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By -padmore- - MEMBER - September 17, 2018, 17:42:50

I've recently got back into Wakfu but my main dude who has been around since the Beta witnessing all sorts of changes feels dead now and I'm actually contemplating jumping ship and class changing him, am i speaking too soon or are rogues in there current state worth giving a shot?

Many Thanks

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The rogue who stacked bombs to deal nuclear damage needs much more preparation now, something that is countered by all bosses who gain damage and remove summons etc in turns 4, 7, 10... Basically going for the bombs build will need too much management and it will delay the fight making boss hit harder. The "easier" rogue build would be a sram like build, teleporting around targets to deal massive critical damage with combos. Keep in mind this is a melee build, which means you will be more vulnerable to attacks.

For someone with rogue, osa and eni, 3 ranged classes, i think you could make more use of another ranged class if it fits your style. Since your alts are 186, 186 and 185 you might want to do daily mineral tower runs that give decent EXP and need a party of 3 only.

Classes suggestions? Eca, cra, fogger, elio. I dunno. All these classes are very relevant late game, good damage and kinda easy to play.

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dude, good thing youre here i forgot my other classes xD ive also got 180~ish fogger, feca, masq on another account 

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