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Releasing this for Mac/Windows?

By SirFerrett - MEMBER - January 18, 2017, 19:37:21

Any plans releasing this game for Steam (Mac/Windows)?

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First Ankama intervention

Not that we are aware off right now but we will inquire. smile 

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Not that we are aware off right now but we will inquire. smile 

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Thanks, Sabi.

I just want to throw my hat in here, too. If you could put it on Steam for us, that would be awesome.

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I plenty agree, I'm also tempted to download from iso files, but 1) takes too much time cause they separate them in like 10 or more... 2) would be unfair for a game that tells the story of Elios and their brothers / sisters Dragons

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Oh yeah, I'd love to play that game too, so having it on Steam would be just super.

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Yes, please! I played it on the 360 and loved the game, amazing art style, combat style and mechanics too. I feel like Wakfu could be expanded into consoles if done right, I was sad I didn't hear much about the game after a few years, but this post showed up so I feel like there's hope for a second one.

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I agree. I am not sure that any port to Steam will be done as the Ankama Play team dissolved, but I'd be glad to finally play this game...

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Yes please! I would buy this game in a heart beat!

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