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Suggestion to Explobomb

By YasaiTsume#3813 - MEMBER - March 08, 2021, 02:32:31

I feel that Explobomb isn't used often because it is always way more worth it to "cook" a bomb and perform a nasty bomb combo to deal enormous damage. 

I would like to suggestion a change to Explobomb :

Combined with Dynamite
> -5 Max Combo
> Bomb health replaced with 4 damage counters. 
> Bomb being attacked will remove 1 counter and give the Rogue :
5% Crit 
5% Damage 
(Max 3 stacks, 2 turns)
> Bomb gains +5 Combo when a counter is removed.

Bomb casts 50% of explode damage in AoE when attacked, and 100% of explode damage on death. (When 4 Counters are expanded) 

This turns Bombs into something similar to Cra Beacons, and allows Rogues to stack their damage before engaging their opponents on passive turns. 

They trade off any sort of Bomb-Combo play which Bomb Rogues currently use in order to better deal direct damage in an AoE when their other AoE direct damage skills would otherwise perform poorly.

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