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which damage class is better for pve?

By thih - MEMBER - December 27, 2019, 02:36:10

Send a top 5 pls

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Honestly, pretty much all classes are more than playable atm and there isn’t any huge disparity between dd capabilities. Especially with every class getting all its passives reworked soon, I would just play what you enjoy. That said, if I had to list a top 5 it would be something like this:

1.) cra
2.) fogger
3.) iop
4.) ougi
5.) elio

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Raw dmg isnt equal to a better Dd as most of the content pushes to play as fast as possible 

dmg dealers ranking  in term of raw dmg :

for the matter of effectivnece and reliability the . U would want ur dmd dealer to do consistant dmg as fast as possible (thats gonna be changed soon) so that remove the rogue (needs 2turns to start up)and the hupper (needs 1 extra turn to start up) and cra kinda . Mele is not that popular cause its not  easy to use (rogue sram and hupper kinda )so thats an extra point to distance dmg dealers so in the end 
In the current state of the game 
fogger >xelor>cra>sram=low Qb hupper>iop>elio

This ranking is just a product of how the community consume the game at its current state.and apart from it being ever changing. In the end its depending on players to an extent and their preferences . Theres no need to pick any of these just pick what u enjoy and start from there no matter what. Cause having a good time in the game is all that matters happy also remmber theres a huge wave of reworks planed for next year so it might flip all this over . Have fun

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