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By Qunicy - MEMBER - March 18, 2020, 13:25:22

Hello guys ,
it's my first time to do als guys and i heard it gives rly good rewards like runes epic and relic and some large amount of tokens so i wanted to cover dungeons so can u please help me to build a 6-men team that is good for als ,according to levels ,cuz maybe i thing low levels which is before 80 is different than high levels because there's some classes that's doing well in high level and are really bad in low levels .
thanks in advance guys happy kiss

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well whether you think of it as good or bad, many of the classes that are amazing will likely be changed in the future. In als the reality is that there is always a guy that can set up perfect comps for each dungeon, sometimes even getting an almost full sadida team to aoe the whole thing. But, in general, a feca and enutrof are fantastic for their support abilities. From here things can get a little bit varied, many people prefer an iop (for good reason) as a DD but there are many options. For ranged DD, people like cra, and osa is just overall very fun/popular in als. Personally i love xelor, for its instant ap buffs that let you really chip at the enemy mobs early. Sacrier or eni can be an absolute godsend in some dungeons when you need to keep your softer characters alive. Having a team to be centered around the strategy of setting up nice aoe's for certain classes can be a creative way to finish rooms efficiently. By no means do i see myself an expert in meta, but having observed a lot of rankings this is what i see. Oh yea and fogger right now is great, though i dont use it much, but i cant really say what it will be like soon. Masq can actually be good in lower levels, because the added melee mastery and lower level dungeon mechanics are more convenient for them.  (also brutality masq is a thing)

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