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Fire Rogue Revamp New Bomb Trick (Added)

By Jakzes - MEMBER - July 11, 2015, 07:40:11

_Hi guys..... I'm a lv 114 fire/air rogue from Remmington.....I'm here to tell you some bomb trick that i figure out.....plz dont flame if you allready now these trick

Click here

Click here

Click here

_You can also place a bomb 2 block away from the moster,use boombot to push,dotonate them and you will have yourself a nice BBQ.....biggrin......
_I'm Using MegaBomb in those video but Blinding And Burning work fine too.....

*Please Note:_You can only set bomb on top of your enemy is either by push The bomb from 2 block away or Magnet the cant just grap a bomb then throw in the enemy block....biggrin(cause that will be freking OP)
_You Can Deal More Dmg by detonate with boombot......(no add charge just detonate)
_Add charge by using Boombot give you some bonus dmg
*This is the most dmg you can deal by using Rogue's Bomb :"Click here" (you can use RUSE as well)(i deal 600dmg each bomb if i detonate with Rogue...and i will deal about 1k if i Add charge and push by boombot)

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