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Just Another Team Help Thread

By Ansalem - MEMBER - December 01, 2019, 15:56:05

So, as with most good team help threads, I'm returning to the game for the first time in many years, and pretty much everything has changed. I've spent the last couple days re-learning the classes and I'm about ready to put together my 3-man, but I could definitely use some advice.  I'm so rusty I've got holes.

Instead of listing a bunch of teams I might go with, I'll just list my top 6 classes in order of preference:

1. Feca - this one is pretty much set in stone
2. Elio
3. Sac
4. Eca
5. Masq
6. Eni

If at all possible I'd like to be able to do everything that is do-able by a 3-man, but I'm willing to sacrifice a little viability if it means more fun.

If Feca + Sac + Elio is viable, I'd prefer that team, of course. If I need a healer, I'd prefer a hybrid DD/healer. And the last time I played the game I mained Sadida, so I'd rather go with Eni if a hybrid healer still isn't enough, but I'll take Sadida if it would be better for team comp.

The only classes I definitely won't play are Hupper, Fogger, and Rogue. They're just not for me. Other than that, I'm wide open to suggestions.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. =)

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Any 3-class team is viable if you have the patience, just depends on what you consider fun and what patience you have for making bread.

Feca + Sac + Elio has the potential for insane berserk damage, and a dedicated healer isn't needed because both sac and elio can self-heal and fecas just don't take much damage. Elio even has an interesting resurrection spell if your sac goes off the deep end and clings too soon. Or better yet, use feca's perfect armor to provide a turn of invincibility and save the res for later.

For this team makeup, the feca can be an uber-support and enemy debuffer with -mp glyphs since the other two classes are pretty self-sufficient.

The sac can go any of 3 ways:

  1. Dd/off-tank
  2. Full tank/positioner
  3. Berserk dd

The elio can be a ranged or berserk dd and use portals to set up anywhere on the map.

A quick check of the class forums gets you 1 feca guide (here), 2 sac guides (here and here), and an elio guide (here).

Hope this helps.
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That absolutely does help. I've been going back and forth trying to decide between so many possible team comps, hearing that my 3 favorite classes would work well together puts my mind at ease. I was stressing way too much over it lol. Now, I can just go for it and not have to worry too much.

So, thanks! biggrin

As for builds, I'll just experiment for a while since it'll help me learn the game better, but I'll bookmark the guides for sure. Out of curiosity, if you were to play this team which of the roles you mentioned for Elio and Sac would you shoot for? I assume they would all work or you wouldn't have pointed them out.

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