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Alternative builds for Sadida / Xelor / Iop / Feca / Eni / Hupper

By Dadiriz - MEMBER - March 22, 2019, 01:11:27

So, i bought a god booster and the time is about to run out and i to make use of the resets and create aditional builds for my characters, can you guys tell me which build are viable?

For Iop i'm using a single target melee build - crit and damage. Is iop efective as a tank? How would the build look like?

For Sadida, i'm using full heal build + ranged / elemental mastery. Is a single target build viable? Or should i just pick a crit - distance as alternative?

For Hupper i'm using single target / distance, the alternative i used him was AOE, it was fun and all but the damage is way too low for my taste.. I heard that there is a tank build for him, would that be a better alternative? 

The Feca is being used as a lock / tank / melee, is there any alternative that deals damage? As a ranged DD using tonic glyphs to buff himself and buble to get more range?

The xelor i'm using i'm just using a ranged / elemental build, i have no idea of what alternative is possible using on him.. I would love a sinistro build but nobody seems to know what to build to maximize his damage..

And the eni i would like just a 3 elemental damage build as alternative, what skills would be best here? I want to use all 3 elements.

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Iop: I have a friend with a tank build that says his resistance is medium low.

Hupper: Tank build only if you have 5 item -pw, in your level can´t. If want other diferent build i recomend you using double arrow build or twilight bream with 950BQ  and melee hupper, block and critic or berserk, need minimun 350 BQ (better 200BQ) for work and 13 ap (depend of course, but it's better that way) i test this two melee builds, have a good resistence, versatility, auto-sustain and damage, berserker needs training and is more dependent on the team but this damage its satisfactory, if you know how to use it without die. (I test too a hupper back damage but now i need restart my stasts QQ) 

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For a sinistro build you would build health and single target damage, but they are way too squishy at higher levels so it's not really worth it, maybe try Hydrust instead (hydrands to get hydrancharges, then just temporal dust everything)


Dadiriz|2019-03-22 18:14:48
How do i build for hydrants?

Aoe damage, ranged damage is also probably good, high crit chance, pure fire damage and around 5 control (you get 2 charges for every enemy hit by a hydrant +1 for every hydrant on the field) so if you summon 2 and each hits 2 you will be at max charges next turn.
Max charges means temporal dust does double damage.
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How do i build for hydrants?

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For Eni, you can use mostly any spell but try to keep in your deck: Sadistic Mark, the huppermage school spell that attracts enemies, Coney, the 6 and 2 AP marks, Transgression and Massacure Mark.

The gameplay mostly consists in chaining up explosions by killing marked enemies. You need to find and mark the critical target that is going to explode and dmg surrounding enemies, if the explosion kills another marked enemy, a new explosion is generated.

Even though you go for dmg, you can still get good heals by being nearby to this explosions and finishing off enemies using Sadistic Mark which will trigger the heal automatically, or kill them with the Refund Mark and get 2 AP back turning the spell into a very powerful 4 AP finisher.

You can even go for a CaC Tank eni build. The heals applied to your self and considers the CaC Mastery stat so a full stack of Traid Marks will pretty much fuly heal you at the start of your turn. Also, thanks to Here Mark you can easily get over 1k dodge (using Regenerator if you have invested in Healing Mastery) and lock at the same time  

The Air spells are pretty good and hit hard, but I mostly focus on the Water and Fire branches due to their utility.

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