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Support class recommendations?

By Nevina - MEMBER - June 24, 2020, 04:29:04

I used to play Feca. Recently returning and checking forums for updates. Seems Feca will be having some changes that clashes against my preferred play style, so looking to see if any other classes would fit: 

- High mobility (I didn't play as a tank while a Feca, teleporting was fun)
- Support (whether heals, damage reduction, or giving buffs)
- Easy to play (so not a lot of technical things/memorization/etc, I want this chara to be a casual light cruise and I fear something like Xelor is too complex)

As I'm not up to date on all the changes, I'm hoping to hear back from others on the topic of classes. Thank you for your time! 

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ur best choice with be ecaflip . 

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Either Ecaflip like cawleerr said or Masqueraider. Ecaflip is generally simple to operate, while if you want to help with your team's positioning, masqueraider might need more thought

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Ecaflip, the supreme race in Wakfu. tongue For support among others:

  • Can quick heal and give 1 WP to ally, also +1 max MP with flea.
  • Can reduce units resists -60 for 5AP each, up to -120 max.
  • Can pull nearby aligned units 2 cells for 3APs.
  • Can push aligned units for 2APs, up to +3 cells total.
  • Can give 1MP to allies beside him for 1 AP, up to +3 MP per turn.
  • Can become an specialized single-target healer with the almighty potato.
  • Feline charm, no other class gets closer to this.
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Eniripsa is the best healer and support of the game but its gameplay is very support oriented so not this versatile.

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I know eniripsa is the best healer but what makes him the best support ? 

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Captchphrase|2020-06-24 20:50:27
Eniripsa is the best healer and support of the game but its gameplay is very support oriented so not this versatile.

 best healer. not best support * 
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SADIDA, tank, healer, position, summon, final  infl buffs, -enemy resist and will get  more buff next patch

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Enutrophs :

  •   Can easily lower resistence of 2/3 Enemies  in a single turn.
  • Currently the best class to chip Mp and reduce Dodge by a wide margin.
  • Mobile class with the help of Drheller , they are able to do little bit of positioning.
  • Easy to learn.
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Support osamodas might be a fair choice, you can do a lot of buffing and small positioning (maybe more through summons). Although it might be changed before the end of this year, my assumption is that it will go towards a more support oriented side. 

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