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Australian players

By FinniS - MEMBER (+) - May 19, 2012, 07:33:42
not sure where i should post this, but im just looking for some Australian friends/players. it just seems every time i am on i have noone to party up with.

thanks, IGN : Chips tongue 
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Hi Chips, Zip here from the guild Mystic. We have quite a few Aussies and Kiwi's in Mystic (I'm a kiwi myself) so if your looking for some south pacific mates just pm: Zip, Nanny Peep, Miss Rarity or Pokemon Trainer for an invite to the guild.
Also check out our guild website :3
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Hi! Ashalind here.
You're also welcome to join Southern Cross, a guild that's just for Aussies and Kiwis. smile We're mostly base in Sufokia, but not exclusive.
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i already have a guild thanks guys smile but ill pm some of the names! thanks! tongue 
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Well, I'm not exactly Australian, but I'm currently in Australia as an international student. Still new in this game, though. :-P
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Hey there im new to the Wakfu world and looking for a Australian guild.

Im playing on Remington and im regular online, currently have a Sram name Darkgen.

Add me online smile 
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Aussie here, PM Meier or Aacher :3
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My friend runs the guild "Southern Cross" which is an Australian / NZ guild. It's currently a bit small as members are busy with real life, but if you wanted an invite I'd happily do so!

Note, we're not EXTREMELY active due to the low numbers, but we're a tight knit group who do stuff together if given the chance.

Feel free to throw me a pm for more information, in game names are The Sadist / Hopelessness / Malicious Intentions.
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