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Guide for 110 Full DD team

By Exxo-Turn - MEMBER - June 26, 2019, 18:21:55

I've been running a very fun team on level 110 range for a while. This team consists of 6 players that fill DD position, no tanks, no dedicated healer. The purpose of the team is to pass throught dungeons really fast and capture lowest ammount of turns on s50 dungeons.

The fun of it is the fact that you have to take great care of positioning, ini order and mob cleaning, so you don't die off before mobs. It's great training for survivability, mob control and turn manipulation. And it's very rewarding, since it allows us to capture gold rank on most 110 dungeons.

The third reason for this is a wish to run away from meta builds and compositions, like the following: Eni healer, Enu debuffer, Feca Tank, 3 dedicated DDs, usually ST. And of course, beat those teams in amount of turns since they won't be as efficient because they don't AoE as much, waste a potential DD with a healer or a tank. These compositions exists because they are more efficient at some point, but with this team we show that at some places other compositions can outshine them.

And, in the hopes someone wishes to make something around the same style, or wished to see what this team is like, I wanted to share what this team is like and how some of the builds were made. Our team consists of 6 characters playing DD: Iop, Foggernaut, Masqueraider, Sadida, Ecaflip and Feca. Positioning, Mob control and survivability is covered by all of those, while not sacrificing their damage potential.

This guide features the following:
1 - Feats of this team
2 - Places where this team runs short
3 - Team composition and roles
4 - Reasons for making this team
5 - Why doing it on 110 range
6 - Gear, characteristics and decks of Iop, Foggernaut and Masqueraider, with some details.
7 - Guide for 110 crit/distance Eca
8 - Guide for 110 distance Sadida
9 - Guide for 110 AoE/distance feca
10 - Overall team strategy

The guide is available on this link. Feel free to comment and suggest changes there or here.
Any doubts, comments and suggestions are welcomed.

Note: I've placed this on Character Classes because it contain 3 guides and 6 builds.

With love,
Rori Pego


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Garret is the only good thing wakfu has to offer at the moment.

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Thanks for the share info, it must fun if when can team up with such groups~

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Hail Rori and Garry <3 

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