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[Tutorial] How to link you XBox Game Tag to your Ankama Account

By J-Minou - MEMBER - March 31, 2011, 18:31:52
tap Hello everyone, my name is J-Minou, and like many of you, I also have an XBox 360 to play the game Island Of Wakfu.
Originally, I’m a French Ankama Fan (on the French server) and I was sad to read that there was no explanation made for the Account Linking on the UK/US Forum(thing).
So to make things short, I will upload some pictures to explain how to link these two games together.

- Download the Game "Island Of Wakfu"

- Launch the Game : you will automatically go to the Menu

- On the Menu, select : Help & Option / Ankama Account

- There, you will see your Account Link Code

- Write your Account Link Code on a sheet of paper (if needed)

- Go on the Website then select : Extras / IOW Achievements

- After that, click on the green box on the right : Link my Ankama Account to my XBox Account

- Write down your Ankama ID and Password

- Then, write down your XBox 360 Game Tag + your Account Link Code


All you need to do is play the game and unlock new items for your Dofus Character and your XBox Avatar

I hope that this Tutorial was helpful for all of you. Also, feel free to comment if there are things that you would like me to modify.
P.S : Most of the pictures were taken from the French Inside Ankama Season 2 - Episode 31 
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Big thumbs up to this my friend!
I have recently found out how to do it, but I did struggle with this initially.
Im sure this will be a very helpful thread for many other people. ;D

I vote to Sticky this thread! :L
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Amazing!! easy step by step!

Sticky please!
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Not working with my i get the hole time Error The Gamertag and Account Link Code you provided do not match. Please try again.

I try it 10 times and i´m 100% sure that i did the gamer tag and code good
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What about for Wakfu? (Yes, there are rewards for wakfu too) I connected my account and got two achievements but I didn't get any rewards on Wakfu.
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This is still not working for the Wakfu side, is there any possibility of getting this fixed?
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Is there also a way of Unlinking the gamer tag and ankama account ? :')

Anyone ?
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I am sad to announce that the account link process between Ankama and microsoft GamerTag is officially 'dead' . . .

There is no use playing the game to collect achievements in-game (Dofus/Wakfu), unless you want to play the game for the fun of enjoying it and its content.


I had a hard time believing it until I saw it myself.
Kind of like when SEE the process of the "Birds and Bees" at age 7 ...
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Thank you
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