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Max Damage Buff comp.

By -ExSoldier- - MEMBER - August 05, 2019, 23:37:21

So, i wanna create a full buffs team comp, focusing in +dmg, (or debuffing enemies, if this ends up increasing even more the DPT). After some thought, i end up with Eniripsa + Feca buffing the damage, and a Enutrof debuffing enemies with -res. Of course this is counting with Eniripsa Regeneration passive Regenerator. What do you think? Can i replace any of these with other class to maximize the DPT of my Damage Dealer?

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Enutrof, Osamoda and Feca

Enutrof Drhellzerker has high damage and can remove ress from mobs
Osamoda can buff the Enutrof to become even stronger, remember, once he is Drhellzerker all his AP is converted into MP and his skill are based on movement and the Osa just so happen to be able to buff both AP and MP while also giving a 15% bonus damage
Feca can use Tonic on the Enutrof further increasing his MP while giving Meteor Armor which increases damage and affecting him with the aura of Magma Armor (Magma has to be casted on the Feca and the Enutrof has to be in the AoE around the Feca to get the bonus damage)

But it's up to you what you prefer, your original team isn't far from the one I suggested anyway, the Eniripsa is a more reliable healer than the Osa but once you get him to Lv140 he gets the Wabbit Sharpshooter anyways so, like I said, up to you.

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I really dont play Osa, how does the buffs system works with allies? They last 1 turn and you have to reapply every turn, and you are limited for the amount of dressage (control) you have?

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support rogue

rogue is capable of giving up to 165% damage dealt through a full kaboom buff and badabang at rank 2. If you want a more frequent buff, Rogue can give 30% damage inflicted every turn with badabang and every other turn can give 90% damage inflicted using dynamite with kaboom and 6 bombs. You'd need 14 AP to do it correctly but if you want the biggest damage buff possible, rogue can do it. 

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