Ruse, you technically don’t need to use Dynamite in a Hybrid build, but I find it less stressful when I have the passive on. It’s up to you.
  • Sublimations Suggested:
    • Wakfu Influence
      • For the same reason as above.
    • Influence III
      • More Crit Chance to top off your Crit Chance.
    • Save
      • For the same reason as above. Hybrid and Crit Rogues struggle with AP.
    • Visibility
      • As a scope rogue with Earth spells that have awful range, any Range you can get is extremely useful.

Loka’s Hybrid Rogue: 

  • This is an Earth/Air Build focusing on General, Melee, Distance, and Critical Mastery.
  • SPELLS: Boomerang Dagger, Carbine, Smoke Bombs, Machine Gun, Blunderbuss, Ruse, Powder Wall, Boot, Magnet, Evanescence, Pulsar, Boombot
  • PASSIVES: Explobomb, Scope, Evolved Gadgets, Dynamite, Carnage, Bomber Fan
    • This can easily be made into a Melee Hybrid.
    • Can also easily work for a Fire/Earth Build as well.
    • Focuses a lot on Boomerang and Carbine damage for direct damage on non-bomb turns.
  • Sublimations Suggested:
    • Wakfu Influence
    • Save
    • Influence


Crit Rogue is by far the most beginner friendly way to build a rogue. This is the build style I recommend for any Rogue below level 70, as you have early access to Evolved Gadgets, this style's staple passive. This is also the style of Rogue I am least familiar with. But I’ll do my best. 

  • 10 in Elemental Resistance
  • Rest in % Health Points

  • 20 in Melee Mastery
  • 20 in either Single Target Mastery or Area Mastery
  • Rest in Elemental Mastery

  • All in Dodge
  • 20 in Force of Will
  • Rest in Dodge

  • 20 in Critical Hits
  • Rest in Critical Mastery
  • 20 in Critical Hits
  • 20 in Block
  • Rest in Critical Mastery

  • 1 in AP
  • 1 in MP and Damage
  • 1 in Damage Inflicted
  • 1 in Elemental Resistance
  • 1 in Range and Damage


Melee Crit Rogue:

  • This is an Air/Earth build focusing on Melee Mastery and Critical Mastery.
  • SPELLS: Slap Shot, Barbequed Ribs, Encumbering Shot, Boomerang Dagger, Obliteration, Pulsar, Ruse, Evanescence, Machine Gun, Execution, Boombot, Smoke Bombs
  • PASSIVES: Evolved Gadgets, Rogue Master, Wakfu Connection, Carnage, Escapist, Jackpot
    • I designed this build with the idea that you would create a lot of connections and use bombs as a means to escape sticky situations.
    • Escapist is very good for a melee rogue because you can place a bomb, get right into the thick of things, and then teleport out at the end of your turn.
    • Jackpot is there for cheaper bombs and therefore more AP spent on direct damage.
    • Encumbering shot is present so that AoE spells can be made available if you add ST Mastery into the mix.
    • I know as Crit Rogue it is tempting to only use low AP cost spells, but because of Rogue’s mastery connections there are a lot of ways to make our higher AP spells hit very hard.
  • Suggested Sublimations:
    • Influence III
      • For higher crit chance, since there’s no other way beyond gear and a bomb passive for us to gain crit chance.
    • Slow Influence
      • For the same reason as Influence.
    • Wakfu Influence
      • This could help if you manage to keep your WP up high, but I don’t think it will be as effective as it is on Hybrid.
    • Any Sublimation that boosts Crit Chance, Crit Damage, etc.
    • If you have any suggestions, please leave them in a reply! I do not play Crit Rogue so feedback from those who do would help.

Distance Crit Rogue:



  • This is an Earth/Fire build focusing on Melee, Distance, Critical, and your choice of Area or Single Target Mastery.
  • SPELLS: Encumbering Shot/Blunderbuss, Machine Gun, Piercing Shot, Boomerang Dagger, Barbed Fire, Pulsar, Ruse, Evanescence, Magnet, Execution, Boombot, Smoke Bombs
  • PASSIVES: Evolved Gadgets, Scope, Wakfu Connection, Escapist, Carnage, Jackpot.
    • Encumbering Shot/Blunderbuss depending on whether you add Area Mastery or Single Target Mastery. Could potentially bring both for an even wider range of gear options.
    • This setup definitely focuses on burst attacks and combinations, primarily looking like Blunderbuss or Encumbering shot immediately followed up by Pulsar, Boomerang Dagger, or Piercing Shot.
    • Be careful of WP as this setup probably has the slowest WP regeneration.
  • Suggested Sublimations
    • Influence III and Slow Influence
      • Anything that brings up crit chance will help you.
    • Any Sublimation that boosts Crit Chance, Crit Damage, etc.
    • If you have any suggestions, please leave them in a reply! I do not play Crit Rogue so feedback from those who do would help.

So this is the General Rogue Guide! I hope it helps. Feedback is welcome, since there’s a bit more diversity in damage builds now and I by no means claim to know the best method. I’m just the lad writing the guide. Have a good day y’all.
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Thank you so much for making this.  As a fellow Rogue main, which one do you recommend for solo play with a Huppermage/Masq?

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Because Masq is able to give a final damage bonus, it would work well with Bomber Rogue, but could also work well with a Melee Crit or Melee Hybrid Rogue based on your % armor received. A masq could make an already tanky Rogue even more tanky.

Huppermage doesn't really affect Rogue all that much, but Rogue can affect Huppermage because of Air bombs. If a Huppermage is hit by an Air Bomb, they'll lose QB, so if a Huppermage functioning is important in your team, you're going to want to either avoid using Air Bombs altogether, or avoid using Dynamite and stick to Single Target Detonations. Ruse is also a wonderful way to get a Melee Rogue out of the action and a Huppermage close enough to the action that they can hit things on larger maps.

There are probably other factors that can come into play as well, but that's my two cents on it as of now.

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Loka-#2166|2021-07-15 05:32:40

Huppermage doesn't really affect Rogue all that much, but Rogue can affect Huppermage because of Air bombs. .

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Score : 2526

But you affect me plenty <3

But really a damage dealer and another damage dealer don't usually interact with each other too much. Rogue is just special in how it affects people sometimes lol.

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Thank you, Loka- for a guide^^.
I wanted to answer after i see spell deck in game (cause no methodwakfu builder and zinitwakfu don't support deck's codes) but it said i have not enough passive slots. So if you will have time it would be better to load screens of spells cause if players have lower level then you they won't see all passives.
Also Cross Fire Attracts Bombs in Line with targeted cell by 5 only on critical hit if you believe in spell description. On non-crit it 3 or 4 cells iirc.
Can i discuss some aspects via discord? Or in game maybe?

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I just tested Cross Fire. It always pulls by 5, regardless of if you crit or not, however, it does claim that a non-crit pulls 4, while a crit pulls 5. This is probably a typo or some other sort of mistake.

I should probably add a prioritization of passives, or some lower level decks. For now, I'll spell out which spells and passives are on the deck and try to order them in most important to least.

EDIT: added a prioritization of passives for all of my suggested decks.

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Good thing you did make a new guide, because it isnt good, its great for all rogues, grats!

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Amazing guide! Just one question, I NEED to know if brutallity (the newest version)  works on rogue. I left the game a while ago and im not sure after reading his description.. I really need to know if it works with their bombs, powder walls etc (from no melee range) cuz I just saw their price and that thing... it scares me fear . Waiting to see your guide about sublimations smile

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Brutality does work so long as you do not have the Scope passive on, and so long as when your bombs detonate it is an Area of Effect detonation (Dynamite, or detonation on a bomb). Powder Wall and Bombs will always do melee damage regardless of where the rogue is, unless you have the Scope passive equipped. In the case you have Scope Equipped, they will always do distance damage. Where the rogue is does not matter.

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Would any of these builds work for filling an aoe role in a 3man primarily pve group of sac + eca? looking for some kind of aoe and figured rogue could do well but I've never played it


Loka-#2166|2021-08-21 17:54:55
TL;DR - Yes! Just be careful of casting sacrifice on bombs as that can easily get your Sac killed.

Long Answer: Yes! Rogue can definitely fill in as an AoE damage dealer in a 3 man group. I'd say that hybrid and bomber rogue are definitely best for this, but crit rogue can fill this role too.

I will say, since you've said you've never played Rogue, that Rogue is going to play very differently as a damage dealer than any other DD you've played, especially in how you manage placement of your Sacrier. Sacriers need to be very aware of their sacrifice AoE and generally avoid casting sacrifice on bombs, as that can very easily get the sacrier killed and/or mess up bomb positioning. 

I've found Ecaflip's support capabilities can help Rogue a lot, and I personally play one in my 3 man team alongside my rogue. Anything that can debuff resistance and provide a damage inflicted buff to the rogue is a very good support for it, since rogue struggles to gain damage inflicted on its own.

I hope this helps!


Thanks so much for the info! I actually didn't know that sac even worked on bombs rofl

But now my evil mind is thinking of silly bomb swapping shenanigans using sacrifice ohmy
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TL;DR - Yes! Just be careful of casting sacrifice on bombs as that can easily get your Sac killed.

Long Answer: Yes! Rogue can definitely fill in as an AoE damage dealer in a 3 man group. I'd say that hybrid and bomber rogue are definitely best for this, but crit rogue can fill this role too.

I will say, since you've said you've never played Rogue, that Rogue is going to play very differently as a damage dealer than any other DD you've played, especially in how you manage placement of your Sacrier. Sacriers need to be very aware of their sacrifice AoE and generally avoid casting sacrifice on bombs, as that can very easily get the sacrier killed and/or mess up bomb positioning. 

I've found Ecaflip's support capabilities can help Rogue a lot, and I personally play one in my 3 man team alongside my rogue. Anything that can debuff resistance and provide a damage inflicted buff to the rogue is a very good support for it, since rogue struggles to gain damage inflicted on its own.

I hope this helps!


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Sivgon#5273|2021-08-20 18:05:17
Would any of these builds work for filling an aoe role in a 3man primarily pve group of sac + eca? looking for some kind of aoe and figured rogue could do well but I've never played it

Loka-#2166|2021-08-21 17:54:55
TL;DR - Yes! Just be careful of casting sacrifice on bombs as that can easily get your Sac killed.

Long Answer: Yes! Rogue can definitely fill in as an AoE damage dealer in a 3 man group. I'd say that hybrid and bomber rogue are definitely best for this, but crit rogue can fill this role too.

I will say, since you've said you've never played Rogue, that Rogue is going to play very differently as a damage dealer than any other DD you've played, especially in how you manage placement of your Sacrier. Sacriers need to be very aware of their sacrifice AoE and generally avoid casting sacrifice on bombs, as that can very easily get the sacrier killed and/or mess up bomb positioning. 

I've found Ecaflip's support capabilities can help Rogue a lot, and I personally play one in my 3 man team alongside my rogue. Anything that can debuff resistance and provide a damage inflicted buff to the rogue is a very good support for it, since rogue struggles to gain damage inflicted on its own.

I hope this helps!


Thanks so much for the info! I actually didn't know that sac even worked on bombs rofl

But now my evil mind is thinking of silly bomb swapping shenanigans using sacrifice ohmy

Hahaha there's definitely a lot of chaos to be had there but to keep it in moderation. I'd definitely not sacrifice more than one or two bombs at a time, but it can be useful to have a bomb kept safe at high combo for Powder Wall damage. There's always a niche situation where what I normally wouldn't recommend works really well, so just have fun with it smile
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Score : 19

You can't fathom my appreciation. You were very articulate. Great, thorough guide. Thank you!

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Score : 1136

Great guide, I just have one question. How viable is distance and melee roguei compared to other damage dealers? I want to create an rogue, but I dont want to deal with bombs(not at the beginning at least)

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Score : 2526

If you don't want to deal with bombs, Rogue is a mediocre damage dealer that's easily surpassed by other damage dealers like Cra, Iop, Sram, Ougi, etc. Distance is lacking in natural range and melee is honestly better for non-bomb play because Barbequed Ribs has a powerful connection. Crit rogues do struggle with AP cost, however, so keep that in mind.

Once you get bombs into the equation, even in a hybrid situation, Rogue performs much better in damage. You're probably looking to eventually play a hybrid build from what you're saying, which powers up your critical hits through Explobomb and Evolved Gadgets. Distance is honestly more powerful for Rogue than Melee at later levels in terms of numbers because Scope allows a greater range of gear to choose from, but Melee is still very viable.

And if you ever end up playing a true Bomber rogue, you're actually playing one of the highest damage dealers in the game, but I won't lie to you, it's not for everyone. Most people don't last two weeks after they ask me for advice and start trying to play a high level rogue, and I only say this because it's happened with multiple people.

Basically, if you want to be on par with other damage dealers, in early game it's okay to not use bombs but once you're into level 100+, bombs become essential to playing rogue at its best damage potential. 

TL;DR - Before level 100ish, you don't have to use bombs, but Rogue's damage is subpar at best without bombs involved in mid-to-late game. 

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Hi, carbine is single target. Just like die alright

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Score : 2526

It's definitely marked on the spell as Area of Effect, but once I get a moment I'll check to make sure.

EDIT: Just checked, Blunderbuss's current connection which adds damage to an area-of-effect spell cast immediately after works with Carbine, and on Carbine's spell tooltip it still states it is AoE, so I'm pretty sure it is actually an Area of Effect Spell.

I'm also pretty sure Die Alright is also an Area of Effect spell, but I'm not an expert on Ecaflips so you can go check if that's true. 

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Hi Loka! Thanks for the analysis and build sharing!
I'm currently playing a full bombs variant with fugitive for a quick boom but I often struggle with spending all of my AP on turns when I don't detonate them. So I'm considering branching to a hybrid build, but I didn't manage to make it work at an acceptable level.

Any chance you might share a bit of Hybrid gameplay? I do remember you posting a couple of Rogue videos on YouTube before the rework. smile

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I've just recently got a new computer just for the purpose of making more videos! My old computer couldn't render things very well lol... the harebourg video almost wrecked it.

Yeah, I'm planning on sharing some videos. I'll probably get to working on them after 1.73 releases.

Hybrid is a very tricky build to pull off and shares the variety of crit rogue and the slower more strategic play of bomber rogue. Knowing when to detonate your bombs (or get them detonated by an ally or an enemy mechanic if you've got dynamite on) is key. Wait too long and you'll be wasting time, but too soon and both your bomb and direct damage will be lacking. Hybrid also shares the same challenge that Crit Rogue has, which is that Rogue has no native way to gain AP. This isn't as awful for Hybrid Rogue because Explobomb's buff lasts two turns, but it is something to keep in mind.

The best direct damage spell for hybrid rogue at this moment is definitely Boomerang Dagger, using MP between your two casts to eliminate its connection. It has very high base critical damage, allowing you to make the most of the AP you have. I have a hybrid build personally so I will definitely be demonstrating it in a video at some point.

Bomber does have the unique experience of not requiring a lot of AP, which makes for some interesting gearsets. Most of the time at higher levels you're expecting your build to be around 12 AP, but my 215 Bomber actually works with 10AP for this reason. It also opens Bomber to builds using the rune Inflexible if one so desires, but Steadfast is objectively better for Bomber builds in that context.

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Wonderful guide. Currently playing a dynamite crit build… with 0 critical hits and maxed out critical mastery. I’m running unwinding sublimation.

The idea. Scope build with aoe damage. Airbomb, firebomb, boomerang pulsar.

This is two bombs blown up every turn

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Score : 2526

Sounds like a decent low maintenance hybrid build. I hope you're enjoying it! Also a really good example of a hybrid build that isn't running Explobomb, thank you for telling me about it! Unraveling (This is what it's called in english, I think you're talking about unraveling) is a solid sublim for this type of build as well. 

Again, thank you for sharing!

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Hi, I read your guide a couple of weeks ago and it helped me a lot.
However, now that I am -to a moderate extent- familiar with the class and specifically the Dynamite way, I couldn't help but feel that (Execution) would fit the desk better than (Powder wall) which I rarely find use for given that I always keep my bombs in close proximity of each other.
Might it be that there's a use for it I can't fathom?
Also, don't you think that the bomb's explosion should meet the requirement for (Blam)'s connection?
Thanks again for the guide!

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If you keep your bombs closer together and have no need for powder wall, you can replace that with execution. I can understand that.

Powder Wall in general is a very powerful ability if you make use of it in your playstyle. If you don't, you don't need it. I personally use it a lot, especially in rifts. It's also much more useful in a split-bombing playstyle, where you detonate a different group of bombs on each turn, allowing you to space out your bombs more. It also can go well  with dynamite because both abilities are considered indirect damage, so if you have the Ruin sublimation on your gear it will increase the damage of both.

Bomb explosions when detonated in an AoE fashion do meet the requirement for Blam's connection, or at least, they should, but the connection doesn't add a ton of damage and it's all flat damage without any modifiers so it might be harder to notice at certain levels.

Once 1.73 comes out I should be updating this guide again. Blam's connection, for example, is going to change in the next update. I also should probably talk about the different bombing styles for Bomber Rogue.

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Thanks for this guide, Loka.
I'm new to the game and am playing Rogue - having a lot of fun so far, but I'm very much a newbie.

What's your opinion on Longsword? I'm still low level (90) but don't find it deals great damage so far at 4 AP, being single target and 1 range.
Also what connections are useful to duplicate with this? One that seems useful is Evanescence, as you can get the bonus damage for longsword and then again for another melee ability. But it's a fairly steep combo at 6AP and 1WP Any other recommends?

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Score : 2526

Hi! Welcome to Wakfu! 

Longsword itself is actually not a very good spell damage-wise nor is it the best spell for a melee crit rogue. You're better off using evanescence mostly for getting behind foes and then using double barbequed ribs.

Rogue Master as a passive is also better used for the armor generation it provides. Longsword is more of a utility spell in that it can recreate a connection, but Rogue doesn't have a lot of good connections that are worth spending another 4 AP to recreate.

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Hi, really nice guide, beginner rogue here, i've decided to go for the dynamite variant (melee/zone no scope for now) since i do only pvm with a friend (we use multis for now) and the classic bomber set up was giving me head aches and felt really slow. I have some doubts:

1. Dynamite playstyle feels faster already but i find myself mainly attacking my bombs with aoe cause enemies take too long to break them, is this how it's supposed to be? (i'm level 70)

2. Why suffocating bomb, wouldn't paralyzing bomb be better for pvm? And i see execution around in other builds, even zone ones but i don't get its use, is it incurable that important?

3. From the bomber builds which one would you recommend for my situation? I still like the classic one but most of the time i feel like i'm winging the bomb placement, this combined with enemy ai seems to be my main issue with that build.

It's being a rough class but i never get bored with it, srry for the textwall

Thanks for the tips, my passives at the moment are bomber fan, ka-boom and dynamite, i'll add carnage or fugitive when i unlock the next slot at lvl 100, probably fugitive if i see the damage is still ok.

I'm aware most of my shortcomings at the moment come from lack of experience with the class and lack of passives so i'll just keep leveling and practicing, hopefully i'll develop reliable tactics with time.

Your point about lowering life points has made me think tho, should i put my points in barrier and %HP to armor instead of just HP for dynamite build? Being tanky but with low life, sounds like good synergy if you use berserk but i lack experience to know if it would be suicide later on.

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Score : 2526

Welcome to PvM Rogue smile Also I have immense respect for you to play Dynamite Rogue at the earliest possible level, that is so cool. I'd love to see you play sometime.

I'm planning on going back and editing this guide pretty heavily for the 1.73 update, and also because I have a lot more experience with my bomber build now so that changes some things. I don't know everything about rogue and I'm learning new things every time I play.

What you're playing here is definitely a Dynamite Bomber, which is my main build right now that I've learned a lot about since writing this guide, so here's my responses to your doubts.

1. Dynamite is definitely faster than the classic bomber, and more powerful, too. It's also probably the most difficult and dangerous way to play rogue, especially at level 70! 

If your bombs aren't dying fast enough, there are a few things you can do. Do you have Bomber Fan equipped? Bomber Fan has excellent synergy with Dynamite because it lowers bomb resistance. You can also lower your overall HP, but at level 70 I doubt this will make a difference.

The biggest challenge of Dynamite Bomber is getting your bombs killed when you need them to be, and it's because there aren't really any passives, spells, or stats for this. This is all gameplay skill, so don't worry if you're struggling with it. Most people don't think about bomb placement in this manner because in classic rogue, you want to protect your bombs as much as possible. That doesn't require too much in depth knowledge about every enemy you're fighting and its mechanics.

Dynamite Rogue, on the other hand, needs to know as much as possible about the spells and mechanics of what they are fighting, because you have to abuse this and map placement in order to succeed.

At level 70, mechanics aren't usually very substantial or complicated (As far as I'm aware!), but knowing the AoE spells of what you are fighting can allow you to abuse the AI's preference for going for an AoE if there are targets standing in it. There are also monsters that may almost always react a certain way if something is in melee with it. 

Map abuse is basically placing bombs in a way that forces an enemy to attack the bombs. This is easier done on randomly generated maps rather than dungeon maps, but dungeons tend to have more mechanics you can trigger and abuse so it balances out in the end.

Basically, you want to use your bombs to tank damage and punish melee enemies as much as you possibly can. Abuse the map layout to corner off a certain area with bombs (have some room for the enemies to move), or be aware of the AoEs the enemies you are fighting tend to go and attack.

Additionally, if enemies are taking too long to kill bombs, you can also use them for powder wall and/or set them off yourself with detonation. Dynamite sometimes will just act as insurance, as barring certain mechanics, you often can't usually get a dynamite detonation when you want to.

There are also good AoE spells to use to blow up bombs yourself, such as Blunderbuss, Pulsar, or Boomerang Dagger.

But yeah, when it comes to bomb placement, I could potentially write a whole other guide about it! To any other class it would probably sound like cow dung but Dynamite Rogue is just different and I love it.

2. Paralyzing Bomb is better for PvM as Bomber. I just hadn't added that fact to my guide lmao. As long as you have, and this is a flexible benchmark, say 10 AP, you can use Paralyzing Bomb pretty reliably. Could probably still use it with less, but at 6-8 AP I'd say to use the less powerful, cheaper bombs just because of AP cost.

3. As level 70 I still really love that you're playing a Dynamite bomber, so definitely that type because it's still doable. I wouldn't say use Fugitive until you get to a level where you can actually gain final damage from other bonuses like Sublimations, Passives, and Major points, as that -20% is a hefty hit if you don't have the means to make up for it. I do not remember how many passive slots you have at level 70, but definitely Dynamite, Bomber Fan, and maybe Carnage if you have access to a third slot (and access to carnage I have NO idea if that's unlocked). 

Frankly, with all the rogue changes, maybe I should level up another rogue myself... or just focus on making some ALS sets so I have a broader idea of what Rogue is like on all levels. And maybe I should make a bomb placement guide... I don't even know how I'd go about it, but it seems like something that people could benefit from!

Thank you, and enjoy Rogue! I hope this helps.

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Score : 16

Again, thanks for you amazing job !

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Score : 2526


Bolsapryca#2010|2021-09-19 03:31:43
Thanks for the tips, my passives at the moment are bomber fan, ka-boom and dynamite, i'll add carnage or fugitive when i unlock the next slot at lvl 100, probably fugitive if i see the damage is still ok.

I'm aware most of my shortcomings at the moment come from lack of experience with the class and lack of passives so i'll just keep leveling and practicing, hopefully i'll develop reliable tactics with time.

Your point about lowering life points has made me think tho, should i put my points in barrier and %HP to armor instead of just HP for dynamite build? Being tanky but with low life, sounds like good synergy if you use berserk but i lack experience to know if it would be suicide later on.

At lower levels putting points into Armor/Barrier is reasonable, but as you get higher level it really isn't as useful as straight HP.

I've recently created a Hybrid build at level 80 that uses dynamite and it is really all about placing bombs in a way that you block several enemies' path of least resistance... basically meaning, the enemy either has to go around the bombs and likely not be able to spend its AP actually hitting its target, or it has to go through the bombs and therefore goes to attack bombs. This is much easier to do with enemies that have 4-6 MP or less. Learning a monster's movement mechanics (like monk rats having a move where they teleport to the opposite side of a target and hit them with an attack in the process) can also help you place bombs correctly to trigger dynamite.

Basically, now that I've played with dynamite closer to your level, it is a lot more about bomb placement than bomb HP. You have to learn how to make educated guesses on how the AI is going to act if you block their path with a certain bomb formation, and that will come with experience.

Also my level 215 bomber is a berserk dynamite bomber. It's suicide if you can't play it well (or your teammates decide standing next to a bomb is a perfectly intelligent decision), but it's got really high damage potential so it's worth it if you can pull it off.

Though, and this may sound counterintuitive, you actually want higher HP if you are a playing a berserk build. The maximum amount of armor you can achieve is equal to half of your maximum HP, and while you're absolutely right that armor is useful for zerk builds, you do still want HP if you're going to play one.
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Not gonna lie, I was disappointed in the new connections, I wanted something for my Dynamite Rogue, but it seems they favored the classic bomber. I'll take the Blam/BF combo though, I didn't even think about it reading the patch notes until now.
About the split-bombing playstyle you mentioned earlier, I never really thought too much about it cuz' I assumed I risk losing all by connecting 2 sets of bombs through (Powder Wall), but I most likely just lack the brains to make such thing work.
I appreciate the addition of the sublimations, but I suppose that's mainly for mid/late-game stages?
and I'm guessing (Ka-Boom) instead of (Fugitive) for me? cuz' I'm still in my 80s.

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Score : 2526

You got Sticky Bomb for Dynamite Bomber though. And to add, connections and bomber for the most part don't mix (unless playing hybrid) with the exception of the mastery connections. I use Blam for better Barbed Fire heals as a Scope Dynamite Bomber, and it allows me to do a ST detonation if I really need to.

Connecting bombs with powder wall does not cause them to all be detonated together. In order for two bombs to be detonated together in an AoE fashion they must be within each other's AoE, or 2 or less cells away from each other. I know that in Dofus that's how it works, so I definitely understand the confusion, but that's not how it works in Wakfu. All Powder Wall does is create the Powder Wall.

For the sake of anyone else reading these posts that might be confused by the term "split-bombing", it's what I call when a rogue has two separated groups of bombs meant to be detonated separately, usually on alternating turns. It works well in Bomber and particularly hybrid builds with more than 50% crit chance.

Sublimations are definitely a late game thing, although many people use them on ALS sets. They're all locked behind end game content with the exception of lower level rifts and mimic sublimations, so it's definitely not something you need to worry about until you're max level and perfecting your sets.

And yeah if you're level 80 do not use Fugitive. just simply because you only have 3 passive slots and Ka-Boom will definitely help you more.

I guess I'll also add here that Fugitive could technically be used at level 80 if your damage is high enough, but if you are still leveling it's not something I'd typically recommend. The combo bonus Fugitive provides does make up for the -20% on bombs/powder wall, but -20% is really hefty and will make your sustain tools far less useful, since all of Rogue's sustain (Barbed Fire, Slap Shot + BBQ) is based on damage. You would need something like a Steadfast rune to make up for that, and that is an endgame thing.

TL;DR, Sticky Bomb is good on dynamite, Mastery Connections are great for everyone, Bombs will only set off other bombs if they're 2 cells or less from each other, I define Split-Bombing, and Fugitive generally shouldn't be used at level 80 unless you are making an ALS set.

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Score : 2073

Hey Loka, i'm back again.  I've swapped to Melee rogue because I didn't feel like I was doing anything as a bomber/powder wall rogue, but now i'm not feeling like i'm really taking advantage of the class.  Sure, I can do some decent damage to a single target with Slap Shot + 2x BBQ, but if I wanted to nova a single target i'd just play a Sram.

The problem i'm facing is is I don't know what an effective turn looks like for a bomber rogue.  Should I just throw out nothing but bombs?  Is there a good way to interact with them, or am I just running around the map for 3 turns waiting for them to get beefy so I can explode them?

I would love to sit down in game with you and be your mentee.  My character's name is 'Nytra Glissarin' (Get it?)

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Score : 2526

I love your Rogue's name!

I've done rogue videos on bomber setups before and I have been asked several times to do it again, I guess I just haven't had the time.

On a Bomber Rogue you're usually just throwing out bombs and either setting up a powder wall or getting bombs positioned so that you can ruse a boss into. If you have Dynamite you may also be blocking off standard enemies so that they are forced to spend AP attacking bombs.

As Hybrid with dynamite you're either also blocking enemies so that they attack bombs or you're placing bombs adjacent to enemies and using Pulsar, Boomerang Dagger, or another AoE spell to set them off while simultaneously damaging enemies.

I'm starting to understand that many people have trouble visualizing what I'm talking about, so I really ought to do some sort of visual guide on Bomber rogue in particular.

I'd love to also sit down in game with you and see if I can help. I haven't been terribly online lately but I hope we can catch each other soon.

Meanwhile I should PROBABLY make a video on bomb setup... lol.

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