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fire rogue leveling spots level 100+ ?

By sdofgdo - MEMBER - January 21, 2014, 14:21:10
hi everyone, scars here.

So basically ive always heard people saying once u get 100 go do chafers in chill its amazing xp and easy for a fire rogue, I finally got my rogue 100+ and im struggling to say the least, il post my guts below... im basically looking for some help where to level and/or what im doing wrong to find chafers a struggle.
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The reason behind Northern chafers being great xp for a fire Rogue is that they tend to walk around a lot, lacking any teleportation spells (except for trackers but that one's easily negated) making it incredibly easy for a Rogue to wreck them with a well placed fire wall and positioning. My advice would be to start small with single tracker mobs until you get the hang of it (trackers are possibly the best xp and least annoying / time consuming to kill once you get used to them), they're even easier if you get above 240 initiative. Also have your back next to a wall or bombot/some obstacle after the second turn to negate their teleportation spell. Nobody is really going to draw you a picture, sorry to say, mostly because there are so many ways to nuke them with your walls. Do your best to contain them in your wall so they take damage for every step they take, AI isn't too hard to predict, especially since you're the only target it has. Just experiment a bit, you'll probably die a few times but once you get the hang of it, it'll be cake.

Also you might want to unlock the rest of your off-branch spells, while you're not going to one shot stuff with them there are many convenient ones, such as Roguery. Not to mention the resistance gain.
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Ahh, ive been doing this in a group of 6 so i have been facing farly large mobs and ive had some fights that have been dragging for time, i suppose i should do smaller mobs till i get the hang of it, thanks for the tips smile 
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