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Best team for hero booster

By UnderworldAce - MEMBER - September 04, 2019, 00:53:15

Guys i really need your experience about characters : 
i really need 3 men-team which can dominated any dungeon (Op Team ) 
and if u please can u tell me what is the best DD characters in this game 

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Heya. I wouldn't really call myself an expert in classes but, you can't go wrong with having a tank/heavy damage dealer (Sacrier), range/summoner (Cra or Sadida), and of course a healer/buffer (Either Eniripsa or Feca). I hope that helps.

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I think my current team may interest you, i thought this 3 men team to be very versatile and fun to play.

Masq: My Close Combat DD, it offers high damage and heals while being an excellent positioner and somewhat a decent buffer, basically the most versatile class in the game.

Elio: My Distance DD, another very versatile class, you can build it around berserk to maximize your damage and having portals will always make your life easier and the fights funnier, very strong class for pve if you know how to use it.

And for the last it’s of course Feca, the main support class of the game, there is no reason to not include an Feca in any team unless if you dislike the class, it was my case back them so i tried to make this team works with other tanks and it just wasn’t nowhere near as good but i learned to like the Class.

Sram and Eca works fine aswell if you prefer one of them than Masq while an Cra would also be a good fit if you don’t want an Elio.

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just go with the traditional MMO trinity a DD a tank and a healer  as an example every class in the game apart from sadida eni and feca carry their weight in dmg and most can fill Dmg dealer role its just a matter of preference by then  for a tank theres the best tank feca second is panda or sacrier (its up to debate but personaly i think panda is better )  for a healer theres eni sadida mask ecaflip and panda  panda have least heal mask and eca and masq  are close . eni is better than sadida in healing a little but if u were gonna take a class that is berzerker or have hp penalties sadida will work cause of the armor . for the dmg dealer u cant go wrong with foggernaut its realy simple and have solid dmg but it can get boring . if ur experienced a little i would suggest huppermage it can deal amazing dmg if playing right . the new cra is a pretty intersting dmg dealer as well .elio in general is a great dmg dealer unless u have to support a team with portals then u will be spending ur ap moving portals around  . if ur prefer mele then u cant go wrong with enu or iop or sac 

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If you're pure DD, pure tank and pure healer, you'll not get far in wakfu. At least one of them has to be able to perform a good job at placement, preferably the tank, as he generally doesn't have to use spells to tank (or not a lot).
But whatever you're doing, you'll have to be able to place.

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