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Building a team for solo play

By MonochromeHam - MEMBER - March 01, 2020, 16:36:37

Good Morning. 

I have returned from a long break and am using the hero system for the first time which i think is an amazing concept. i have never been able to do any content past caustic because none of my friends could get high enough to level and do dungeons with me.  this time i am hoping to get past that bump with a solo team of 3

My first idea was survivability so i made a this team 

osa- summons/ support
sadi - summons / support
Sram - DD!

I wanted to have summons to act as distractions and meat sacs while the summoners do damage and support from range. i wanted the sram to get behind and do what they do best, DD

As i began to level toward 100 i noticed it was taking a while to level and my summons extended the fight too long so i began to adjust my team

Once i reached level 100 i swapped my team for more damage rather than distractions and the team became 

Sram - DD
Eni- Ranged DD / Heals
Enu - Ranged and close combat DD / Utility 

Sram is just not replacable . i love what they do and enjoy their kit so its still a solid yes for me (Currently going Omni)
Eni- Is good damage sometimes. im currently going water/air  and have been using distance mastery  normally i use air moves at the start to build prop and as my DDs need heals i switch to water . 
Enu - Blows everything up with either range or close combat.  ( still deciding what element to pair with water spells)

MY question is, will this team be viable in the later dungeons after chillberg and wabbits and if not what types of characters should i be building to be able to be self sufficent. My in game name is Eum - The Royal Guard - Villager so pm me in game or respond to the forum post. i could really use the help. thank you in advance. 

Please share with me your teams of 3 and your thoughts behind its synergy i would like to see some examples of what people are running. 

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You know your goal.
Your team will work fine.
Good luck with it.

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I appreciate it .

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I really like the synergy of fecas glyphs and positioning. So my team looks like this
Mask: DD/Positioning (+Emergency Healer) (Water/Air)
Sacrier: Tank/Positoning (Air/Earth)
Feca: Glyph/Support (all Elements)

But like my preposter said - if you know ur team go for it, and Master it. A well played team - where u master the synergys that u develop over time, is much stronger than someone who just create from what he/she read in forum but have no clue of the playstyle.

Also be aware that u can change the roles of you team - the same team can work completly different in different situations (i.E. I could also create following team: Mask (Healer), Sacrier (DD), Feca (Tank). Or Mask (AoeDD), Sacrier (DD), Feca (Support).

Master what fits your playstyle. smile

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Thank you for the information and feedback. i never really took it into that perspective before. 

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If you ever need a tank, I do reccomend Fogger after the rework on beta goes live (do try it out on Beta, the class is plenty of fun), as for your team how it is, its pretty solid, but I reccomend Eni with AREA mastery. Most of its best spells are often area and even if you're hitting a single target, the AoE mastery applies to the spell as it is. And don't disregard the fire branch. The marks can be powerful in the right moment, especialy Sadist mark to make every enemy a heal bomb (improved by the Massacuring arts passive) and combining with Unnatural Remedies for some fun effects (like Here mark making marked allies take 20% heals performed by the eni on anyone and Refund Mark making anyone heals in AoE once the turn is over, you can turn yourself or an ally into a walking Heal bomb)

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Is the new Fogger better than Feca?

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