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Fire Rogue

By HoSquad3 October 09, 2013, 20:29:26
This last patch has left the fire rogue with really no pvp defense at all now. Not allowing all the bombs to chain damage and blow up is ridiculous, that was probably our best source of damage in pvp. Outside of pvp it was very handy as well because come later level mob fights and dungeon runs the firewall is quite ineffective and blowing up the bombs kind of allows us to have some crowd control and do a little bit of damage...this needs to be looked into or there is no point in having a fire rogue class, everyone will be forced to go earth or air.
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As a someone who's maining fire rogue for more than year I'm not going to change element just because of some bug... I'm mostly playing at pvm so I don't care about that bug too much... tongue I just hope that they'll fix that soon.
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Fire rogue is still the best.
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Right I love my fire rogue but being able to blow the bombs up in one turn to do some crazy good damage and then add ap to throw a maximized firewall out again but it got fixed in the patch last night but now we don't get ap back from the bombs blowing up haha
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so its not a bug? i was wondering why bombs wouldnt explode, when placed together
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Well the bombs blowing up in a chain reaction works now but we don't receive AP back from bombs being destroyed.
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We do now, don't we?
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Every complaint in this thread was actually a bug. It has been fixed. Fire rogues are back to pre-bug status.
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