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Returning players need advice.

By killershrew - MEMBER - February 11, 2020, 18:12:13

Me and my friends are returning after 3 years with our team (all 170-173) eni (water/air), enu (water/fire), feca (earth/fire), iop (air/ earth), masq (air/water) and finally, where the problem begins rogue (fire/earth).

We have read several posts about rogues and tried several things but just don't like it anymore. it doesn't fit right. Were thinking of changing the rogue to a different class and require some advice on what it should be and also why you think that. Currently leaning towards a cra (earth/fire) but were open to any suggestions that would synchronise well with our other chars to progress in PVE. 

Also any suggestions on changing the elements on other classes would be appreciated.

Thanks for the help guys! much appreciated.

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A couple of days are enough to test if someone actually wants to play the current Rogue, the class is very focused in bombs, for good or bad. Cra is a solid class. As for interesting classes to play, Huppermage is deathly in middle range, Eliotrope can do decent damage and its portals give your team potential unlimited range, Ouginak are kind of popular right now, Pandawa can tank somehow and has field control.

VERY IMPORTANT: Some classes are listed for the next revamp, as explained in this devblog. It may be a good idea to strategize thinking in the future too.

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