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By milordDen July 24, 2013, 09:11:55
how to calculate the damage from firewall?

in decription said that it's depend fom lvl of bombs and -3fire

I real have no idea what it's and how it calculate, but it very seems to 75%dmg of blind bomb
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Right now firewall dmg depends on rogue's lvl, but even if rogue have 120 lvl, firewall dmg stops on 100 lvl, which is 54 base dmg. Maybe after revamp they'll change that.
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thnk for answer and yah.. firewall dmg = dmge blind bomd
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But Blinding Bomb have 50 base dmg tongue 
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firewall dmg also beside rogue lvls, it dmg keep increasing by rogues fire dmg%
Score : 829
But Blinding Bomb have 50 base dmg tongue

yap ^^, but i think wil lvl caps it get up+4 dmgesleep ( yes, I'm naive and I want to believe in miraclesbiggrin)
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Rogue level / 2 + %fire mastery

So if you havea level 120 Rogue, its base dmg is 60 (works I have one)

(too bad trap dmg doesn't apply :/)
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