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Need help to make a 3 man team

By Oxkic - MEMBER - January 04, 2020, 22:50:38

I've been playing solo for quite some time and recently got a boost with the christmas discount, so I decided it would be a good idea to use 3 characters

Right now I have a cra, for a tank I dunno which will be better between sac and feca after the rework and I really dont know with what I should fill the last spot, any recommendations?

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Feca plus a close combat dmg dealer of your choice, my current team is cra, masq and feca, masq works well cause it can provide healing alongside with the damage.

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Got it, but, do you think the feca will still be better than sac as a tank? I mean, I know he has 2 great spells to fight against bosses but I'm also considering how much shield they can generate and I feel sac is better because he can actually stack his shields, correct me if I'm wrong

Also, thanks for the advice 

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