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Two possible solutions to fix Fire Branch

By Agosta - MEMBER - February 08, 2014, 18:52:49
First off, we all know that firewall is overpowered in PvM; I don't think anyone is arguing that. For me, I've been against this nerf because this completely gimps the branch.

The cons of firewall to begin with:
  • The amount of AP it costs to cast- 9
  • The amount of cells the wall takes up- minimum of 15
  • The damage it inflicts to you and your team by stepping on it

The changes hits the branch much harder than the dev team realizes it does. It reduces the capability of the branch to do reasonable damage and once your target leaves the wall you have to find a way to set it back up and move the target away, and 90% of the time your team is capable of killing them off while you struggle to no longer be a nuisance with slow turns resetting your wall and damaging everyone else or limiting their movement options.

Now, to the main point of my thread: I have two suggestions as possible solutions to help the branch become viable again post patch without adding procs back onto firewall and re-establishing the main issue this nerf is trying to fix.

First off, allow Rogue's to kick bombs onto each other again. For the older players that remember, you were able to use boombot to kick bombs onto eachother causing them to explode. This feature was the main reason I chose fire for my team on Dathura when the initial Earth/Fire changes were implemented at the end of 2012. Allowing this again gives Fire an option to DPT without taking up a huge number of cells and abuse the completely pathetic enemy AI. The main reason firewall is so overpowered is because the AI chooses to walk back and forth on the wall instead of progressing towards the player or off of it completely. It becomes confused for whatever reason and just slaughters itself more than half of the time.

As a second possible solution, change Fussilade back to what it originally did: change Earth Spells into fire spells. This gives Fire a reliable way to deal fire damage without the use of bombs or firewall. Everyone complains about the sheer DPT Earth Rogues can do, and Fussilade gives Earth the ability to go crazy with their damage for a turn and then use their MP for Pulsar the following turn. This reduces the damage potential of Earth and increases that of Fire without abusing the AI.

If turning Earth spells into Fire seems too powerful, why not the Air branch instead? Personally I never see Fire/Air hybrids of Rogues, so this could also allow another hybrid for the class.
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I kind-of like the idea of fusillade turning earth spells into air spells. I know this was not the intended wording of the previous post, but what this does is two things.

1) It reduces the damage potential of a pure earth build, which has already been pointed out as a problem.

2) It encourages both fire/air, and earth/air builds, which while earth/air is already somewhat common, fire/air is almost non-existent.

Just my 2 Kamas

Edit: Actually it does a 3rd thing: It gives a pure air build a ranged option, but due to lack of pulsar, it comes at a true price, of no AP for next turn.

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