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New Rogue: Build suggestions

By FenrirWerewolfe June 06, 2014, 02:42:05

Hi Guys!
I'm an "old" player of wakfu..not meaning that i was an expert player, but that I didn't played for a few years (I think from the beta or something)
So, since I remember nothing of the game (I had a Sadida around lv 30) i decided to start again and make a new character.
What i liked about the game was the strategy combat, so I had lot of fun with earth sadida and Fire ocra and I was looking for something similar, witch means placing things around the battlefield, linking combos, and so on... Now, since I play krosmaster as well, I obviosuly looked for Rogues.
Now, the question is: what I should level up?
I was interested in, of course, placing bomb and stuff, but avoiding to waste points will be nice to know!
Also, suggestions and basic tactics on how to play a Rogue? Like tips on bomb placement and basic gameplay.
Consider that I'm looking for a build focused on PvE, but not aimed to be optimal, I'm joining the game with a friend and we'll have fun level and exploring the game little by little.

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