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Quick question regarding fire rogues...

By February 02, 2014, 23:00:46
I've been working on an earth/fire rogue but I've run into some questions. So far I've maxed remote control and bomber fan, working on initiator. As earth is a bit lower in priority for me I haven't been too bothered about getting surprise shot yet but on the other hand, how useful is magnetic claw and boombot actually?

I lightly tested it during my level 30 respec but it honestly didn't impress me very much. Boombot was definitely nice if you consider that aside from the cost of summoning it, it pretty much runs for the entire battle until it gets killed but I'm unsure about magnetic claw since I usually set bombs up where I want them to be at. The free push was nice but then I discovered it took you 2ap to push which I didn't quite like as much.

So my question is, among these 3 skills, what should I max and in what order?

As a side question, currently I plan to level all 3 bombs and use the other 2 spells only for their effects and not damage but is that a good idea? Should I stop leveling one of the bombs and choose to level something like barbed fire for combination with firewall? I'm unsure of what bomb to drop in that case however.
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Boombot and Magnetic Claw are both great specialties. If I were you I would have ranked Boombot before Remote Control, but you would rank it eventually anyway. Magnetic Claw is great for flinging a bomb with only one or two charges near an enemy then making a cluster around them to chain react, especially using your Boombot to remove the final charges so you get a bunch of AP for your next turn. I recommend Boombot over Magnetic Claw personally because I like using it for blowing up multiple bombs at once but most people prefer making glyphs.

Blinding is the go-to for setting up walls with the lowest cost, Megabomb is great for chain reactions to destroy a big area of effect, and Burning is a little better than Blinding for chain reactions. I have all three ranked because I love chain reacting but if you rarely/never do that I would drop Burning.

Unless you plan on using Barbed Fire or Flaming Claw to replace your earth spells for direct damage you can leave those low leveled. The utility for both spells is unaffected by spell level. Since your build is part earth Flaming Claw would be redundant compared to Piercing Shot or Blam, but ranking Barbed Fire is good for some extra damage while whipping things around your glyph if you do that a lot.
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Also if you want a free push, you can use magnetic claw after spend all AP.
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