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By JonTurk - MEMBER - August 29, 2019, 01:22:44

i really dont see any point about bomb specialties.
They affect nothing on opponents if opponents have got limitless ranges mps or renewable wps etc.
Change this gameplay of rogue.
You can want bomb gameplay or single air based rogue but no point if gameplay is that hard for bomb gameplay or air based rogue is already out of bomb gameplay and air rogue gameplay is being similar sram gameplay.

bombs are too weak to survive or damage before 20 level, hp steal is already weak ,spell costs are really high for flexibility or all support spells are connected on useless spells. only you can play this class easily if you have got good gears otherwise it is unplayable class reason of cooldowns and connection rules. i ve never heared about a class spell is being locked cause of extra wp,did you? this is limitless cooldown if you think your bombs increase this value.
it is dilemma. your bombs or p.shot or positioning spells? your cooldowns kill you before opponents.
Bomb positioning, oh wait better is opponent positioning.

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It is too late to realize those things.
Those ideas or feedback has been given to developers but they just did what they want.
But let's keep a little hope.

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Because they think "multi-heroes" combat against mobs while they are creating  classes,multi-mp ap stealing charaters in group will be efective and stronger against the mobs , 
Their point mustve been unique classes at past but they've prefered creating similar heroes each other ,this is what their faults. 

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Hey JonTurk,

You should look this topic
I think it's really interesting, maybe you'll like it

If you don't, you can improve his topic with some ideas (if you guys work together)

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