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Fire Rogue Question about CMC/Fire Wall damage.

By Toasty4 - MEMBER (+) - January 28, 2014, 12:24:56
Does anyone know how CMC and Elemental mastery over Fire affects Firewall damage if at all? By the description of Fire Wall itself in game, it seems like the damage scales off your level, and is then multiplied by your Fire damage.

Furthermore, how does CMC come into play? Although it'd be really nice, I get the feeling like CMC doesn't affect Firewall. Nevertheless, I would also like to know how CMC affects a Bomb's damage.

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CMC will add damage to a bomb's explosion.

Firewall's base damage is based off of your character's level. Then, as with most other spells, your elemental %s will increase this damage. CMC does not effect this because damage from firewall tiles count as a spell cast you ... not as damage done by a bomb (aka a mechanic).
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