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Opinion of new roger

By Rexhop - MEMBER - May 10, 2018, 07:03:47

Helloo, who have try the new roger revamp on beta? biggrin

please share your opinion here heheh

tap What will u choose New Rogue or Old Rogue tap

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Score : 9376

New rogue has pros and cons:
-stronger and cheaper bombs (and with a passive, very tanky)
-bombs can be buffed by most spells (and when exploding in a chain, all the bonuses add up)
-interesting new air link spells (but you can't move between spells)
-amazing mobility with air spells (as mobile as a mask or xelor)
-really good boombot (like a panda for 1 AP, but 4 turns cooldown)
-shaped charges (if detonator is used on an enemy, the bombs only explode that person, single target damage)
-lifesteal on fire and air spells
-bombs don't explode automatically
-very easy to avoid bomb damage (grapplling a bomb makes you link immune to bombs, k boom makes you stabiliesd and explosions buffs your damage instead)

-no more crit or initiative synergy
-bombs don't explode if killed (unless you prime them)
-bombs block movement (can be a pro against enemies)
-not that many link effects (there's like 4 of them, only bbq ribs have 2 effects)
-no push spells (better stat dodge)
-no op passives
-firewalls kinda suck (last 1 turn for 4 ap, trigger like feca glyphs)

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Score : 3491

We still dont know dmg yet, but setting up bombs and gettig the combo to high lvl takes forever.. most fights in fact will be over by the time u can get 9 bombs out

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Score : 9376

or by the time you backstab someone with a perforating shot
don't underestimate the lifesteal tho

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Score : 3950

My opinion of the new rogue,and in the same process ,the reasons that made the rogue rework become one of the reasons linked to my departure from the game:
- Damage became much less consistent than the old rogue,it now forces you to go for specific combos in order to optimise your damages,while the old rogue had simplier spells,with stronger base effects and/or damages,they traded what truly identified a rogue as the best burst dd to have more various effects and tools to play with
-bombs became much less interesting to play with,as far as i saw,now rogues mostly have awkward ways of moving their bombs ,they traded the best possible supporting summon to ever exist for a panda that is only available for one turn every 4 turns
- Firewall game play got absolutely ruined, the new firewall can be easily out-brained if the opponent have the decency to take down a couple of bombs without to mention they are in a much less efficent and consistant shape,harder to plan out and easyer to avoid,and no longer free
-theorically only efficient against enemies that doesn't bother moving at all/ move exactly where you want them to,so it traded their ability to easly perform their strongest combos without real conditions other than melee/linear placement for increased mobility but the need to have extremely specific conditions filled related to ennemy position according to caster's bombs
-removal of his ability to remove critical resistance, it doesn't sound huge but that's nearly 180 crit resist for the rogue's damage (if he could reach 100%) and 90 crit resist for his allies against bosses,that are the only ennemies that can live a rogue combo long enought to actually benefit make the 90 crit res removal benefit for the rogue's allies

In short,the rework replaced everything that,for me,defined and made me love what the rogue class was and what he could or couldn't do,it could as well be considered a whole new class at the price of removing another rather than a rework,because my opinion is that the rogue was reworked for the worse

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Score : 9376

What they should change IMO:
1. Change bomb cast limits to 2 per turn instead of 1 per element
2. Either make crossfire cheaper or make it pull bombs 5 cells instead of 1
3. Make execution stack damage from explosions without having to cast it first
4. Make boot either cheaper and recastable or make it less limited (maybe could push enemies too?)
5. Either make firewall trigger if someone walks on it, or make it have some extra effect, it's just not usefull enough atm

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Score : 9376

Ok so they decided:
1. That wold stack too much combo, but stacking combo is now easier
2. It pulls 5 now
3. Apparently it's a "design choice" so your opponent knows you are stacking execution
4. It's recastable now, can pull or push bombs and gives 2 MP if you move after casting
5. It has bonus effects, also they might make it last 2 turns

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Score : 663

In your opinion the new rogue build can focus on what secondary?
-Single Target Mastery
-Area Mastery
-Distance Mastery
-Melee Mastery
-Other Mastery?

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Score : 3491

All are available, u can make it so that any of those bonuses will apply to bombs

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Score : 20

I will take the my old rogue over the new one any day new rogue sucks  so stop messing with  our charters nothing wrong with the way the rogue is now.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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Score : 7592

I really like new Rouge, Air and conection effects reminds me a lil of my Iop with much more mobility, bombs are super cool and have a lot of power. Great lifesteal and armor gain. New boombot is pretty nice but there is such big cd on that spell, thats suck a lil bit but i understand why it happen. Overall have nice synergy between all branches and nice class spells and passives. Mb I looks suspicious but I really like new rouge playstyle.

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Score : 20

Idon't like bombs rogue good the way it was not better now

Idon't like bombs rogue good the way it was not better now

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