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What should I build?

By Evoker2202 - MEMBER - January 18, 2021, 23:23:13

So I stopped playing the game for a while and when I came back the Rogue had this rework and now I'm sort of lost.
Before I would start the game just adding combo to my bombs with blunderbuss and Boot but from what I noticed there isn't really a skill that does that anymore. So now I don't really know how to battle anymore, what spells I should use and what characteristics I should improve. I used to follow "Loka's Guide" which was really good and served me really well but unfornately she isn't going to make another one. So my questions are:
1-Is the AoE guide still viable? If so how do I use the new bombs because now I just put 2 bombs per round and can't get my head around how to give them more combo(apart from waiting).
2-Is playing a bombless rogue good? What should I use then.
3-Is control still needed to use the bombs?

I really wish someone would make another guide for the new rogue because I really like the game but don't have much time to study all the possibilities for builds and what not. Following a guide just made the game a whole lot easier.
I might just be confused because it's been a long time and I feel like I am still a noob.
Thank you reading and sorry for the bad english (I'm brazilian ;D)

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Hi, i'm no expert but been playing rogue since the 1.69 changes.
1. The AoE build is still viable, though it's a bit weaker. Also much less interactive, as you stated, the boot and blunderboss combo building tactic no longer exists. Basically almost every way we had to buff/heal/interact with bombs is gone, aside from cross fire and evanescence(and the actives, obviously). So all we can do is wait for them to build up combo and use powder wall meanwhile or other skills.
2. Going 100% bombless is still not a great idea, but you can use bombs mostly for the explobomb passive so you can get that 50% crit. Also usable for more mobility with fugitive. But not using bombs at all i think is just self sabotage. You can go for a crit build with evolved gadgets. 
3. No. We have a 7 bomb limit regardless of control now.

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