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Whats better, pure int rogue or pure ini rogue in endgame?

By JamylPogi December 22, 2013, 14:01:26
Whats better, pure inteligence(fire) rogue or pure ini rogue in endgame?
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ini duh
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As a 135 fire rogue, my solid opinion is that being so great damage for such a wide area you definitely want to go first, for most things, 300 inti will do you solid. the only real fire damage dealers are wobots and some lenalds and i dont feel useful in lenalds with all the teleporting and conditions of hitting so unless you're fighting wobot the intel wont do you so much good, regardless being first in means you are most likely first out [easiest target and generally speaking low res] so having great range and hit points should make up for res. being you chose a solid fire build it is a lot easier to customize than running around in mog/emiw and calling it a day though i went for pp/fire/control gear for the drops [huntingsolomonk shards].

for pvp purposes you'd probably be better suited at 450ish inti which is the point where it no longer gains you damage.
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Let's say you have 300 points to spend.

Intelligence costs 3 points for 1 Intelligence.
300 points gives you 100 Intelligence or 50% damage/res.

Initiative costs 2 points for 1 Initiative.
300 points gives you 150 Initiative or (with passive) or 45% damage.

If you want higher res in your main element (which should already be near 100 more then others, late game) then stat Intelligence.
If you want higher init and/or more damage in other branches then stat initiative.

The initiative to damage caps out at 466 initiative (giving 139.8 out of 140 damage).

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