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Good 'carry' class?

By Elemecz - MEMBER - March 23, 2020, 07:47:59

Hello, I've been playing Wakfu for quite a while (mostly in Efrim as it's my country's server) and really enjoyed the game overall, specially the large amount of classes (to the point I've tried out most of them to a certain extent), however I've always been somewhat indecisive on what to pick.

I play about as much Solo as I do on Teams, although a bit more Solo as I tend to change class often (which is why on Remington I've never gotten any 80+ character) due to my indecisiveness and stuff.

I understand most of the mechanics in the game (as long as they're not like, a level 100 passive or something) and don't mind having to read a lot to learn how to use a class and such, and while I'm not too sure on where to level, I feel like I can get by through sheer will on good days... if I were able to stick to a class that is.

I'm F2P, and I'm looking for a 'carry' class- that means a class that can get by on solo and bring something to the table in regards to teams, but if necessary, can 'carry' a team (as I play with my friends who have considerably lesser experience) to their victory (of course, I understand a level 20 Ouginak for example, isn't gonna solo the entirety of the Tofu Dungeon with weak gear, but you get the idea).

I've tried almost all the classes to an extent (some more than others- mostly old Huppermage, Masqueirader, old  Rogue, Feca), and would like some opinions on what to pick.

Now, because of the reworks that are planned, I think I'd like to stay away from the classes that are confirmed to be reworked, as well as classes my friends play as well (Huppermage, Sram, Eliotrope).

Another reason I've been meaning to ask this, is that playing classes in a way that they have 'extremely dedicated roles' (hypertank Sacrier and hyperhealer Eniripsa) feels weird. I can play them, but I always feel like I'm playing the game poorly if that makes any sense. Also, I've had difficulties playing Sacrier in a DD-ish role.

Can anyone show me the light in the end of the tunnel? I have the free time and hopefully the will to try out classes... even if leveling feels a bit slow.

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well cra is actually the most easiest solo class so far (my opinion), and cra can also be a main DD in dungeons if you're playing with others. if you like melee class, sac DD can be an option for you. 

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Play a Sacc. You'll protecc and attacc laugh

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From my experience the best and most straightforward solo class with carry potential is a sram because its damage is insane, it has a variable playstyle (could also go for a trap sram) and almost has no support skills for your team.
But you said one of your friends already plays it, so I'll recommend something else too.

Osamoda has a good solo capability and also carry potential, but is receiving a revamp in the future.
Sadidas get the closest to osamodas as in skills, so you might go for a sadida as it has a good solo capability as well.
I would also recommend the Sacrier and also Rogue as the rogue can be played very well as a solo and carry class (but it might receive a revamp too in the future).

I hope I could help you and my writing wasn't too messy.
Overall, it's just about fun, so choose whatever suits your taste smile

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The classes that can "solo" the best would be, 
Cra, Elio, Sram, Sacrier, Feca
Bringing something to the team however is another matter entirely

Cra is a distance monster, and its ability to remove Mp makes it so in most cases it can completely avoid damage from enemies that can't reach it
In most cases that Mp removal is something it brings to the table, but not a lot else, there are some buffs on the side but its nothing of much note

Elio while having a compartiavely lower DPS compared to cra, brings much more to the table in a team situation, it has all the solo potential cra does and more, while also bringing a Revive, Heals, and Portals to your team, so if you have friends to play with a lot, this is highly recommended

Sram is probably the most Meta currently in terms of melee output, and with enormous self sufficiency, commonly known for its Solo record in many many dungeons, including the boss rooms, the issue would lie in their team assistance, in which there is almost none, at best it will turn an ally invisible and push them, or give traps for a 1 use per turn to travel, thats really it, every other bonus it gets is for only itself

Sacrier is the class i play, another melee dd, if you build for both offense and defense youll have a very capable class, but you can find this class to be very expensive, its the most adaptable class in the game, able to perform an enormous amount of roles at the same time, however to achieve this well you may find yourself needing 2 Eppaulettes, or 2 Breastplates or 2 epics etc to swap out and change your gear for each dungeon if your role changes, that said you will bring a very large amount of team support in damage negation and positioning, but its up to you if you feel you can invest that much.

Feca is close to sacrier, but with less dmg and much more support options, you can push the output however by using the brutality rune, losing a little bit of defense in exchange for more workable offense, it can easily solo most content due to its sheer resist and armor generation, and im sure you already know its team support is the best in the game

These are the ones that spring to mind anyway, you might be able to do something with Panda, but there aren't very many panda players that go for a solo playstyle of Offense and Defense, and my own knowledge of the class isnt great, but give it a shot if it interests you

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There's a lot of thoughtful comments out here but one i haven't seen mentioned that you might consider is ecaflip. You have 3 criteria, and ecaflip fills most of these fairly well. Its not confirmed to be changed much by future patches, and it absolutely has a fair share of dmg dealing, sustain, and support abilities (versatility comes in handy when you pick up random groups, esp heals). If i were to choose between sacrier and ecaflip id still choose sacrier. The only problem for eca for you is i dont think its known for being a solo class, but it might take you far simply through its many strengths.

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I highly recommend Elio and Osa. 

Elio is amazing if you are doing content level 100 and lower and it is still very very good for level 100+ stuff. The portal can basically allow you to kite any boss and osa's summon can help tank damage and lock opponents. 

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