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Feca is overpowered, other tanks and supports are underpowered. Here's why

By Barinade - MEMBER - November 14, 2019, 21:00:04

Let me give you a list of abilities that Feca has in it's kit:

  1. Teleportation --> Mobility + Positioning and +2 MP for only 2 AP and 1 WP, no cooldown
  2. Bubble --> Range buff and free movement for cheap, can be put on any ally
  3. Orb --> extremely large shield, never expires, can be put on any ally
  4. Magma --> large aoe damage buff can be given to allies or used to set up aoes
  5. Meteor --> Extremely good 20% damage buff for only 2 AP to allies
  6. Drip --> way too much armor for 2 AP on anyone who you want to have it
  7. Tonic --> Extremely broken +2 AP buff for any ally for 2 turns which only costs 2 AP. Stacks twice.
  8. Fecablades --> Crazy strong MP reduction glyph which removes 4 MP for 3 turns and only costs 3 AP.
  9. Avalanche --> AP removal glyph that can be stacked with Fecablades
  10. Harmful Glyphs --> reduce the damage dealt by the boss
  11. Fecastaff --> reduces the damage dealt by the boss
  12. Provocation --> reduces the damage dealt to your team mates by the boss, stables
  13. Immunity --> makes any ally immune to damage completely in close combat for 1 turn for 1 WP,
  14. Peace Armor --> makes any ally immune to damage entire from any range for 2 AP 1 WP
  15. Fecabo --> makes your eni even better
  16. Inversion --> makes your dd go into ultra instinct. Combo this with peace armor
  17. Steam --> positioning tool
  18. Fecastopheles --> incurable
  19. Crashing Wave --> increased aoe damage to targets

Now let me make the same list for a class like tank sacrier:
  1. Attraction
  2. Transposition
  3. Assault --> positioning tools
  4. Light Speed --> mobility
  5. Bloodthirsty Punishment --> self tank ability
  6. Sanguine Armor --> self tank ability and stable
  7. Sacrifice --> amazing ability to protect allies nerfed, subpar protection spell

How about panda?
  1. Karchamrak --> amazing positioning tool nerfed positioning tool, protect ally by forcing them to stay up there
  2. Ether --> amazing self stabilizing tool nerfed self stabilizing tool
  3. Six Roses --> armor for yourself, but only on a target with a lot of dizzy
  4. Bamboozle --> armor for yourself, delayed heal for allies
  5. Refreshment --> outdated and delayed small damage buff to allies
  6. Bubble Trouble
  7. Splash of Milk
  8. Milk Wave --> healing spells that you will not have the AP for because you spent it all on armor
  9. Flame Burp --> subpar res debuff that you will not have dizzy stacks for because you spent it all on armor
  10. Barrelhop
  11. Dairy Springer --> mobility

Now that that's out of the way, let me start by saying, Feca is the undisputed champ of tanks and supports. Why is that? If you take a look at the list of abilities, they not only have the best ways to buff damage (meteor, inversion, magma, tonic), but they also have the best options to tank (orb, immunity, peace armor, drip, fecablades, provocation). Now you're probably thinking, there's no way they can have enough AP to do all of that in one turn right? Let me give you a hypothetical scenario.

If you're doing Pandala Tomb dungeon, your Feca will do the following:
Tonix x2 on your main damage dealer (4 AP)
Meteor your damage dealer (2 AP)
Inversion your damage dealer (1 WP)
Peace Armor your damage dealer (2 AP, 1 WP)
Magma Armor himself to give more damage to the damage dealer (1 AP, 1 MP)
Teleport the boss away from his team (2 AP, 1 WP)
Use immunity on himself (1 WP)

If you're counting that's 11 AP, 4 WP spent to have the perfect turn one. Your damage dealer is now a god among men, and will proceed to slaughter multiple enemies in one turn, while the boss has been pulled out of commission. The Feca will be taking 0 damage, of course, due to "Immunity".

Imagine an alternate scenario in which a 13 AP Feca does not use Magma Armor, but instead saves the AP for the spell "Fecablades", to use it on the boss after having teleported him. This is normally done for bosses that you are certain you cannot keep in place with just your lock.

The amount of potential that Feca has on turn 1 is so ridiculous that I've seen Iops shred through 4 to 5 enemies in one turn on s21. This of course, is not nearly as viable without a Feca.

Q: Why is Feca better at tanking than Pandawa or Sacrier?
A: Feca has an MP reduction spell that is better than either Pandawa or Sacrier could possibly ever hope to have. For example, Fecablades can remove -4 MP for 3 turns for the low, low price of 3 AP. Meanwhile, Pandawa can only attempt to remove -4 MP from an enemy if they can be lifted, using Karcham and then Lactic Acid, for a total of 10 AP. This has to be done EVERY turn to hope to remove 4 MP. If that's not bad enough, Pandawa's lack the Force of Will passive that Fecas have access too, making MP reduction even harder.

Q: But Barinade, Pandawa can remove resistance. Feca can't do that!
A: It doesn't matter. Pandawa has a spell called Flame Burp which removes 7 resistance for every dizzy stack on the target. The dizzy stacks are then consumed completely. This is entirely counter productive to a tank pandawa, since your main armoring spell Six Roses, also consumes dizzy stacks giving you an armor for every dizzy on the target. The dizzy stacks are then consumed completely. So, as a tank Pandawa, you are forced to choose between either reducing resistance or armoring yourself. Of course, Feca doesn't have this issue because you can Orb Armor yourself for around 11,000 for just 3 AP. If not, you can just make yourself entirely immune to damage. The damage and AP buff that Feca gives will have a better effect than res debuff, and you might even just have another res debuffer on your team anyway. That's not the only reason I don't use flame burp as a tank pandawa. The other reason is because, since I can't remove MP at any rate of efficiency, I'm required to have an Enutrof on my team. As you know, Enutrof will hit the 200 res debuff cap every turn with no help from Flame Burp.

Q: But Barinade, Pandawas can heal! Fecas can't do that, right?
A: Again, it doesn't matter. Pandawas have a large variety of healing spells including Flame Burp, Bubble Trouble, Milk Wave, and Splash of Milk. However, these spells all have AP costs. Sure, if I had an armoring spell as good as Feca's Orb Armor, then it would be fantastic to heal while also tanking. But I can't. I have to spend all my AP on hitting the boss so that I can generate dizzy stacks, which then allows me to get my armor. Pandawa spends all of it's AP on armor. Feca spends only 3 AP for an even better armor.

Q: Feca isn't that good at positioning compared to other classes, right?
A: For a character standing directly to a boss, there's not a whole lot of positioning going on. As long as you can move the boss, IE, karchamrak or teleportation, you're doing about as much positioning as a tank will ever do. If you ask me, Karchamrak is less effective for positioning 1 target than Teleportation is, since Teleportation isn't limited by "Heavy" targets and also generates 2 MP. And if you think I'm being ridiculous, try karchamraking everything on the map while also being stuck next to the boss. You can't.

Q: Don't you know how many WP the Feca will have spent if he plays the way you think he does?
A: Yes. Feca also regenerates WP more easily than any class in the game.

Q: But can't Pandawa stabilize itself every turn? Feca can't do that!
A: Nope. They nerfed it. In fact, that was the only reason I would consider Pandawa to be somewhat comparable with a tank Feca in the first place. Even then, it was still subpar since it couldn't buff allies.

Sor'hon, can't stabilize your damage dealer every turn to hit him from behind with being teleported.

Tanukoui San Ghost, can't stabilize yourself every turn to avoid taking extra damage from collision with the wall (yes, this boss does double damage if he pushes you into a wall).

Ogrest, emerald phase, can't stabilize your damage dealer every turn to prevent him from getting pulled in, ivory phase, can't stabilize your melee damage dealer every turn to avoid being pushed back by the wind aura.


Q: But you're forgetting, Pandawa can buff allies damage with refreshment passive!
A: Refreshment is a passive that buffs an ally player within 2 cells of your barrel by +20% damage at the start of the Pandawa's turn. Because of the underlined condition, this passive is not only extremely unreliable, but it is also impractical and I never use it. Consider the following:

Feca has Meteor, Magma Armor, Inversion, AND Tonic Glyph to buff damage as early as turn 1.

Pandawa has Refreshment that is a much smaller buff that can only be active as early as turn 2, since I have to place my barrel down. Not only that, but I also don't get to end my turn with my barrel in hands, since it's on the ground. Not only that, but turn 1 is the important turn to deal damage anyway, since the majority of the enemies are alive on turn 1. Not only that, but I also have to replace one of my extremely important passive slots of which I only have 6 of, just to put on the worst ally damage buff in the game.

Q: Did you just make this post to compare Pandawa to Feca?
A: Pandawa and Feca are in direct competition of each other in terms of role. Tanking and supporting. Sure, Pandawa comes off as a crazy tough tank with some healing spells (which you won't use because you have an Eniripsa on your team) and a really good set of positioning abilities. However, Feca comes off as an amazing tank, the best in the game by far given the circumstances: Orb Armor, Immunity, Fecablades, Teleportation. If that was all there was to it, then it would be fine. But no, Feca is ALSO an amazing support, having abilities such as: Magma Armor, Meteor, Orb Armor, Drip, Inversion, Peace Armor, Tonic Glyph, etc.

Q: Wasn't Feca already nerfed enough?
A: They received nerfs to Leather Plating in the distant past which, in hindsight, was not only one of the most necessary nerfs in the game, but only the tip of the iceberg when it came to broken, unfair feca abilities in their kit.

Q: Well then, what is your suggestion to fix it?
A: There's only one solution. Feca has to be nerfed or reworked. You are simply punished too hard for not having it in your team. Imagine if Pandawa or Eniripsa was given the spell "Tonic Glyph". Those classes would be considered the most broken class in the game if that were the case. Massive armors that don't expire, complete immunity to damage, an MP reducing glyph that is cheap and effective, these are spells that other classes DO NOT HAVE. Any other class with a spell that is considered too effective has it nerfed.

Badgeroxxor (Osamodas)
Focus (Iop)
Sacrifice (Sacrier)
Karchamrak, Ether (Pandawa)
Roly Poly, Riddling Arrow, Plaguing Arrow, Explosive Arrow (Cra)
Fits and Starts (Ouginak)

What about Tonic Glyph? What about Orb? What about Feca? I rest my case.
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god i hate feca

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i dont need to say more than my usual feca related catchphrase of 'god i hate feca' because let's be real, we all know feca needs to be reworked, we didn't need another post about why, and this is probably going to get locked by the mods in a day or two because the reactions reek of provocation as does the language of the post we're reacting to. 

in the meantime, have fun!

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You make a lot of good points but as it is now it seems that pandas just lack a specialty and need more of a concrete role in a team. I would rather they remove an aspect of panda e.g. healing in order to buff other areas such as tanking and positioning. (or even switch healing for buffs/debuffs if that's what you feel is needed)

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I never go to a dungeon without a Feca. Trying to is a waste of time. Your DDs do less damage, and your tanking is less competitive. My panda is relegated to a subpar damage dealer, Feca does all the work.

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I appreciate the post but you missed off sacriers strongest positioning tool
Sacrifice+BloodpactBtF, swap with allies with a modifiable range for 1ap, 2 times a turn

Also why do you put "nerfed" on things as if they arent still great, Ether is still incredible, Karch is still one of the strongest precise positioning tools
And Sacrifice is STILL godly? 3 turns of full team immunity with a good Eniripsa, the fact that its 3 turns is purely the reason its still incredible because in high stasis runs 3 turns is all you need for rooms
THe only area it lost potency is UB's and Boss rooms but EVEN then if youre not a full meat sack sacrier you can swap to DD mode in cooldown and do well

I get what you are trying to say, and feca does indeed need to be touched on, but your bias is clearly seeping through in a post where youre attempting an unbiased analysis of 3 classes

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He doesn't necessarily want a nerf to Feca it seems he just doesn't want to be less powerful

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Is feca not supposed to be the ultimate tank? what iam missing here? I can agreed that  they have a lot of support spells for a tank tho.

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Ultimate tank is fine. It's the support abilities that we all want to have changed.

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Bari, just say it, you are sad about panda nerf. I miss the old feca which had 2x the amount of things to do, where every Spell had 2 effects: if cast on the ground it made a glyph or on an ally it made an armor. that was a great time to be a feca, now it is pretty easy turns for choices. 

I would love to see other classes get their utility as supports increased, because atm it is not that fecas are the best tank its that in addition to tanking they can support their team so effectively. I love me my Fogger tank but it doesnt stack up to what fecas can do. 

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If you have nothing to provide to the discussion, why post.

Edit: thank you for editing your post to have something to add to the discussion.

It's not about Pandawa, it's about Feca. I was informed that the devs already know about how overpowered Feca is, so it's only a matter of time really. I just enjoy discussing it.

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noahcrow|2019-11-14 19:05:25
No thats my real opinion, don't take it personally. Panda has plenty of stuff. If you just wanted to nerf feca that's understandable, but the timing of this post right after the panda nerf kinda just makes it seem like you just don't wwant to be nerfed

Unfortunately, due to Pandawa being the only competition Feca had in the tank role, any small nerf to Pandawa's capability brings up the Feca as a main point of discussion. I didn't complain when Karchamrak got nerfed, for example, because it has nothing to do with tank pandawa. Ether is one of the key mechanics for tank pandawa, and considering that tank Pandawa is now going to be a lot harder to pull off in high stasis runs, I would like to see Feca be rebalanced as well so I have less to complain about (and i'm not the only one).

As for your personal beef with me, seriously, if you think you're cool for publicizing it you're wrong. You have me on discord.
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This is the place for discussing class balance, so that's what I'm doing. I've had my own opinions about Feca, Sacrier, and Panda for awhile, so this has nothing to do with you i assure you. Your post seems to argue by comparing the 3 classes that Feca needs to be "lowered" to panda's level. However I would argue that all 3 need to be nerfed somewhat. Ether is still a fantastic ability, and stabilizing each turn was obviously OP, considering all what else your class can do.

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Barinade|2019-11-15 01:38:42
Also, @Suspect, I never said I was trying to be unbiased. I wrote an opinionated post with facts to support my opinion, that's all. Also, I was barely even attempting to include Sacrier in this discussion because they play an entirely different type of tank role. The last sacrifice nerf was warranted and the spell is still good, but can it buff AP on it's teammates? Can it give +60% damage dealt to an ally? That's why I don't have a sacrier on my team.

You might have "barely attempted" but the attempt was still there and a poor one at that

But your right, sacrier is different type of tank, its a far better damage sponge than Feca is, with 3x its Hp pool and armor that doesnt require mastery, but none of that matters in this because comparing classes is stupid

The only part of feca that needs to be tuned is not its Defenses, Or its locking ability
Its the sheer pool of buffs it possessea thar makes it a near mandatory role in most runs

However the topic of Feca has been brought up many times and the conclusion is always the same, Balancing or reworking feca is a very large and sensitive job, far more than any other class aside from maybe Eniripsa, with such an anchor in the PvE mindset the class would need much more caution if its to change and the devs are very aware of this

As youve already seen every other class is undergoing a rework, Feca will aswell but most likely it will be last, im growing bored of seeing the same thread and the same arguments, people KNOW theres an issue and ive seen GD's show awareness many many times, just give it a rest

Plus comparing classes is such a unproductive way of doing things because they are suited for different roles entirely, its like comparing Sram to rogue or Iop
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We don't speak of the Eugor <- class removal 

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Máe mía feca 

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The title of this opinion piece is inconsistent with the points you make regarding the balancing of Feca, Panda, and Sacrier. You say that you just want Feca nerfed, but you set up a logical fallacy by how you word your descriptions of their ability, and the title. This is whats implied.. Feca is OP ~> Feca is objectively better than Pandawa ~> Pandawa needs to be stronger (or at least not nerfed anymore) 

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A lot of what I believe makes feca way too overpowered is it offers too much in the two roles its top-dog in, support and tank. I don't think any other dual-identity class is top tier in both of its roles. An example of dual identity would be Ecaflip. I may come off biased as Bari, too btw, as I don't play feca in my main team.  

Feca has predominantly been the go to choice for tank for the majority of comps across servers, while a small percentage of us would select tank sac or tank panda. One attraction is that feca, like sacrier, accesses its full tank potential in by turn 1, with its free resistance, lock, block, and damage mitigation, where as a panda takes a while to ramp up to its full tanking prowess which has a limited cycle span. You are rewarded for building lock on top of being given free lock, a tank stat, by being given resistances which makes fecas inherently tanky, so even if you play your feca as a pure support, it could easily substitute in for the tank role in your comp because of passives. Below are some more analysis of their tanking.

  • Immunity/PA are a great get out of jail free card for pseudo-tanking by allies, or stalling tactics. Carrying an ally forces state rotations by pandas, and there's not much a sacrier can do during sacrifice downtime.
  • In terms of the big armor spells in pandawhack, sanguine armor, and orb, orb doesn't expire and can be refreshed every turn. Your decision making here is whether to orb yourself or an ally. A panda would have to see if it's worth consuming dizzy and consider WP management, where as a sacrier has cooldowns. You are not punished if your shield is not broken, it just continues to sit there. If a panda armors itself, it can feel like it's gone to waste if you weren't even attacked. Sanguine armor doesn't have an expiration, but it is gated by cooldowns, and let's be real, yes rocky foot doesn't require mastery but spamming it is inefficient.
  • Its damage mitigation comes from extra blocking power, leather plating, and feca staff. A sacrier has punishment which converts damage into a bleed, and a panda has bamboozle + pandemic. While these are all unique in their own way, let's take note that feca's dmg mitigation also is supportive because allies would also take less damage.

Nerfing its direct competition which was nowhere as popular only pushes it further in its undisputed spot in the meta.

When a feca doesn't have to expend AP to tank, it can choose to support. When you look at their support capabilities, they can buff damage with not as many limitations. Osamodas are gated by their control, for example. Ecaflips have to do all their support in melee, sadidas have cast limits on gust, and even a Masq with carnaval only has 1 set of masks to be shared. Feca's glaring weakness is its lack of heals compared to other supports.

The class probably needs some drawbacks to lessen its power. An example would be drip canceling out meteorite, or a cast limit on meteorite to force more decision making. Although most fights don't last that long, tossing a cast limit per target per fight to peace armor/immunity similar to eni's trans would be appreciated, too. It is so straightforward and easy, which is fine, not every class has to be complex like the Matrix, but it's an enabler class that can make almost anyone look good, based on everything it brings to the support table. Tonics/peace armor/meteorite will all be things people appreciate in every scenario. The discrepancy between a good feca and a bad feca is sometimes hard to distinguish. Post enchantment system, everyone's stats got a major facelift, and it's all about fast damage as the meta, making all their tonics + damage buffs even more appealing to the masses. I mean, look at the two new end game dungeons. They demand high damage (see Blight boss and ghostly protection mechanic). I'd love to see a comp hit 5m on Ogrest without a feca which is actually an incentive because of wraths.

I think I've yet to ever publicly complain about the state of the game, but it does deeply sadden me to continue with my panda and sacrier, seeing feca remain untouched. As much as it pains me to admit it, there is a feel bad factor in not having a feca in your team and it's more in your face after enchantment. I almost feel punished for having not selected this class to put in my team from the beginning. Feca is by far OP, and I have felt so prior to playing the class, and even more so after using the class. It's unfortunate many feca players have blinders on about this topic. As a panda main, I can admit my class is busted in certain aspects, such as permanent stabilization, but there are drawbacks to it. Look at the majority of panda passives, they are all give and takes. The feca class needs to be knocked down a peg from its reigning spots on 1 of its 2 totem poles. If not nerfed, at least buff the other classes to be more in line with it to encourage variation in classes. 

Also in reply to suspect, yes, reworking feca would be a daunting task as the PVE scene of the game is revolved around having a feca for optimal performance. I just wanted to put my 2 cents into this topic.
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I agree 100% and it just goes to show if the top pvmer on our server who plays all 3 classes at a much higher level than most of us thinks that feca has been treated softly compared to panda and sacrier then it’s hard to argue against. You also did a much better job explaining it than I did.

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awesome insight of the obvious ...problem here is that if they(devs), keep nerfing all the good classes this game will be close faster than you think ..
how to say this and not get another perma-banned from forum account :S ..the true is ankama will not ever  balance any game for real because the marketing (if you analyze it) (for like 14 years i play ankama games) is always be and will always be not balance all classes for good and fair performance of the game. they love making players changing class more like a rat lab for them , every time any of their game seem perfectly (or close) balance they just alter that balance,  nerfing few classes and making few others relevant .... but in all this years having feca and eni on your characters is a MUST , else like damagers or support will be always in constant change, in order that overpower hardcore players change class .......why?... because they are the testers of the game also the baby cryers ( french community,mostly)  that get bored faster than any other random player ankama is not focus on the casual player they focus on those 24/7 players even if they not many .

why not focus on the casual player ? easy ... casual player love play for free , 0 effort willing the best performance and get easy kamas other words casual players means less profit for a demanding community that dont like to help the company or the dev team to get paid ....maybe my suggestion after i said all this if maybe some CM reading is  that ankama should go for a cheaper game but p2p (real money or ogrines in game) and of course to worldwide easy pay system (another trouble for ankama in the past years ).

for the record im not blamming the company just my opinion on what i have seen in the years playing ankama games.

sorry for my bad english , have fun! 

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you guys are funny , when i have told some classes are OP than others ,Wveryone was  master here and was against me but now i see that you are screaming that OP classes. Just here to say "dont cry". Ankama slowly is changing the boss rules and your classes will be UP against bosses. GG

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Totally agree.

Ankama just put every damn buff of the game on Fecas. Even tho Fecas are mainly tanks, they also give a better support than Eniripsas, Sadidas and other classes.

Fecas have waaay too much useful spells and have all the tools that a Tank need to do their job. 

They should be reworked or touched in some way so at least other Tanks can compete. It is just alittle bit dissapointing and monotonous to see one on every team and without one the dungeon can't be started.

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Suspect has already pointed out that comparing classes dirrectly is dumb: they are different and should remain like that. But even so Johnnydle has a very good response: feca is so overpowered that there is little space to consider other things. The meta is so fixed on feca that you are compelled to take it. Overall there are a few things I want to add to this discussion: my own opinion about the class; a few details missed out - strengths of feca; somethings about the meta; and a regard related to reduced level.

First of all I would like to point out I like feca a bunch and I started playing it as for my own enjoyement, not as a meta pick. I love the class and enjoy it a ton, so my comment will of course be directed torwards defending it a bit. I also like to strengthen the point that feca is first a buffer and second a tank, not the other way around. As you promptly pointed out most of it's skills is torwards buffs, which some can be used for tanking. PA/immu is first a buff and later a tank skill. I strenghten this out because there is a level range I play feca as buffer/DD instead of tank.
Not only that, feca can do a bit of positioning and has a reliable teleport ability. It has crowd control with fecablades and solid debuff with staff and leather plating passive. It has a ton of usages.

Anyhow, a few strengths you forgot:
- Feca has a higher ability to shrug off damage because its blocks reduce more damage than other classes, with the right passive. This paired with it's insane resist allows it to shrug off damage easily.
- Feca's debuffing abilities are amazing: Fecastaff and leather plating allow up to -40% final on mobs. This increases survivability on team and feca's own tanking abilities (leather plating only debuffs damage on allies). Fecastaff is pretty expensive (4 ap) so it's often not used.
These two things, summed with high resist, lock and mob control, is what makes feca an excellent tank.
Calculating an endgame feca damage taken: ~7.68% (1/100 x0.16 [84% resist] x0.6 [-40% block] x0.8 [-20% staff]). Then you remove barrier damage and then you start scrapping its shield. Thats barely any damage taken.

Now moving on to the main thing I wanted to talk about: Meta.
Since moon, ankama took into account that every dungeon would be done with a feca, thus devising mechanics that would be challenging even with a feca. And this is what makes the other tanks so missplaced. Dungeons are stepped up to absurd damaging boss. This is very true to moon, and they stepped it a bit down to level 200. Kinda. Counting with the damage buffs, tankyness and crowd control a team could have they stepped up dificulty to a point where not using feca makes things hard. And that is the problem. To fix this up they have two options: nerf fecas and nerf bosses, or buffing other tanks viability. I see the first option as discouraging to current players and as taking much more work than the second one. I would rather see other classes buffed to competitivity: either with tankyness as high as feca or with increases on their other features. Feca is hard to compete because its encompasses both a buffer and a tank role in one char and in a really good manner, other classes would need to have a similar benefit to compete in team.

Now, imagine if panda actually healed as well. Imagined if it had a reliable resist removal. Imagine if either of those roles wouldn't be so overly well done by eni or enu. Those two are also very meta build. Resist capping at -200 and enu being able to do it makes all other -resist invaluable. If you give panda a reliable - resist, it would be lost in meaningless debuff since enu can already do it so wonderfully easily. Anyhow, not this topic. I just want to point out that there are other meta classes that mess up this balance.

Lastly, I would like to go a bit off-topic to mention this is only an endgame trouble. Dungeons on earlier levels are much more flexible torwards feca usage, feca mostly taking the role of buffer and debuffer rather than tank. I would like to point out that endgame is not the only part of the game that matters. I myself abandoned endgame because I was fed up with it, and other levels have a much more versatile approach to teams. Under level 80 feca isn't even a proper tank, it needs passive slots, immu/pa and other things to be effective as a tank.

Overall, I wish to have enriched this topic somehow,
Hugs to all,

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Badgeroxxor (Osamodas) ???????

sorry buddy but badgeroxxor was the only thing that made osa viable. Ankama nerfing badgeroxxor just makes osa subpar to every class in everything

+ why nerf feca, this game is hard enough as it is, i'd just like to see more buffs smile
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"sorry buddy but badgeroxxor was the only thing that made osa viable. Ankama nerfing badgeroxxor just makes osa subpar to every class in everything "
>Still extremely powerful in low level ALS
>Anatomy Osa is terrifying at endgame in PvE
>Dreggar's entire existance and Wabbit niche is godly for situational support
>Roxxor is still potent as long as you play smart
>Brutality Osa is strong enough at endgame it can clear rooms at s31 if you have a panda(1.64 and the coming 1.66 only make this stronger)
>Easiest class to gear in 1.64 cause you can turn it into a stat stick and waste mobs with, wait for it, BADGEROXXOR!
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