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Earth / Fire hybrid help?

By Chronotorious - MEMBER (+) - March 16, 2013, 02:38:54
Hey guys, I want to play an Earth / Fire hybrid, but I'm not sure if this is a good idea. What do you think?

My current plan is to shoot for 10 ap and focus on Piercing Shot & Pulsar // Blinding Bomb & Megabomb. I feel that gives a good array of options in a given turn. Talents would be: Bomberfan, Surprise Shot, Boombot, Magnetic Claw, Initiator and Fullisade to 6.

You could set up your bomb fields and have your boombot manage them while you blast away with earth spells smile You could help manage them with 0 ap thanks to max Magnetic Claw. You could have your boombot push bombs directly on top of mobs, and then you could shoot them both at the same time. Etc, etc.

It sounds great in my head, but I'm not sure how it would turn out in practice. I'm not sure in what order to take talents, and I'm also not sure that Pulsar is vital to this build. Let me know what you think smile
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It seems like a good idea but I think that maxing out fullisade would be better so you could set your firewall on the first turn (with blinding bomb), then use fullisade, and next turn just spam with earth attacks smile. just my idea though probably won't work xD.
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Go air / earth hybrid or stay mono-fire. Fire rogues need too many maxed passives to be truly effective.

However, if your at lower levels where damage output is not as important than try out earth / fire for awhile. At later levels you'll likely have to switch to mono-fire though.

It may seem limiting sticking to one branch but bombs are extremely versatile and can be used in almost every situation.
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Thanks for the replies.

After more research and practice, I can see that fire is still a stand alone tree. I also feel this is due to how little earth/fire gear sets are available.. but I use bombs more than shots anyway. I love the way that boombot interacts with them. They really are that versatile.

That said, could you elaborate a little more on earth/air? It looks extremely linear. I can see the use of piercing shot, but the rest of the earth tree looks rather bland in comparison. I have mixed feelings about pulsar... it has worse range than piercing, and even a 10ap/6mp pulsar would do less damage than x2 piercing.

As for the air branch, roguery looks nice... and perhaps longsword, or slapshot to proc rogue master when you are in melee. Thanks in advance!
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Hello . I'm also trying to build Earth/Fire , but it seems impossible due to the passives, mainly . I was wondering if the Mono-Fire Branch is really that good , especially in the beggining . Also , i wish i could position my bombs (and myself) and then just shoot from afar , and trigger bombs when needed , to summarize : I was thinking about positioning bombs like a trap (which means the fire branch would be secondary) , and still fussilade people !
Hope you can enlight my thoughts xD
Thanks in advance .
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Earth, Firewall is perfectly viable.

If you use fire walls for environment control and earth for dd, you will do just fine. If you plan on using bombs for direct damage a mono fire build is better since you have to work quickly to make sure you discharge the bombs in ther correct order/time.

Going hybrid will limit your earth spell selection, so if you plan on using piercing shot fusilades, you are basically stuck with pulsar so as not to lose the all mp turn. This means you will only be able to target linearly

Pure earth, or earth-air combos give you more target flexibility.
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Something else to consider would be fire/air. I used that prior to switching to fire/earth (for magmog) You need to have bomber fan maxed out and then premise is simple. You start your turn laying out a firewall then you duke it out however you see fit until the bombs explode, all three at the same time so keep an eye on charges. Then when you have the 13 ap do a roguery to get to their backside, a slapshot here, barbecued ribs there and a double long sword. Only problem with air is you pretty much have to be in melee rang all the time. Just my input but I do currently have a fire/earth setup and love it as well. There isn't a lot of earth/fire gear but here is what I am currently using Moowolf, Gobbalrog BP, Aesof Mase, Clergy ring, Apprentice epps and boots, Big Drive belt and Clawbot pet. With guild and nation bonus I am between 440-450 fire and earth damage.
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The importance of the fusillade cannot be stressed enough for earth-fire.
The firewall is a screen to position yourself behind so that when all the bombs explode you get a ridiculous amount of AP and do something like 5x piercing shot at max level.
And then you have a turn with 10mp.

Doesn't seem like it has many downsides, but I'm sure I'm missing something.

Given the fact that Ankama is going to raise the level cap to 200, as long as there don't get to be more than 10 specialties to max you can max all of them, so the number of passives is not a problem.
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