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Ideas for a new Rogue (V2)

By Cantarzo#2619 - MEMBER - April 10, 2021, 04:18:13

I know that the rogue is not in the plans for a new rework anytime soon but it cannot be denied that currently the class barely appears on the level 200 dungeon ranks for a reason, at least in some alternative parties the class should work and it is not the case.

So, I have some suggestions that, despite changing the character's bomb mechanics, in my view does not change the central idea of the character (even maintaining the basic idea of most of the skills and passives changed in the last rework).

The idea here is to generate ideas that can add to the character's future, so feel free to say what you think with constructive criticism. There would be many changes if these ideas were taken forward and I know that not everyone will agree or like everything but remember that they are just ideas for discussion, here on the forum there are other posts with the same objective and that approach the changes in another way, feel free to take a look at these too.


Idea: whenever the rogue hits you he will also sneak bombs at you!

This is the "Version 2" of the idea, the "Version 1" can be found in the link below.
Version 1

Alternatively, the Class Feature: Bomber can be placed on the caster, in this case more than one Rogue in the party can't be exploited.

Class feature: Bomber (Max Powder stacks: 30, Max Bombs stacks: 15 (total), whenever a bomb with 10 stacks explodes it generates 1WP)

How it works: Most spells aside from causing damage also place a variable amount of Powder on the caster, these Powder stacks may be placed as Bombs on the target(s) through specific spells. After placed, the bombs will explode causing indirect damage at the end of the target's next turn.

Fire Bombs:
  •     Single Target, Melee, Fire Damage
Earth Bombs:
  •     Area Damage (sqr around the target), Melee, Earth Damage
Air Bombs:
  •     Single Target, Melee, Air Damage
Neutral Bombs (count as each type of bomb for combo purposes):
  •     Single Target, Melee, Light Damage

Spells (on 200, normal/crit)


F1 (ST, 1 to 5 range, 3AP):
    68/85 Damage
    1/2 Powder on caster then 20% lifesteal per Powder on caster (Max 200%)
    2 uses per turn

F2 (ST, 1 to 3 modifiable range, 4AP):
    112/132 Damage 
    Consumes up to 20 Powder from caster then applies the same amount as Fire Bombs on enemy target
    1 uses per turn

F3 (ST, 1 to 4 modifiable range, 2AP):
    46/52 Damage
    1 Powder on caster per use on current turn (On same turn: 1 Powder on first cast, 2 Powder on second cast and        3 Powder on third cast)
    1 use per target
    3 uses per turn

F4 (Cross of 1, 2 to 6 modifiable range in diagonal, 3AP 1 WP):
    75/95 Damage +6 Damage per Bomb
    Consumes all Bombs of the target

F5 (ST, 1 to 5 aligned, 5AP):
    125/150 Damage
    -1 MP per 5 stacks of Fire Bombs on enemy target
    1 use per target


E1 (ST, 1 to 3 modifiable range, 3AP):
    75/90 Damage
    2/2 Powder on caster
    If aligned push for 1 cell and go back for 1 cell
    If not aligned and target has Earth Bombs -2 Range on target
    2 uses per target

E2 (T area(similar to Blunderbuss), 1 to 3 aligned, 4AP):
    100/120 Damage
    1/2 Powder on caster per enemies in the area

E3 (Circle of 2, 1 to 4 aligned modifiable range, without line of sight, 3AP):
    75/95 Damage
    Consumes up to 20 powder and applies the same amount as Earth Bombs distributed equally among the                  enemies in the area 
    2 uses per turn

E4 (same area as Boomerang, 2 to 3 aligned modifiable, without line of sight, 4AP):
    90/120 Damage 
    2/4 Powder on caster
    2 uses per turn

E5 (ST, 1 to 3 aligned modifiable, 2AP 1PW):
    70/95 Damage +3 irreducible Damage per stack of Bomb on target
    Consumes all Bombs on target
    1 use per turn


A1 (ST, 1 range, 2AP):
    50/65 Damage
    1/1 Powder on caster
    Connection: A2 -1AP

A2 (ST, 1 range, 4AP):
    85/100 Damage
    2/2 Powder on caster
    Connection: A1 +1 Powder
    Connection: A2 -1AP +1 WP Consumes up to 20 Powder from caster, applies the same amount as Air Bombs             then explodes the bombs on target
    2 uses per turn

A3 (Cross 3, 1 to 3 range, 3AP):
    60/75 Damage
    If the target has Bombs attracts by 2 cells all aligned fighters

A4 (ST, 1 to 5 range, 2AP 1WP):
    75/90 Damage
    Consumes up to 20 Powder from caster then applies the same amount as Air Bombs on the target
    2 uses per turn

A5 (ST, 1 to 4 aligned and diagonal, 2AP):
    25/35 Damage 
    Teleports to the opossite side
    25/35 Damage
    If the target has Air Bombs -1WP
    1 use per target
    2 uses per turn

Specialty spells

S1 (ST, 1 to 3 aligned, 2AP):
    5 Neutral Bombs on target
    Scalded: 30% indirect damage received
    3 turns cd

S2 (ST, 1 to 3 range, 1WP):
    Convert all Bombs on the target to Neutral Bombs and stabilizes the target
    2 turn cd

S3 (Boombot, 1 to 4 range, without line of sight, 2AP 1WP):
    Can take all the bombs from one target in range and place it on another
    Can move targets
    3 turns cd

S4 (ST, 0 to 3 range, without line of sight, 1AP):
    immunity to bomb area damage and, for each bomb damage prevented in this way, 10% damage inflicted (Max        30%)
    2 turns cd

S5 (ST, 1 to 7 range, without line of sight, 2AP):
    Switches places with the target
    2 turns cd

S6 (ST, 1 to 4 range, 3AP 1WP):
    Duplicates the amount of bombs on target enemy. Then, explodes it. Bombs exploded that way doesn't recover        1 WP.
    3 turns cd

Automatic Spells (third bar)

AS1 (ST, 1 to 5 range, without line of sight, 1AP):
    Detonates all bombs from a target
    2 turns cd


    S3: The spell costs 1AP 1WP
    The Summon gains 1 additional AP and 2 additional MP

    -20% inflicted damage
    +1 Powder per spell that generates Powder on the caster

    For each WP recovered:
  •         5% damage inflicted for the next turn (Max 20%)
    -20% Armor received

    +2 WP max
    Max Powder stacks -10
    If a enemy with Bombs die before the Bombs goes off, it causes the Bombs damage enemies around it

    At the end of turn the Rogue switches places with the target of the last Bomb placed (1 to 6 range)

    When a Bomb explodes per bomb stack:
  •         2% Critical Hit (Max 50% lasts 1 turns)
  •         1% damage inflicted on critical hit (Max 20% lasts 1 turns)
    Max stacks for all Bombs -5

    The first time on each turn when you cast a spell on enemy target, if the target is aligned:
  •         Consumes up to 10 stacks of Powder and applies 5% inflicted damage per stack of Powder consumed, on that spell.

    Dodge boost: 100% of level
    Every time a Air Bomb explode:
  •         50% of level as Armor per Bomb stack

    Converts Melee Mastery to Distance Mastery
        Rate of 1:1
    The converted Melee Mastery is lost
    Damage from all Bomb stacks are now based on Distance Mastery

    Max Bomb stacks +5 (20 Max)
    Powder generation in non-critical -1

    30% inflicted damage on critical hit
    Bomb generation in critical hit -1

    Steals 50% of damage inflicted when a Bomb explode (life steal)
    -50 resist

    Powder max stacks +10 (Max 40)
    -20 Force of Will

    When the Rogue consumes de Bombs or they explodes: 
  •         Fire Bombs give 10% incurable per 5 bomb stacks
  •         Air Bombs give 10% crumbly per 5 bomb stacks
  •         Earth Bombs give -10 Force of Will per 5 bomb stacks
    -15% healing and armor received

    For each MP spent for an enemy with bomb stacks:
  •         1 stack of the bomb is consumed (it explodes dealing damage)

    Non Neutral Bombs explode causing cascade effect of 50% on enemies in the area (when blowing up, enemies        in the area gain 50% of the bomb stacks as Neutral and then explode)
    Earth Bomb's area becomes adjacent of the bomb state carrier (Cross 1)

  Whenever you cast a spell that consumes a bomb stack without exploding it:
  •             +3% Damage Inflicted on that spell for each stack consumed.
  •             Then +1% damage inflicted for one turn, per bomb stack consumed. (Max 15%)
 -30% indirect damage.
1 -5
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