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Islands webpage not showing anything

By Nox16 - MEMBER - March 05, 2014, 11:55:30
the webpage isnt really showing anything its suppose to show just black screens.
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It's been down for a long time. Maybe they discontinued support for it. :/

I went back on the game and downloaded it since I had a couple more achievements to unlock.
So I unlocked some, went back to Wakfu and I got nothing. I have had my account linked previously and everything was fine. but I guess they really discontinued it.
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Just so we all have closure, it looks like Eskarina made an announcement about this a few days ago on the French forums.

Due to a technical problem, we regret to announce the final closing of the link service between Ankama accounts and the Islands of Wakfu Xbox game.

Thank you for your understanding.
So the ability to link accounts for rewards has officially been discontinued.
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