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Tips for 6th team member

By Julys-Vlqz - MEMBER - May 30, 2020, 01:03:24

Hello, I am currently on a team consisting of:
- Eniripsa
- Feca
- Pandawa
- Iop
- Osamodas

What class do you recommend to complete the team?
I have thought of a Xelor or a Cra!

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Your team is basically set when it comes to tanking, heals, and positioning. You also currently have a main dd with Iop and an Osa which can be played as either a support or a DD. If you plan to play Osa as more of a support, Xelor or Cra fit perfectly. If you plan to play Osa as more of a DD, Xelor or Cra could still work, but you would also want to consider taking Enutrof since it offers invaluable support capabilities (-200 resistance = 56% final damage multiplier for all allies along with -AP and -MP).

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I reccomend Xelor, while Cra is a great distance DD, so is Xelor but more oriented towards AoE damage, but also his buffs and debuffs, not to mention his versatile positioning spells can make a big difference in endgame dungeons. Also, you would have a second member able to ressussitate a fallen member in case the Eni is incapacitated (or the one who actualy died).

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