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Rogue Resilience Problem (With Solution Suggestions)!

By AugustAJS September 18, 2013, 08:25:03
Having played a pure air rogue for quite some time now, I noticed the lack of resilience air rogues (and also fire and earth) tend to have.

With air rogues being a melee DPT, squishy class, we primarily focus on dishing out damage. That being said, questions (and possible solutions) arise:
  • With the notion of going in the fray, what types of defense mechanisms do air rogues have besides Smoke (useful against ranged foes), and the useless Runaway (ability favored by earth rogues/some fire)?
  • The 1 MP requirement Boomerang Dagger has, limits Air Rogues' mobility to go in and escape.
  • Smoke is a great ability and proved to be useful because the -range it gives after casting doesn't affect air rogues. However, it doesn't provide much protection when ending turns next to mobs, keeping them in that range that makes air rogues still vulnerable to damage.
  • A possible solution could be taking out Surprise Shot (passive ability) and adding the Surprise Shot passive into Rogue Master, giving us an extra room for another passive, which is = we could add a new passive ability that can give air rogues (or any type of rogue) +10 resist to all elements when critting. This could go in conjunction with Slapshot's crit effect (giving -10% air resist (with cap at -40% air resist)). The reason this would be most beneficial to Air Rogues and giving them that melee, 1 v 1 resilience is because we focus around the Air Rogue's Crit Effects. Air Rogues would be more confident in sacrificing initiative (since rogues get 40% damage off of total ini) and pump points into crit. I think we could all agree... ?
  • Another solution to this problem is giving Bomber Fan an additional passive ability to give +10% resist to all elements while being in the firewall (so +10% resist per turn, making bombs a diversion for PVP and PVE (for opponents to focus killing bombs so rogues don't gain resist). Fire rogues would favor this but could also be risky for them since they need to strategize more with the charges on their bombs, and to hopefully not be in range of a dangerous bomb combination.

This being said, I think we could see a new play style in Rogues and flexibility. Since you took away the Suprise Shot not being effective in Boomerang Dagger's Crit Gun shot, I think these ideas would be something to keep in mind when reworking rogues (if ever).

[blockquote]- Luore, squishy air rogue that buys bread because wabbits hurt[/blockquote]
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