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Duo for a foggernaut

By adriasy98 - MEMBER - April 19, 2019, 17:14:11

Right now i'm using a foggernaut and a friend wants to play with me, he doesn't really mind any class (although he would prefer a close combat class), and I haven't tried all of them so...
which class would be the best for him? I though of a sacrier, an iop, a fecha or an ouginak

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In all fairness, and this is not intended to be an offense, I don't think asking us, who probably know nothing about your friend, about which class suits him best, is really a good idea.

The best thing I could suggest is that he should try some close combat classes to see which one fits him, or for you to suggest the classes you think he might like to him.

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fogger is a dmg class the best in pve . but at the cost of high hp lost so would say a healer /support class would be needed  smile but about mele  . nicely for u that sacrier can work great with a fogger since he can take the dmg penalty fro fogginator so . i would recommend him to play a heale / support class or sacrier would be a nice choice 

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