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Air Hybrid Build

By Blankman01 November 25, 2013, 22:40:40
Hello peoples. I recently made a Rogue and decided I wanted one that's mainly Air, but I'm not sure what other element to use. My ideas right now are if I do Air/Fire, my spells will probably look like Slap Shot, Boomerang, Long Sword, Barbed Fire, and Blinding Bomb. This build's mostly to get ranged enemies next to a bomb/set up firewall then stab at it. Second build is the same spells for Air but instead of Fire, it's Earth with Piercing and Pulsar. First of all, I'm not too certain on my selection of Air spells, but I'm pretty sure the other element spells are spot on for what I've got in mind. Maybe with the exception of Pulsar or Piercing since to straight line spells are kinda meh if I go Air/Earth.

Anyways, what do you guys/gals think?

Edit: Also, any tips on leveling spots would be greatly appreciated.
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In my opinion, fire doesn't works well with air, mainly because as air, you want to grab a lot of crit items, while fire needs control and CMC damage. Earth would be the best choice to couple with an air build, using only piercing shot and pulsar from the earth branch to pass trough big air resists, and to start wearing down ennemies from range before you can reach them.

For solo leveling, I recomend you to do the gobbal's environemental quests until level 20/25, then start doing the daily hunter guild's quests of each nation's level 20-30 areas. Once their XP starts to be less and less interesting, just farm the environemental quests of your level's area, switching zones when a herd quest pop because they are not worth the time you invest in them.
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