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Post 1.69 - Minimalist Rogue Primer

By Aqualad#2072 - MEMBER - April 15, 2021, 06:52:27

Welcome to my minimalist primer for the modern Rogue. I'd say Rogue is currently average / above average in most cases. If you want something simple and effective, this is not the class for you. Meta classes are stronger and perform more smoothly. However, with patience and planning, you too can zip across the map and blow things up in style!

There are three main playstyles. These builds are just examples :


BOMBS : You cook up bombs over several turns to gain combo points. This can take a long time. You prep & reposition while you wait, or try to contribute what you can with your sub dps choices. When your bombs are nice and juicy, you can finally Detonate things dead. Some day, you will be able to one shot most dungeon bosses. Unfortunately, enemies can either destroy your bombs early, or run away from them altogether. Fortunately, you have many tools to reposition your bombs and units around your bombs. You can sub-stat for either Single Target or Area. Bombs are what make Rogues unique, and this is the most powerful (if complicated and frustrating) playstyle.

Fill active blanks with your playstyle. I would suggest Evanescence / Slap Shot / BBQ for melee... or Barbed Fire / Execution / Piercing Shot for ranged. You can replace Blinding Bomb for Execution. Smoke Bombs can be useful, but you can always take Rogue Master and give yourself armor, too. I wouldn't recommend Powder Wall. It's very hard to play around and disruptive for groups.

Passive blanks should stick to bomb stuff, and maybe Scope if you need to go ranged, or Rogue Master for armor.

NOTE : By default, bombs scale with Melee Mastery + your choice of Single Target or Area :
  1. Detonate on an Enemy : Deal ST dmg to ONE unit & consume all bombs within 2 cells.
  2. Detonate on a Bomb : Deal AoE dmg to ALL units & chain bombs within and beyond 2 cells.
  3. Scope Passive : Bombs now scale with Distance instead of Melee.
    • Scope + Detonate Enemy / Ally : Determines your sub-stat per usual (ST vs AoE).
  4. Bombs will not deal damage when destroyed without the Dynamite passive.
  5. Bombs cannot critical hit.

C-C-COMBO : This increases your bomb damage by 10% per level. It also increases the damage of all other bombs of the same element in the explosion, so stacking combos of the same element is important for big kabooms. Also consider that you can only place 1 bomb per element per turn... Now you know why Bomber Rogue can be so sluggish. By default, bombs start with 0 combo. They automatically gain +5 combo per turn on the field. Max combo is 15. This can be modified to : start with +4 combo, +8 combo per turn, and max combo of 20 with passives. 


DAGGERS : Traditional ST Melee Rogues. You safely sneak in and out of the fray to pick targets off one by one. You weave together connections with your daggers and gadgets, and secure the kill with critical hits. You have a few ST guns and a bomb on hand in a pinch. The Scope passive easily transitions you into Distance + ST focused build if needed. This Rogue is much easier to play than a Bomber. While you can critical hit for a lot, you essentially trade one shot burst potential for sustained DPS and survivability. However, you may feel like a weaker Iop in the end. This is the second strongest Rogue playstyle.

For passives, Carnage is a safe choice. Wakfu Connection will make you deal more damage, but generate less armor. You could play around with Escapist for easy getaways while leaving a nice surprise behind. Dynamite + Jackpot + Bomber Fan might be interesting. Scope is handy if you need to switch to ranged.

CONNECTION : Iop's kid brother. Using certain spells in sequence will add special effects to the next spell. This includes lower AP cost, increased damage, and healing. This will also fuel the Rogue Master passive to provide you with armor, and unlock Longsword when you reach lvl 5 Connection (air dmg + recreate your last Connection). Connection level carries over to the next turn.


GUNNER : A Distance focused build that likes to hang back with a combination of guns, bombs, combos, and connections. I don't feel like there's too much to say here as the other two sections covered the standard tactics of the class. Personally, I think Earth is Rogue's weakest branch by far right now. Similarly, I this is the weakest playstyle. Note: Pulsar can be used even if you have 0 MP because it does not have an MP cost. 

For actives, take at least one bomb. You could take more positioners with Cross Fire, Magnet and Mass Charm. Smoke Bombs can give you protection. I'd be wary of Boomerang Dagger. It can be used in a quirky build to reverse your normal and critical hit chances. However, you have to recast this at the start of every turn for the reversal. That's 4 AP down the drain for high critical hit chance.


Thanks for reading my primer. These are just my thoughts. Think twice about copy-pasting without learning the class for yourself. Adjust to suit your playstyle. Stats should be self-explanatory. If you're doing a Melee + ST build, stat Melee + ST damage. For Fortune, either you're building around critical hits + critical mastery, or you're beefing up your defenses. I think 12 AP / 6 MP is a good spread, but you might like another one. If you have something to add, speak up. Let's not let this class sink into obscurity.
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I used to love Rogue, but had to class change when I got to higher level content as it was just way too annoying to try to use bombs against bosses with complicated invulnerability mechanisms. Maybe if some of the rumored stuff about indirect damage bypassing invulnerability, and bombs counting as indirect damage goes through then Rogue will become viable in higher level content again. 

I got mad respect for you for still playing Rogue today, but I just can't touch the class in it's current state when I remember the glory days of Fire/Earth rogue and the wonderful build where enemies walking across the firewall charged up your critical hits and critical damage, which you could then unload on them with Earth spells.

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Rogue is a burden of love most of the time for me too. I do take breaks from the class, but I always end up coming back to it. I also miss the old firewall and gunner days... but some aspects of the newer updates are for the better. I'm actually shocked that Ankama implemented the Melee / Distance + ST / AoE versatility with bombs. If only they could decide what they wanted to do with the Air and Earth branches. 

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Melee Rogue (air) is kind of lackluster compared to other melee dds.

If only we still had that spell that allowed us to get to enemy's back....


Bombers, however, are still excellent, and newly released contents mostly have no invulnerabilities on bosses.

Great post by the way. 

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Agreed all around. We do still have that air spell to get to the enemy's back; you just have to cast it on a bomb now lol. But I get what you mean, and I'm glad you enjoyed the mini guide.

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