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My Air/Earth Build

By January 03, 2014, 12:09:36
Hey everyone, I'm doing this thread simply to get some input back from my fellow Rogues about my personal Air/Earth build. I know most people focus mainly on Earth for this sort of hybrid build, but I personally love the Air tree so that's what I'm going to have the majority of my spells be. So rather than rambling on, I'mma just go ahead and list off my spells and specialties plus what I'm thinking of doing for stats:

1. Roguery
Since I'm focusing mostly on the Air tree which is melee heavy, I decided to toss levels into this spell so I could get backstab with my other two Air spells.

2. Slap Shot
This one's pretty much a given, low cost, able to combo with other spells, etc.

3. Longsword
I'm doing this spell over Barbecued Ribs because it helps me get out of being locked so I can run away if I need to or some space to Roguery behind something. Plus it has good damage.

4. Piercing
First of the Earth spells I'll be using. Obviously it's for the -Resist on the shot and it's good damage.

5. Pulsar
The last spell for my build. I decided to use this one because it's only 1 WP and it can use up remaining AP/MP or it all for a butt load of ranged damage.

1. Fusillade
This is so I can either use Piercing a ton or fire off a hefty Pulsar. Plus the MP on the next turn can let me catch up to a ranged enemy or run away or even use another Pulsar if I don't have to do either.

2. Magnetic Claw
Again, like Longsword, used to push enemies off of me.

3. Smoke
Mostly so I can protect myself from ranged damage.

4. Suprise Shot
For that chance of extra damage off my shots.

5. Initiator
Again for the damage bonus if I toss points into Initiative or otherwise.

6. Rogue Master
For the small chance so I can get AP back from using my Air spells.

For this part, I'm still not super sure on how I'm going to do things. Since I've got Initiator, I'm thinking of tossing points into Initiative, but no clue on how much. Of course I'm getting the usual 1 AP and MP, then I'm going to be putting at least enough points into Critical Hits so I have 10.

Closing: Any tips you all have would be greatly appreciated, and again, I wanted to keep my own Air/Earth build focused on the Air tree but having Piercing and Pulsar for good ranged damage. Looking back, I'm also not sure whether I'd like to replace Longsword for Barbecued Ribs or not since I'll be getting Magnetic Claw, but eh, who knows.
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I wouldn't level roguery. It's only a tool to get the back and help you move, not to make damage. I use it all the time on allies to hop over people in the way, doing damage with it is undesirable. Goes great with magnetic claw which has no cost on allies.

I don't find slap shot interesting. The only time I would use it is if there's an ally in the way of my longsword. I would level boomerang instead which has superior crit damage, an aoe and no line of sight needed.

Longsword is absolutely needed. It allows for great combos like: Roguery, get the back, longsword in the back to get distance, piercing shot, pulsar to finish off AP. Piercing shot from behind hurts, a lot. Not to mention this is also an aoe.

Barbecue ribs is pointless. You're already burning WP like crazy for pulsar, fusillade and boombot.

Speaking of boombot, it's amazing and completely underused. It allows for amazing aoe damage at a distance. Since you almost always start first, the mobs, especially in dungeons, are all bunched up together and just begging to be nuked.

I stated CHs. Crits hand you a lot of free AP from air spells. Wabbit earth/air gear also has a fair bit of crit damage. I tested this in the restat room with my gear on and the damage was superior, including on the high res punching bag. After CH, stating initiative is a possibility, but not what I'd go for, you gain a little bit of damage but you lose a lot of res in your 2 elements.
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