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Rogue Gameplay for newstarters

By JonTurk#2901 - MEMBER - May 15, 2019, 23:40:05

Before Comment or questions;
dont be prejudiced and be patient,i cant prepare all basics at once.

Here is Rogue gameplay for newstarter
This is starter level 20 rogue deck to show you base damages better.

i will show you how bombs damage and it has got broken rules (for me).
keep in mind, all bombs are equal except specialities.
Below Picture, you see base damages air and fire bombs and my mastery.

air bomb cost is 2 ap and fire is 4 ap.
while -7 base dmg of air ,
fire is -14,
earth bomb dmg must be 9-10 at lvl 20 rogue.
Reason base dmg of bomb will be = base damage + (base dmg * %((element mastery+combat masteries (melee+single+dmg inflected))

After summoned "one bomb" and when exploded (without combo lv.) for single detonate;

Earth bomb  =10hp + %(115+(2 dmg inflected as guild bonus)) is 10hp + (10hp* 1.17)= must be 22 hp and mechanic calculated as 22

Air bomb  =7hp + %(115+(2 dmg inflected as guild bonus)) is 7hp + (7hp* 1.17)= must be 15 hp but mechanic calculated as ??14??

Fire bomb  =14hp + %(115+(2 dmg inflected as guild bonus)) is 14hp + (14hp* 1.17)= must be over 30 hp and mechanic calculated as 28

And About exploded bomb note: (with 5 combo lv. is equal 5*%10);
Air bomb   = 13 + (13*%50)=over 20. if 10 combo level it goes 27;  if rogue level is 20+ you can calculate 15 combo level for bombs and it would be over  34s;
Fire bomb  = 29 + (29*%50)=over 42 if 10 combo level it goes 56 like in below picture;  if 15 combo level it goes over  70s;

Earth bomb = 22 + (22*%50)=over 33; if 10 combo level it goes 44s; if 15 combo level it goes 55s;

You need to increase (comboless damage by %10*level combo);

keep in mind; 1 combo lv. is equal %10 of base damage;

for 2 same element bombs on single detonation with 5 and 10 combo lvls ;

Their damage is included by %10 per exploded bomb that turn...if we show examples about 2 bombs, it adds "%10"

1st Air bomb(10 combo)=13 + (13* (%100+%10))=over 29; 2nd Air bomb(5 combo) is 29; 
1st Fire bomb(10 combo)=29 + (29* (%100+%10))=over 62; 2nd fire bomb(5 combo) is 62 too; 
1st Earth bomb(10 combo) = 22 + (22*%110)= 55; 2nd Earth bomb(5 combo) is equal 55 too.
if 3rd bomb(without combo) in field will increase this value by %10 and all bomb will be equal 58; 

How fit Rogue Spells for combat styles??
While playing rogue, you should obey the connection rules of spells to cast its specialities.

First rule is you must not walk to change your position on tiles.
Second rule is you must not cast other spells between connected spells to cast its specialities.
Third is Rogue Mastery passive adds some armor for each connection.

  1. Close combat uses melee mastery too but close combat is not melee attack. Close combat requires "no tile" between you and your target.
  2. Bomb explodes are not a direct spell attacks.

As you know , Fire,Air and Earth;
AIR SPELLS click below spoiler to read

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

You have got 2 variations for rogue combat style ,one is single air and other is area earth.
if you like easy gameplay and single spell based a pvp rogue which can steal hp and armor at sametime but less than sram while your level is higher ,you are an air rogue.

5+1 Air spells, all 4+1 air spells are single. Ranged air spells use melee and single mastery or element mastery too,

Claw (2 ap)
Speciallity makes Immune to bomb explosions.

Barbacued ribs (3 ap),
can be casted twice per turn. 
Barbecued ribs has got 2 connections (speciality) that 
1st is multiply its first damage by 3x if caster casted this spell twice. cost is 6 ap.
2nd is b.ribs is starter spell of hp stealing.     

Slap (2 ap)
it has got 2 specialities 
1st is lowers cost of b.rib by 1 ap,
2nd is steals hp.

Evanescene (2 ap 1 w and (2ap=1 owned bomb))
Speciality is teleports you onto tile for similar distance from targeted bomb. 
Connection speciality is after evanescene, if your distance is close combat between you and your target,it adds some air damage for close combat direct spells.

Tips :
You can prefer execution (fire), pulsar,blunder,m.gun etc. (earth) after casted evanescene,
these  spells dont cause to fail the connection.

Longsword  (4-5 ap ,5 connections and Rogue mastery passive) 
This is a hidden spell ,it is unlocked after 180+
It has got no connection or speciality but requires 5 connections to be activated and casted once per turn. 
You dont need to cast b.ribs twice for more hp steal but more damage.
Casting slap and b.ribs twice is more damage but
no hp steal. cost is 7 ap. 
Casting b.ribs twice and slap is more damage but less hp steal. cost is 8 ap.  
Casting slap before b.ribs twice and slap is more damage but less hp steal ,less ap for its damage. cost is 9 ap.
Casting b.ribs once and slap and re-b.ribs and re-slap casting is less damage but more hp steal. cost is 9 ap.  
Casting Evanescene-slap-B.ribs twice and slap will be enough to complete 5 connections to unlock Longsword.  
You dont need to complete 5 connections at 1 turn.A counter will count each connection for it.

EARTH SPELLS click below spoiler to read

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

if you like hard gameplay and high cost area spell based rogue which can not steal hp but some useless armor value, you are an earth rogue.

4 Earth spells, all spells are area and ranged spells can use (melee or distance) and area mastery or elemental mastery.

M.Gun (3 ap)
Speciallity moves 1 cell back.
Connection is adding extra damage value for next area damage. This added value is equal half of your rogue's level. 
it can be effective  for bomb area detonation or blunderbuss.
it is useless before pulsar and single attacks.
it can be casted more than twice but 2nd cast will be completed its connection and 3rd cast of m.gun will not be increased.

Blunderbuss (4 ap), 
 it can add +3 combo if you cast on your bombs.
 Only useful thing is you can damage target while adding combo to your bomb at sametime.

Pulsar (2ap 1wp and all mp)
it has got speciality that doubles its base damage if first casted spell at start of your turn.
otherwise,only damages base damage.
all the way it will remove your all mp when casted.
my opinion,  it is not useful and is not needed in deck when you think its cost and removing all mp. it is kind of last hope damage spell.  
You need best spot and luck at start of your turn to cast this spell to best damage against multi-target for 2 ap 1 wp.
You need to use boot and bombs to add some mp points after it is casted as starter spell.
You may prefer M.gun to move around by spending 3 ap. rolleyes
if you are not locked ,dont use pulsar spell if it is not your last hope.

Boomerang (4 ap)  
Most useful direct attack area spell but somehow it is broken too.
1st boomerang cast will create a connection that allows you will cast your next spell by using critical hit values, of course if next spell has got a critical damage.
The broken reason is this spell is not guaranteed to cast critical values even it is a connection.  How sad. sad
Bombs has got no critical hits. so detonate your bombs after boomerang is useless.
Boomerang is not useful for close combat spells like b.ribs,slaps but however air rogue can cast boomerang for melee or distance targets then rogue can attack c-combat target to cast criticals for cc spells.
Boomerang is useful for fire-earth spells.
Boomerang is effective for Piercing shot, execution(lv.10).
Boomerang is not effective and useful for Pulsar,M.gun.
Boomerang is useful for  Barbed fire,2nd cast Boomerang,blunderbuss,Cross fire.
im not sure but for distance attack,i noticed that 3 tiles away instead of 2 tiles from target increases the critical chance more.otherwise it can fail mostly. 
keep in mind , while casting fire spells after boomerang ,you may lose 160 mastery because of area mastery in characteristic. thats other broken gameplay of rogue.
You wıll be needed for scope passive to fit 2 element spells.

FIRE SPELLS click below spoiler to read

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

After you select your combat style as single or area,you can add fire spells as support spells into your deck. 

Fire element is a common bridge for other 2 elements "but 1 way bridge". :unsure:  

Barbed Fire (3 ap)
can be casted twice per target.
It has got 2 specialities.
1st is it steals hp
2nd is it places 100 resistance into targeted bomb.

Tips : It supports hp steal for earth rogues by using distance and elemental masteries otherwise earth rogue may not survive longer.

Execution (2 ap),
can be casted 3 times per target. 
Casted 1st Execution spell starts its connection,then if rogue starts to throw bombs.
Each summoned bomb is +1 buff before 2nd cast of Execution. Max buff is 10.
Detonated bombs dont cancel the connection.
if buff is 1+ ,this connection causes incurable and extra damages per buff count against target(s) When 2nd execution is casted and connection is completed.

Cross Fire (3 ap)
You can reposition your multi-bombs on vertical or horizontal line(s) while damaging.

Piercing Shot (6 ap, wp <= 5)
1st Speciality is armor break value 100+ (15hp * rogue's level),
2nd Speciality is increasing base damage by per remaining wp * wp base dmg,
Consumes all wp. 

Execution is
effective spell for air, useful spell for earth;  
Barbed fire is useful spell for air and earth;  
Cross fire is
effective spell for air and earth;  
P.shot is
effective spell for air (and earth if earth uses scope passive);  
P.shot is
useless spell for earth if earth doesnt use scope passive;

Active Passives click below spoiler to read ;

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

CD is cooldown.CP is control point.

Ruse (2 ap 1 wp 2 cd)
  Switches position by targeted bomb.
  Targeted bomb gets +2 combo.

Boot  (2 ap)
  max cast is 2.
  if bomb is in range of boot,you can reposition your bomb.
  if repositioning is successful, it adds you 2mp non permanent as a connection result.

Bomboot (2 ap 1 wp 1 cp 4 cd)
  it has got 2 ap over 8 mp
  adds 2 combo for targeted bombs per 1 ap.
  carries targets per 1 ap and 1mp
  detonate bomb per 1 ap.

Dynamite (1 wp 2 cd)
  Adds +10 combo to targeted bomb and auto-area detonate at start of rogue or if it is destroyed by opponents.

Smoke bombs (1 wp 3 cd)
  it affects the fire spells only.
  Adds extra 2 range to attack multi-targets for cross fire,execution,barbed fire spells for 2 turns.
  You need to attack diagonally for multi-fire attacks.
  It only doubles base damage of cross fire as a connection rule.

Tip:  Casting smoke bomb will allow you to attracts bombs on a 3 vertical lines even when a bomb has been blocked by an object.

Powder wall (2 ap,1 wp 3 cd)
 it is a alternative  fire wall of previous version of rogue.
 it places powder on same row and diagonal tiles between 2 or more bombs for 2 turns if distances are less than 4.
Powders use targeted bomb's speciality to consume (2 range,2mp or 2wp) from opponents at   opponent start turns and combo level to increase damage value.
Powder uses melee mastery as default but by scope passive,it uses distance mastery.

Mass Charm
This is a story quest spell which attracts objects around of the target  towards the target.
Other quest spells arent fit to rogue.

Uncommon passives and affects;

  adds 2 control point.
  adds ability to convert your bomboot into targeted bomb.
  next level , 1 ap and 2 mp (max mp is 10).

Evolved Gadgets
  This Passive is not effective but useful for some dungeons like b.wabbit emiw.

Bomber Fan
  adds 2 combo each summoned bombs at start of turn.
  next level ,allows for 20 combo on bombs.

 Bomb gets 5 combo each round,by this passive it gets 7 combo.
 This Passive is a bit broken ,your bombs will stuck at 14 combo instead of 15 or 20, unless you havent cast boot or others.

It is Passive for powder wall to increase dmg and distance between 2 bombs to create larger zone for powder.
it is effective if you have got enough slot in your deck for it.

Reinforced Tunic
more tanky bombs and rogue that never helped me while summon cleaner spell on progress for boss.

   detonate cost increased by 2 ap
   30% Damage inflicted if cast on allies or bombs.
it is very effective ;
  if you have got enough slot in your deck for it.
  if you are distance rogue
  if you want to buff your team members while preparing your bombs at corners
 1 range
 uses distance mastry instead of melee mastery for bomb and powders.
Rogue Master 
  120 dodges 
  1 Connection generates 1  Armor by using air mastery (that must be EARTH!!)
  allows to unlock longsword in 4th bar.
  allows to cast dynamite spell on allies, rogue and foes.
  stabilzes target.
  protects target from air and earth bomb specialities and all bomb explosion.
  target in range of bombs for each explosion undergone of area detonation,target recieves %10 damage inflicted for their next turn. 
  this is other broken passive that allows you to buff foes for stabilizing them on powder and protects them from bomb explosion for 1 turn.
  This would be effective if  minus damage inflected on foes but still useful for teammates if you are an area rogue.
 1 mp
 +2 combo each placed bomb 
 decreases your damage by %20. is much
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