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Earth (Fire) or Earth (Air) Rogue?

By Mikeister - MEMBER - November 23, 2013, 08:38:16
I want to ask, which is good for Earth based Rogue to have a secondary characteristic? Is it Air or Fire?

If I chosen Air :

1. +initiative, chances of getting AP (Rogue Mastery)
2. Slap shot is an 1 AP skill, it could combo 3 Machine Gun and 1 Slap Shot (If 7 AP)
3. Barbecue Ribs only use 1WP, could be useful for final hit.

I had to level up : Rogue Mastery

If I chosen Fire :

1. I only need to focus on making bombs, to get the AP.
2. Has ways to escape by Flaming Claw or Barbed Fire (Random)
3. Flaming AOE bombs

I had to level up : Bomber Fan (I don't need Detonator since I'm not focusing on Fire)

I'm only lvl 20's Rogue though, trying to max out Fusillade, Initiator, Surprise Shot then Magnetic Claw.

Also I'm wanna ask why people leveling Runaway? Wouldn't it be best to use Magnetic Claw?
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